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So You Think You Can Dance 10 -- Week #1 Performances

Updated on June 25, 2013

Jazz rules the night

Original Airing: June 25, 2013

Tonight, the show really begins as the top 20 dancers begin to dance for their lives as viewers will get to vote for who they want to stay and who they want to go.

The show opens with the dancers performing a number to Puttin’ on The Ritz. The number was choreographed by Tabitha and Napolean.

The judges tonight are Nigel, Mary and Wayne Brady.

Mariah – only a child.

Carlos – second degree black belt.

Mariah and Carlos doing a jive. They dance to Get It Right by Fantasia. I thought they both did good and it was a fun dance to watch. Lots of personality from both.

Mary – it was supersonic speed. It was fast. Thought it was a little bit labored.

Wayne – great from entertainment viewpoint. Thought it was a bit frantic. They needed to have more fun.

Nigel – great routine. Lacking in style. If public voting on entertainment they’ll be safe.

Jasmine M will be dancing with Alan.

Jasmine M – obsessed with cats.

Alan – My Fox affiliate decided to run a bunch of commercials right in the middle of the show, so what Alan had to say about himself will remain a mystery.

What dance they did will also remain a mystery apparently. If they ever return to the show, I’m sure their dance routine will be over. Hope it’s just my affiliate and not every Fox station, because that’s the kind of sabotage no dancer needs.

Oh, they returned for the last five seconds of the dance. How nice of them.

Wayne – beautiful.

Nigel – choreography beautiful. They danced it well.

Mary – fell in love with these two.

And now Fox takes it’s correct commercial break. I really hope a lot of viewers call up and complain about what they just did.

Malece is dancing with Jade. They’re do a Travis Wall jazz routine. Travis also choreographed the previous dance, as well.

Malece – hair has been every color of the rainbow.

Jade – afraid of clowns and loves cats.

Silver Screen is the song their dancing to. Love the outfit Malece is wearing. It’s a very interesting routine. Doesn’t really seem like Jazz though.

Nigel – absolutely fantastic after seeing them dance it poorly in rehearsal.

Wayne – Jade turned it into So You Think You Can Pimp.

Mary – super enjoyed the routine.

Jenna is dancing next with Tucker. A Tyce Broadway routine is their dance.

Jenna – gets a bubble in her throat.

Tucker – three adopted siblings.

They dance to That’s All by Kevin Spacey. Has a very 40’s feel and fun to watch, but it almost seems like they’re not dancing together.

Mary – it’s was fun and playful

Wayne – Tucker absolutely amazing. Reminds him of Donald O’Connor. Jenna took it old school. Combination of Cyd Charisse and Gwen Verdon.

Nigel – great fun Broadway dance.

Brittany will dance with Blu Print. Sean Cheeseman going to choreograph Afro Jazz number.

Brittany – hates sponges and deaf in her right ear.

Blu Print – love rollercoasters but afraid of heights.

They dance to Drumming Circle. I thought it was very impressive.

Wayne – Blu Print is carrying on the fine tradition of Twitch. Brittany so strong.

Nigel – Can’t believe they took a ballroom girl and put her in the African jungle. Blu Print did best routine he’s ever seen a non-trained dancer do.

Mary – thought it was train wreck but does her train scream, saying it was just the opposite.

They play a video featuring Adam Shankman and Nigel from Funny Or Die called So You Think You Can Prance. It’s part of National Dance Day.

Alexis will dance with Nico. Christopher Scott will choreograph a Hip Hop routine for them. Cyrus back to help.

Alexis – favorite color blue and loves Justin Bieber.

Nico – fluent in Spanish.

They dance to Lat Time by Labrinth. Humor mixed with Hip Hop. Thought they both did very good.

Nigel – Alexis is a stunning tapper. Nico is a great contemporary dancer. Didn’t think they felt that routine. Didn’t get down and dirty.

Mary – she seconds Nigel’s praise of their dancing. Calls it Pleasant Hop.

Wayne – good job. Learn to adapt. Don’t fall back on what’s comfortable.

Makenzie will dance with Paul doing a Viennese Dance, and neither has ever done ballroom.

Makenzie – has a fish named Patrick and obsessed with vampires.

Paul – sweet tooth and always has a smile on his face.

They dance to I’m With You by Avril Lavigne. I thought it was visually beautiful and romantic.

Mary – it was beautiful and romantic. A fairytale. Gorgeous movement across the stage.

Wayne – they should be on top of a wedding cake. They had grace and fluidity.

Nigel – thought of Roman Holiday. It was beautiful and romantic.

Jasmine H will dance with Aaron doing a Sonya Jazz routine. They’re both the tallest dancers on the show. Sonya likes what she sees of them in rehearsal.

Jasmine H – likes red and likes to whistle.

Aaron – DJ in Vegas.

They dance to Bottom of the River by Delta Rae. I think I may have liked this Jazz routine the best. Jasmine has great leg extensions.

Wayne – Jasmine just amazing. Her lines are powerful. Aaron an amazing performer like his father who Wayne knows.

Nigel – Aaron is their gain and he’s glad to see him on program. He’ll be around for a long time. Her longs go on forever and are fantastic.

Mary – Power couple.

Hayley will dance with Curtis and do a Christopher Scott seductive Jazz routine. Jazz seems to be the dance of the night. Hayley having problems being sexy. Christopher thinks Curtis scared being sexy with Hayley.

Hayley – love to have a hedgehog as a pet and eat sweets all the time.

Curtis – likes to go to the beach and watches animal documentaries to go to sleep.

They dance to Go by Dellah. Dance seemed more aggressive than sexy.

Nigel – That’s the attitude Nico and Alexis should have had for Hip Hop.

Mary – they have so much stage presence.

Wayne – proud of Curtis. Haven’t failed and feels like he’s watched him grow-up.

The last to dance will be Amy and Fik-Shun who will dance a Sonya contemporary routine. Sonya pleasantly surprised by Fik-Shun.

Amy – loves turquoise and afraid of blood.

Fik-Shun – smacks his lips and has two dogs.

They dance to Elsa by the Valerie Project. It was almost like watching a ballet dance. Very beautiful and graceful.

The judges give them a standing O.

Mary – holy smokes. Amy one of the best dancers in the sow. She didn’t think Fik-Shun was even strong enough in his own style and now she’s changed her mind.

Wayne – Fik-Shun is amazing. Thought he was a contemporary dancer.

Nigel – Amy is a beast. Fik-Shun was beautiful. They’re his favorite couple of the evening. Predicts they’ll be in the top four when America votes.

Back to my rant about what Fox did. They’re the only station that won’t let you watch the show online unless you’re a subscriber to one of the cable companies they got listed to prove you actually have cable. If you don’t, sucks to be you. I’m a subscriber of a small town cable company so if I want to see the dance I missed it sucks to be me.

I thought all the dancers were good, so I can’t really predict who might get the boot next week.


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