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So You Think You Can Dance 10 -- Who Will Make It To The Final Four?

Updated on August 27, 2013

Original Airing: August 27, 2013

Tonight, will determine who makes it to next week’s finale. Tonight the Top 6 will become the Final Four. Last week, even though Jenna Elfman had a dance background, her critique of the dances weren’t any better than the non-dance celebrity judges. To be honest she came off more as a fan girl. So, who will this week’s celebrity judge be?

Tonight, the viewers will also finally call the shots as the true bottom two will be sent home and not be saved by the judges. So, just who does America want as their final four dancers, this year? Personally, I’m hoping Jasmine is one of them, because for me she’s the only really memorable girl dancer aside from Malece who the judges gave the boot to to save one of their faves who might have been the bottom vote getter. As for the boys, I guess I’m fine with any of them and don’t really have a preference.

Tonight’s celebrity judge is Jesse Tyler Ferguson. He’s actually one of the better celebrity judges.

The final 6 dance to a Sean Cheeseman number. I was wondering if they show cut off the opening number. But they just decided to mix up the usual routine.

Paul and Katherine are doing a Tyce jazz number. They’re apparently not going to tell who the bottom two are and just announce the two going home at the end of the show. They dance to Tied Up. I’m no expert, but it seemed almost like a Latin number instead of jazz. The music was very Latin so that may be why it made me feel that way.

Nigel – great routine. Paul can dance anything.

Mary – he’s magnificent.

Jesse – was thrilled to be Paul’s first audition in LA. Katherine brought him to a whole other level.

Amy does a solo. All the dancers are going to dance three times, tonight, as well as hear what them being on the show means to the people back home.

Hayley and All-Star Joshua will do a Tabitha and Napoleon Hip Hop number. They’re bringing Hip Hop to the boxing ring. They dance to Work Hard, Play Hard. It was probably just me, but it looked like a couple of times Amy got out of sync with Joshua.

Mary – Way to fight, Hayley, to stay in the contest.

Jesse – greatest work-out video of all time. Hayley is awesome.

Nigel – Hayley reminded him of Hillary Swank.

Fik-shun does a solo as his family talks about him.

Aaron and All-Star Melanie do a Broadway number. A couple totally in love that knows how to push each other’s buttons. They dance to Faith.

Jesse – Huge fan of Aaron’s. Thinks he’s unbelievable.

Nigel – Asks Aaron to lower his shoulders.

Mary – Thought routine was crazy. Complimented his leg movements.

Jasmine does her solo as her family talks about her.

Paul does his solo as his family talks about him.

Fik-Shun and All-Star Whitney do a fox trot. They dance to Sexy Silk.

Mary – Fik-shun had some rough spots.

Jesse -- felt a bit like Whitney dragging Fik-shun around.

Nigel – Didn’t think this was particularly strong.

Hayley does her solo as her family talks about her.

Jasmine and All-Star Neal do a dance devoted to all the victims of the hurricanes. They dance to Unfaithful.

Nigel – beautiful routine. He says Jasmine stole his heart and compliments her solo. Sees an incredible career ahead of her.

Mary – Jasmine was spectacular.

Jesse – both were beautiful together. Jasmine has become his favorite dancer, this year.

Aaron does his solo as his family talks about him.

Amy and All-Star Alex do a Bollywood number.

Mary – compliments Amy’s athleticism in number

Jesse – loved it. Compliments Amy’s routine from last week.

Nigel – incredible routine.

Hayley and Paul dance together. So that must be how the third dance will go. The contestants being paired off and dancing together. They’re doing a contemporary dance. Hayley and Paul have never been paired before. Does that mean Jasmine will be dancing with Fik-shun or will Aaron and Jasmine and Fik-Shun and Amy dance with their old partners, which kind of puts Hayley at a disadvantage. They dance to I’m Gonna Be.

Jesse – says the dance was amazing. Jesse kind of digs Carly Rae Jepson’s stint as a judge.

Nigel – loved the flow of the movement.

Mary – hopes they become a real-life couple because they’re so cute together.

Amy and Fik-Shun do a Hip Hop number. Why am I not surprised Fik-Shun gets a dance in his own style. It doesn’t seem like he’s really had to be challenged too much. I know he’s got a great personality, but he’s not as good of a dance as either Paul or Aaron and all things being fair he should be the one who gets sent home.

I thought Jesse had a good point when he said that the dancers should have to do a tap number. The show has included Bollywood and there’s always Hip Hop. Tap has been around for a century.

Fik-Shun and Amy dance to Lemme See.

Nigel – they have a wonderful chemistry.

Mary – refers to them as the Dream Team.

Jesse – said he hated when Amy and Fik-Shun were no longer a team.

Nigel and Jesse throw song zings Miley Cyrus’s way for her behavior at the VMA’s.

Aaron and Jasmine dance a jazz number. Dance based on the mirror. They dance to Mirro Mirror.

Mary – deep conviction the way the two dance together. Mary compliments Jasmine’s solo. Talks about Jasmine’s legs. Think she gives them first scream of the night.

Jesse – Says what he said about Jasmine still goes, and says he has a crush on Aaron.

Nigel – They compliment each other so well. Says Aaron’s tap solo incredible. He kept his shoulders down in routine. Can’t believe what Jasmine did with her legs. Nigel thinks they may be the top couple to beat.

Now it’s time to find out who made it to the Final Four. Recap of last week’s performances as the girls find out whose been cut. Amy and Jasmine made it. Hayley got sent home.

Now it’s time for the boys to find out who got cut. Will personality beat out who is the best two dancers of the three remaining boys? Aaron and Fik-Shun. So personality did beat-out who was the better dancer.


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