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So You Think You Can Dance 10 -- The Top 10 Are Revealed

Updated on August 6, 2013

Nigel makes it clear throughout the night who will be getting the boot

Original Airing: August 6, 2013

Time for another two dancers to go home, this week. Will Makenzie be in the bottom again and will the judges once again save her. And who will be this week’s guest judge? Will it be someone who actually knows something about dance? The 12 remaining dancers open the show with a Bollywood number.

Cat says she has more bad news. Tucker picked up an infection in his knee and can’t dance this week. If he survives the cuts this week, he’ll be in jeopardy next week. Kenny Ortega is the third judge. So the answer is that yes this week we’ll have a judge that knows something about dance.

Half the remaining dancers will end up being in jeopardy, tonight. Then we’ll be down to our top ten. The six dancers in jeopardy this week are: Jenna, Alan, Malece, Nico, Amy and Tucker. Nigel’s pet Makenzie escaped being in jeopardy, this week. Nigel chooses who he wants to save. Nico and Jenna get sent into the top ten.

Tucker is asked to dance despite the knee infection. With it being either Malece or Amy, Malece is probably on the way out, as Amy is a judge favorite. Malece and Amy both danced well, but Amy may have danced a bit better.

Nico and Hayley are going to dance Broadway, this week. Nico says Hayley loves animals and Hayley says Nico puts on a beanie when he gets out of the shower. Number about a man who goes to see a gypsy fortune teller. The gypsy wants him to kiss her so she can steal his soul. They dance to Kiss Of the Spider Woman.

Nigel says wow. Judges give them a standing O. Best Broadway routine they’ve ever had on the show. Magnificently danced.

Mary thought it was outrageous. Loved every second of it and love the partnership.

Kenny gives kudos to Sean Cheeseman for giving this number to them.

Malece and Alan do a Gene Kelly inspired jazz number. Alan says Malece is a shopaholic and Malece says Alan was born in Minnesota. Even though Malece was my favorite to win for girl dancers, I didn’t think her and Alan’s dance was all that convincing.

Kenny says Malece has the sparkle of a young Judy Holliday. Didn’t feel they found a melding point or chemistry between their two styles.

Nigel said it was uncomfortable to watch. Didn’t think the style or chemistry was there.

Mary said it was fun and entertaining but it had issues.

Jenna will dance the Pasa Doble with Alex Wong. Tucker says Jenna snorts when she laughs and Jenna says Tucker always smells amazing. Tucker plays a pirate and Jenna plays a gypsy. Jenna dances with Alex to He’s A Pirate.

Mary says she loved it.

Kenny gives kudos to Jenna.

Nigel says Alex brought Jenna into the world of the All-Stars.

Makenzie and Paul do a contemporary number. Makenzie says Paul is a chronic nail biter and Paul says Makenzie is she can pull ugly faces. The judges give them a standing O.

Nigel says fantastic. Points out his favorite moments of dance.

Mary says it was another amazing routine.

Kenny says Makenzie deserves to be there. Paul has a fire burning in his soul.

Amy and Fik-Shun do the Viennese Waltz. Fik-Shun says Amy hums when she eats and Amy says Fik-Shun sleeps in random spots. They dance to A Thousand Years Part 2. It’s a visually beautiful dance.

Mary says they’re precious together, although there was some technical issues with their footwork.

Kenny says it’s a wonderful love story watching them dance each week.

Nigel says they transported him. Nigel pretty much made it clear they’ll be saving Amy and giving Malece the boot.

Jasmine and Aaron take on Hip Hop. Aaron says Jasmine has an alter ego named Monet and Jasmine says Aaron is a party animal. Aaron is a stagecoach robber who comes to town and sees Jasmine. Jasmine is a golddigger. They have to do 48 moves in several seconds. They dance to Gold Rush. I think it was my favorite number of the night and I’m not a big Hip Hop fan. Judges give them a standing O.

Kenny says it was like two smoking guns.

Nigel says Jasmine killed it, tonight.

Mary says Jasmine deserves all the money in the world.

Now the boys and girls will be split into groups and do an all girl and all boy group dance. First, the boys are doing a Tabitha and Napoleon dance. They’re going to dance with ropes as part of a dance of the power struggle between men and women. They dance to It’s A Man’s Man’s Man’s World.

Mary and Kenny give them a standing O.

Nigel says it was a good strong routine. Compliments Paul. Criticizes Alan.

Mary says it was so much fun. Said Aaron’s solo was off the charts.

Kenny says Alan through himself into the routine.

Next the top 6 girls take on a Stacey Tookie number. Let’s see if Nigel puts down Malece again in this number. He’s really making it obvious who he’s giving the boot to. All three judges give number a standing O.

Mary says they are the best six girls they’ve ever had on the show.

Kenny says it’s an honor to be in their presence.

Nigel says they were all wonderful.

It’s time for Nigel to reveal whose being cut. It seems pretty obvious from Nigel’s less than subtle remarks that Malece and Alan will be the ones to get the boot.

Nigel says that he’ll recommend those going home be used as alternate for the tour. No shock when he announces Malece and Alan are going home. Nigel made it pretty obvious who he’d be saving throughout the show.

Well, since I don’t really care for any of Nigel’s favorite girls, I’ll root for Jasmine to win it all for the girls.

Next week there were only be two in the bottom, so Nigel won’t be able to save one of his pets. I do, however, wonder if the dancer that got the least amount of votes will be the one who goes home or if Nigel will still get to decide which one leaves.

Next week will also, unfortunately, bring the return of the All-Stars to dance with the remaining contestants. I actually hate the whole returning All-Stars thing and liked it better when the contestants had to dance with each other.


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