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So You Think You Can Dance 10 -- Week 2

Updated on July 2, 2013

The 20 dancers become 18

Original Airing: July 2, 2013

Top 20 dancers open the show with a doll dance. This will be the last time all 20 dance together on the show, as tonight will begin the elimination of the dancers.

Tonight the judges are Nigel, Mary and guest judge Christina Applegate. She a returnee celebrity like she did last season. Good lord what is Cat Deely wearing tonight. Usually her dresses look good. This one is a mess.

Makenzie, Alan, Mariah, Jade, Brittany and Carlos are called forward and are the six dancers that are in jeopardy. The judges are allowed to save two dancers. Mariah and Carlos and Jade and Brittany are asked to dance for their life, while Makenzie and Alan are saved by the judges. The two dancers that are eliminated will still dance in the show, but won’t be voted for. That’s how they’re doing the eliminations this year.

Mariah gets to dance first. Carlos dances second. Brittany dances third and Jade dances last. Nigel says he’s disappointed in the solos and that it didn’t really feel like they were dancing for their life. He asks Carlos and Brittany to step forward and tells them they’re the ones being sent home and Jade and Mariah are safe.

Hayley and Curtis are doing a jazz number by Ray Leeper. Curtis gets to be a bad boy in routine. They dance to Mama Knows Best. I thought Curtis made a believable bad boy and Hayley a dominatrix. He even grabbed a hunk of her butt.

Nigel – Wow! Asks if Hayley’s daddy knows what she’s up to. Very sexy routine that was danced brilliantly. Couldn’t take his eyes off Hayley.

Mary – She loved it. Curtis is a giggle bucket. He was down and dirty and gritty.

Christina – Very dangerous. Sometimes they didn’t ooze into the words of the song.

Jasmine H and Aaron dance a lyrical hip-hop number choreographed by Tabitha and Napoleon. I thought they did good work as partners. Parts of the dance depended on them being in total sync with each other.

Mary – great chemistry. They were smoking. Great acting on Jasmine’s part and Aaron was hot and sexy.

Christina – Nothing negative to say. Gave Jasmine props for the opening last week. She feels they’re the couple to beat.

Nigel – Enjoyed it. Something very honest about the routine. Forgot Aaron a tap dancer. He believed Jasmine’s character. Feels they’ll both be safe.

National Dance Day July 27th promoted.

Malece and Jade doing a Bollywood routine. They dance to Radha. Carlos. I thought they both did well.

Christina – she enjoyed it. Did a commendable job. Malece is wonderful.

Nigel – says she has to get it right because eyes are always on her. Suggests Jade dance in his own style when he has to dance for his life, again.

Mary – Jade was a prince tonight and really hitting it. Malece looked like a star.

The judges saved Jade again. At some point he’s going to have to sink and swim on his own.

Alexis and Nico doing a Stacey Tookey contemporary dance. They dance to Old Skin.

Nigel – Nico gets better every week. Alexis did very well. Needs to work on straightening her legs.

Mary – they let the music take them away. Nico was fabulous. Alexis real and honest.

Christina – Nico a beautiful dancer. Alexis has IT.

Blu Print and Brittany going to do a Broadway number. Blu Print will probably be paired with Mariah next week. Spencer Liff is choreographing it. They dance to It’s Oh So Quiet. This type of dancing is all new to Blu Print.

Mary – fun light-hearted number. Blu Print needs to pick it up and improve his lines.

Christina – Thinks Blu Print is wonderful, but if he gets Broadway again he can be goofy and celebrate. Let all that stuff go and have fun. Tell a story.

Nigel – Broadway is all about selling it. Sorry Brittany is leaving.

Jasmine M and Alan are being choreographed in a tango by Leonardo and Miriam. Jasmine worried about the lifts. Escape From Slavery is the song their dancng to. Music very dramatic. Thought Alan had great foot work. Noticed his footwork more than hers.

Christina – thought they had a great moment.

Nigel – had a great moment at the end. He doesn’t understand why Alan was in the bottom 3.

Mary – she has a fever because they spread passion all over the stage.

Makenzie and Paul doing a jazz number by Sean Cheeseman. They dance to Mannequin. Thought they did a great job.

Nigel – Loved the routine. Loved the electrifying kiss at the end. Paul’s flips impressive. Shocked Makenzie was in the bottom three. Feels she’s a star.

Mary – Loved the entire thing.

Christina – Loved it. Tells Paul not to hold his carriage in the routines.

Mariah and Carlos dance to Dead In The Water.

Mary – Can’t believe they fell in the bottom three couples.

Christina – said they were connected.

Nigel – Mariah did a brilliant job emoting.

Amy and Fik-Shun dance to a dance by Tabitha and Napoleon. They dance to After Party. Thought they were in sync too which the dance required. A fun number.

Christina – loved it. Fik-Shun something special. Feels Amy brings him up.

Nigel – knew he was going to love the routine when they walked out on stage.

Mary – It was a party on stage. They’re adorable.

The last to dance tonight will be Jenna and Tucker doing a Cha-Cha choreographed by Dmitry. They dance to I Like It Like That. It was very hot and sexy. Usually don’t like the Cha-Cha on Dancing With The Stars, but really liked this one.

Mary – Jenna’s a star. Tucker needed rhythmic action. He needs to pick it up.

Christina – thoroughly entertained. Forgot Tucker a contemporary dancer.

Nigel – Jenna in her genre and looked marvelous, but not enough Cha-Cha. Tucker looked like he had the style for it. He wanted a Dancing With The Stars Cha-Cha. That absolutely cracked me up.

I think Dmitry was the only choreographer that got slammed for their routine. All the others were praised to the heavens.


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