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So You Think You Can Dance 10 -- The Top 10 Becames The Top 8

Updated on August 13, 2013

Nigel can't understand why America is not getting his message about Makenzie

Original Airing: August 13, 2013

Tonight the All-Stars will be back to dance with this year’s top ten. I really had hoped it was a one-off and they’d go back to the dancers rotating partners. I still remember the dance Travis and Heidi did and I don’t feel a contestant and All-Star can create a dance I remember several seasons later. I don’t even remember 80% of the returning All-Stars.

The top 10 open the show with a contemporary number that involved using a rocking chair as a prop. Tonight’s guest judge will be Debbie Allen. A recap of last week’s performances is shown before the bottom 4 are revealed.

Because Tucker didn’t perform last week he’s called forward as one of the bottom four. The other three are Makenzie, Nico and Jenna. Two of Nigels’ favorite girls and two he’s saved on several occasions. This time he’ll have to pick which one is his favorite. No solos are being requested and will go by what’s done in the show. Gee, Nigel it seems your favorite girls aren’t Americas.

Amy and All-Star Brandon will start the night with a disco number. They dance to I’ll Always Love Y, which doesn’t really seem much like a disco number.

Mary – praises Amy’s dancing techniques.

Debbie – says they’re well-paired.

Nigel – says she’s vivacious and stands out more than the disco ball.

Aaron is paired with All-Star Katherine for a contemporary routine. They dance to I’m Kissing You.

Debbie – says a fire is going on on the stage.

Nigel – they look like they’ve been dancing forever together.

Mary – says routine was moving and touching.

Fik-Shun is paired with All-Star Melanie in a Jazz routine. They dance to Feelin’ Good. Judges give Fik-Shun a standing O.

Nigel – digging at the now gone Malece to compliment Fik-Shun saying how he did the jazz routine great and she didn’t, although he doesn’t come out and mention her name.

Debbie – says they were like two trains melding together.

Personally, none of the dances tonight have done anything for me, tonight. I’d be more impressed if one half of the dance wasn’t done by a professional whose gone through this show before. It reminds me too much of Dancing With The Stars only this is Dancing With The Unknowns.

Paul and All-Star Whitney do the Cha Cha.

The judges give another standing O.

Mary – praises Whitney’s work on Dancing With The Stars and says Paul can dance his patootie off.

Debbie – Whitney is amazing and compliments her figure. This is Paul’s element.

Nigel – they were born for each other.

Hayley and All-Star Twitch partner with each other to do a Hip Hop routine.

Debbie – it went beyond mere Hip Hop.

Nigel – America loves her since she’s never been in the bottom.

Mary – every single week she keeps heading up that ladder.

From a comment Nigel made about Whitney not being paired with Paul every week until he’s either eliminated or the finale, it sounds like the contestants are being given a pro experienced in the type of dance they’re given each week. I think that makes it even more unfair that Dancing With The Stars as sometimes the Dancing With The Stars pro are given dances they’re not proficient in.

Jenna and All-Star Neil dance together in a contemporary routine. They dance to I Can’t Make I Love You.

Another Standing O from the judges. It’s starting to get real old.

Nigel – loved the fluidity of the movement. Lauds praise on Jenna.

Mary – their movement together was perfect.

Debbie – says Jenna’s such a gifted dancer and doesn’t understand why America doesn’t see it.

Jasmine and All-Star Marco take on a jazz number. They dance to Blurred Lines. I have a hard time telling which one is which.

Another Standing O. Yawn.

Mary – no one has legs like Jasmine. Constantly drawn to Jasmine.

Debbie – couldn’t keep her eyes off Jasmine, either.

Nigel – loved this style. It was cute. Didn’t know if he was looking at one All-Star or two.

Makenzie and All-Star Jacob doing a Broadway number. They dance to Too Darn Hot.

Debbie – said she beyond enjoyed it. Compares Makenzie to classic Hollywood dancers.

Nigel – America isn’t getting his message about Makenzie and he’s getting tired of his compliments not being taken in by the audience.

Mary – Makenzie matched Jacob’s dancing.

Nico dances with All-Star Comfort doing a Hip Hop routine. They’re going to be reptiles. They dance to Get Ur Freak On.

I guess if I had any favorite numbers, tonight, it would be this routine and Jasmine’s. They both were something different and got my attention. All the other routines were kind a meh for me.

Nigel – audience loved the routine more than he did. He give Nico back-sided compliments. Yeah, didn’t think the judges gave this number a Standing O. If they did, I blinked and missed it.

Mary – Nico got his freak on. Thought he pulled it off.

Debbie – complimented Nico on his head movements and performance. Said he did himself proud.

Sounds like Nigel wants Nico out this week. While he’d like to save both girls in the bottom but knows he can’t, this week.

Tucker and All-Star Robert do a contemporary number. Wonder why Tucker is the only one who is getting paired with a same sex All-Star? Cat says they were both in car accidents. The piece is about two brothers. Travis Wall choreographed it. They dance to Medicine.

Mary – teary-eyed. Emotionally moved by the number.

Debbie – said it was emotional for all of them. Doesn’t understand how Tucker could be in the bottom two.

Nigel – says it’s an incredible piece of television.

I feel like this is an incredibly manipulative moment bringing up the tragedies both dancers faced in real life to tug at the audience heart strings. I’m guessing this is so Tucker will be safe next week and Tucker will be saved, this week.

Nico is the only bottom four dancer that didn’t have praise lauded on him the likes Jenna, Makenzie and Tucker got. I’ll be very surprised if Nico isn’t the one they cut. It’s really sad that the judges are becoming so transparent you can easily figure who they’re going to cut by their cutting comments during their final performances on the show.

Anyway, I think it’ll be Nico and Jenna who get the boot. Let’s see if I’m right. Makenzie gets the boot, because Nigel got out-voted and Nico is out. So if Nigel had his way, I would have been right who was cut.


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