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So You Think You Can Dance 10 -- Week #3

Updated on July 9, 2013

An injury determines the boy going home

Original Airing: July 9, 2013

The remaining 18 dancers open the show doing a romantic number to Pretty Face that turned not-so romantic. When it started out it seemed a bit like a Viennese Waltz then it became contemporary.

It’s actually 17 and Jade is missing from the dance and an old injury causes him to need surgery and be unable to use his legs for 3 months so he’s out of the show.

Tonight’s guest judge is Paula Abdul. Mary and Paula on the same show should be interesting. Actually there are two guest judges tonight. Erin Andrews is also a guest judge. FOX is promoting her being on the All-Stars next week commentating. Nigel is excited by his bevy of beauties that he’s surrounded by.

Cat is back to wearing a nice dress this week. Cat wishes Jade to get well soon. Because viewers complained the cuts won’t happen until the end of the show. I actually liked it happening at the beginning of the show.

Because of Jade having to drop out will there be only one cut or three to even things out?

Malece has to dance by herself because her partner Jade is out of the contest.

Cat reveals the bottom six.

Jasmine Mason

Blu Print





Nigel says they won’t be sending a guy home, so the guys are safe because of Jade dropping out. So the one who’ll be eliminated will be one of the girls. Nigel wants all three girls dance for their lives. And he wants them to dance in their own genre.

It’s kind of shocking Jenna is in the bottom 3 since she’s been so good in the dance contest and has only gotten praise from the judges that I’ve seen.

Alexis is first to dance for her life. She does a tap routine to an Otis Redding song. Jasmine M dances to 10 Seconds. And Jenna dances to Wild. The judges also intend to use tonight’s performances to decide which female dancer will be joining Jade in leaving the contest.

Amy and Fik-Shun will be doing a Paso Doble by Jean-Marc where their enemies. He calls it a Paso war.

Mary – she yells. Way to get the show started. Fik-shun is blowing her mind.

Erin – Fik-shun did a great job taming Amy. They’re the ones to beat.

Paul – They took the stage and made it their battlefield

Nigel – They demanded attention when they came on the stage.

Jasmine Harper and Aaron got Broadway. Jasmine gets to play a corpse. They dance to The Just Keep Moving The Line.

Erin – Jasmine gets complimented on her legs. Aaron dances with grace.

Paula – Aaron is grounded and graceful. Jasmine reminds her of Cyd Charisse

Nigel – Both would have graced the Broadway stage with elegance.

Mary – Style and class. They captured wanted their choreographer wanted them to.

Makenzie and Paul doing a contemporary dance where Makenzie has a terminal illness. They’re dancing to No Day But Today.

Paula – She believed in their dance.

Nigel – He’s getting depressed on his birthday. Makenzie best technical dancer on the program. Quite beautiful.

Mary – crying. She loved it. Makenzie seemed to float and Paul is a huge surprise. He gave an honest performance for the first time.

Erin – She bought into Paul’s performance. Makenzie sold her on it.

Jasmine Mason and Alan doing a jazz routine. They’re going to perform the mundane life of being a royal. There’s an element of humor to the dance by Sean Cheeseman. They dance to Veins.

Nigel – Very Prince William and Katie. Enjoyed the choreography. Alan amazed him because he was so strong. Need to be a little more quirky.

Mary – loved the beginning and end. Alan doing a fabulous job. But would have liked a little more quirk.

Erin – She echoes those points. Let the Las Vegas out.

Paula – Enjoyed routine. She also echoes the other judges.

Jenna and Tucker dancing a Hip Hop dance to Dangerous.

Mary – Hip Hop really quite different and a bit jazzy. Doesn’t think there’s anything Jenna can’t do. Style set well on Tucker.

Erin – Jenna is ballroom gone bad, but she means in a good way. Tucker did very well.

Paula – Hipster Jazz. Two had great energy. Jenna like a movie star. Tucker is quite amazing.

Nigel – Jenna reminded him of Audrey Hepburn in Funny Face. Tucker was fabulous.

Malece is next and dancing contemporary, apparently alone. Sonya is choreographing. All-Star Marco is joining Malece dancing to In The Embers. Judges give Malece a standing O

Erin – Malece like a little Tinkerbell. She floats and it seems effortless.

Paula – She adores Malece. Her favorite routine so far.

Nigel – Malece was a woman tonight thanks to Marco.

Mary – She knew Malece would have this moment on the show.

Hayley and Curtis doing a Samba by Jean-Marc. They dance to Straight To Memphis. I think this may be my favorite dance of the evening, so far.

Paula – Hayley nailed the Samba hips. Gives Curtis a lot of credit for being a tap dancer, but needs to be more grounded.

Nigel – Curtis dominated by Hayley but it wasn’t right for the dance. Wow to Hayley.

Mary – Sometimes he never lowered his heels and couldn’t do the Samba walk correctly. Hayley gets a holy smokes.

Erin – Curtis needs to work on his Samba. Hayley a vixen that keeps getting better.

Alexis and Nico doing a Spencer dance where she’s hypnotizing Nico. They dance to I Put A Spell On You.

Paula – feels Alexis has come back.

Nigel – thinks Nico a really good dancer.

Mary – Nico brilliant. Doesn’t know why Alexis in bottom three.

Erin – Alexis needs to adopt to different styles. Felt they were a lot more in sync than in dress rehearsal.

Mariah and Blu Print will dance together for the first time to Hip Hop. They dance to Bring The Noize.

Mary – Thought Blu Print coped well, but needed to give more of a performance. Mariah was just living it.

Erin – Loved the routine. Mariah shook her boot-tay. Blu Print needs to do more with his face.

Paula – Loved the beginning. There were static moments in the routine. Need to keep in character. Feels Blu Print is holding back. Mariah personality 10x.

Nigel – Echoes Paula’s comments on Mariah. Nigel warns Blu Print that personality sometimes beats dancing skill. Says Blu Print will be going home soon if he doesn’t bring out his personality.

Next up the judges decide if Alexis, Jasmine or Jenna will be leaving the contest. I’m going to make a guess that it won’t be Jenna and it’ll come down between Alexis and Jasmine. I think it’ll be Jasmine that gets sent out. It didn’t seem like the judges complimented her like they did the other two girls.

Jenna is asked to step forward and is spared. It’s down to Jasmine and Alexis. Jasmine is asked to step forward, too. Feel Jasmine has self-doubt. Alexis asked to step forward, doesn’t retain what she learns. Jasmine is sent home. I called it.

Considering what happened it’s too bad they spared Jade, last week, because the one that got sent home might have made it, this week.

There won’t be an episode next week because of the All-Star game. See you in two weeks.


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