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So You Think You Can Dance 10 -- The Top 20

Updated on June 19, 2013

And first live performance show

Original Airing: June 18, 2013

Tonight, the top 20 will be chosen and they’ll perform for the first time. The judges this week are: Mary and Nigel who are joined by Adam Shankman. The show is back in Hollywood for a live show. A few days ago the dancers found out who’d been chosen out of the final 33.

Fik-shun is first to see the judges. Nigel says he’s not a trained dancer, if he was he could win it. Nigel says he’s in to get his chance.

Markus Shields is waiting to go in to learn his fate. He’s afraid he won’t make it again. He gets sent home, again.

Mariah the final Hip-Hopper next to learn if she’s in or out. She’s made it.

Fik-shun and Mariah do a hip-hop routine. The third hip-hopper that got in, Emilio had to drop out because of an injury. Does that mean one of those rejected will be given a second chance and get to take his place.

Nigel – Thought it was a great routine. Says it’s been years since they had a really good hip-hop girl. Fik-shun needs to be stronger.

Mary: They’re investing in Fik-shun, he needs to believe in himself. Mariah dominated the whole routine.

Adam: Extremely revealing routine and saw so much charm. Fik-shun needs to work on his performance, but Mariah had so much character.

So the way they’re doing it this year is by dance type, then the dancers chosen will do a dance in the style their strong in.

So we’re down to 30 contestants left, and out of those 12 will be sent home. It’s really sad a dancer got in only to have to drop out.

Now it’s contemporary dancers.

Makenzie is first to find out if she made it. She made it, told her potential is frightening.

Jasmin also makes it. Suck it, Cyrus. Somehow I get the feeling he dumped Jasmin because he got a swelled head from being on the show.

Ryan Johnson is told he didn’t make it. Three more dancers after that also don’t make it.

Tucker and Nico are sent in together. Tucker is the guy that was in car accident. Nigel says he was stunning in Vegas. Adam says Nico is the essence of the show. Tucker makes it. And so does Nico.

The four contemporary dancers do their routine.

Judges give the four a standing O. Tucker cries when the performance is over.

Mary says it was beautiful and blended. She compliments all four.

Adam says he’s going to criticize each. Jasmin her expressionism needs work. Nico more from the back. Tucker needs to let himself go. Thought Makenzie was perfect.

Nigel says Makenzie’s feet are beautiful.

14 places are still left to fill.

Aaron, Curtis and Alexis are next to learn their fate. They’re the three tap dancers.

Alexis made it. Curtis says the contemporary routine he did in Vegas brought something out in him he didn’t know he had as he goes in. Curtis also makes it. Aaron got cut at this point, last year, and he’s nervous as he goes in. History repeats itself and he gets rejected again, but told to come back, as he’s not there yet.

Tap dancers Curtis and Alexis perform their routine and are joined by Aaron. Because of Emilio’s departure, Aaron gets in, after thinking he wasn’t cut out for the show. It's a good thing, as I don't think he would have returned again.

Judges give them standing O.

Adam – Thrilling to have 3 different tappers on the show.

Nigel – They looked like an act that’s been together for a number of years.

Mary – does the train whistle after Nigel does it. Aaron deserves to be here. Three together are sensational.

11 more spaces left to fill.

Animation is next.

Jade and BluPrint are next to be judged. Blu needs a way to come out of his shell and Jade isn’t good at partnering because of his size difference. Jade is in. BluPrint also makes it. Now there’s only 4 more places for boys.

Jade and BluPrint perform.

Nigel – feels the audiences reactions validates their decision.

Mary – they’re not from this world. They’re amazing.

Adam – they humble him.

9 dancers left to be revealed.

More contemporary dancers

Carlos next up to find out. They all loved him and he’s in. David Lorenzo gets sent home. Hayley next up. She made it. Malece next to find out her fate. Told after her accident she declined. She makes in after Mia Michaels makes her think she didn’t make it cause she’s not a fighter.

Malece, Hayley and Carlos perform a Mia number.

Mary – Malece all solid gold. Carlos needs some work.

Adam – Need to find something much deeper.

Nigel – Malece needs to mature, but has a feeling she will.

Ballroom is next to learn. Six are waiting to find out their fate.

Brittany and Serge are first to find out. Serge gets sent out but Brittany makes it. Jenna Johnson next to find out. Two of Jenna’s sisters got cut at just this point in the process. Mary fools her before telling Jenna she made it. Paul, a jive dancer made it. The ballroom brothers know there’s only one spot left and only one of them will get it. Alan makes it, but Gene is sent home. Nigel asks that Gene doesn’t give up on them. The nice part about the brothers is they remained supportive of each other and were happy for the one who made it.

So all the boys have been chosen.

Paul, Alan, Brittany and Jenna perform.

Adam – very formidable group on Team Ballroom.

Nigel – thought girls terrific, wants boys to get stronger.

Mary – Paul has a great stage performance, but needs to bring it to his dance. Girls on fire. Gene will be proud of Alan.

Only 2 spots left.

6 girls are left and only 2 will make it. Amy is sent in first. Nigel says she’s so much better than her dad. She made it. Nigel says she’s a beast. Marissa sent home, as was Tessa and Gabby. Final spot will go to Jasmine or Megan; both got cut before making it to top 20 before. Jasmine makes it.

Amy and Jasmine perform.

Nigel – Amy tremendous and Jasmine an incredible dancer.

Mary – Favorite number of the whole night.

Adam – Jasmine gorgeous and can’t wait to see her grow. Amy is magnificent.

Christopher Scott does routine of men dominating earth for the top ten boys. Playing with sand.

Mary and Nigel give it a standing O.

Mary – it was the craziest. It’s going to be craziest season ever.

Adam – Scott used all their individual styles in the dance.

Nigel – This idea was brilliant. When he dies wants boys to dance with his ashes like that.

Now it’s the top ten girls turn. Ray Leeper choreographing a 60’s number but updating it. They’ll have to dance precise and stay together as a unit.

All judges give routine a standing O.

Adam – so much fun.

Nigel – Thinks they chose the right girls.

Mary – so proud of all of them. It was great.

Now all 20 will dance to a Sonia Tayeh routine.

I think the dance I liked best this evening was the top ten girls dance. It was just so fun to watch. They’ve picked an eclectic mix of dance styles this season. It should be an interesting season. I wonder if like last year there will be two winners: top boy and top girl? Hey, Dancing With The Stars, maybe you should steal that next and have both a male and female celebrity win the mirror ball.


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