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So You Think You Can Dance 10 -- Who Will Make It To The Top 6?

Updated on August 20, 2013

Will Jenna be in the bottom again?

Original Airing: August 20, 2013

Last week, Nigel lost one of his favorite girls, who he saved every time the viewers put her in the bottom three. This time he wasn’t able to. Will he lose another of his favorites this week? This is So You Think You Can Dance and tonight the top 8 will become 6.

Per usual, the remaining dancers open the show with a dance number. I’m so going to laugh if viewers popped Jenna back in the bottom two after she was saved, last week, AGAIN.

This week’s guest judge is: Jenna Elfman. She apparently is a classically trained dancer. Someone that actually knows something about dance will be nice for a change. Most of the celebrity judges this season haven’t seemed that knowledgeable. The All-Stars will be choreographing the routines, tonight.

In the bottom two are: Fik-Shun, Jenna, Tucker and Hayley. Nigel decides to have all four dancers do solos, since this will be the last time the judges and choreographers get to call the shots about who goes home. Next week the ones voted bottom two will be going. Will the judges and choreographers save Jenna one last time or accept the viewers don’t like her and finally send her home. It also seems that even though the choreographers gave Tucker a super sentimental number and played up the accident he had it gained him no kudos with viewers, either.

Aaron and All-Star Chelsea will be doing a jive. This week dancers are asked who inspired them. Aaron says his best friend Cory. Since he’s talking about him in the past tense, he must be dead. He got hit by a car and died after two weeks of being in a coma. He claims he kisses his fingers and looks up to the sky to send a message to Cory.

Since Chelsea regularly choreographs on Dancing With The Stars, it could give her a leg up on the choreography. They dance to Great Balls Of Fire. Aaron does a great jump over Chelsea. It would be ironic if he ended up winning this when he almost didn’t make it on the show but for a twist of fate.

Mary – whoos! Had a lot of tricks in it, some of it didn’t work. Warns him about his shoulders.

Jenna – Well done. She’s impressed with Aaron’s journey.

Nigel – says he did his best. Thought style would have suited him better. Says Aaron has done enough to become a finalist.

Fik-Shun and All-Star Allison. Fik-Shun says his parents are his inspiration. He’s doing a contemporary number based on prejudice. They dance to Skinny Love.

Jenna – Fik-Shun can do no wrong and he’s already an All-Star.

Nigel – reveals Twitch and Allison getting married. Talks up Allison more than Fik-Shun.

Mary – wants to scream and shout about the two of them dancing together.

Tucker and All-Star Courtney are paired, this week. They’re doing a jazz routine. Tucker tells who gave him inspiration. Tucker says it’s his father. Dance about two people aren’t supposed to be together but are drawn to each other. They dance to Clarity. I’m sorry, but that looked like a contemporary dance, not a jazz routine. I’m pretty sure they said it was going to be a jazz routine.

Nigel – Tucker is inspirational.

Mary – loves Tucker and his dad.

Jenna – Tucker is so special and moves her.

Paul and All-Star Comfort do a Hip-Hop routine. Paul’s teacher is his inspiration. They dance to Dum Dum. Dance about graffiti artists.

Mary – Paul is the most versatile dancer on the show.

Jenna – it was impressive and she was inspired.

Nigel – Paul didn’t look uncomfortable at all doing this style.

Hayley and All-Star Dmitry will do the rumba. The person that inspired Hayley was her two dance teachers. The dance about a couple who have been engaged for awhile and the man has cheated on the woman. They dance to Meant. Since this is Dmitry he’s got his shirt unbuttoned. Not sure if I ever saw the man dance with a buttoned shirt.

Jenna – nothing Hayley can’t do.

Nigel – hasn’t put a foot wrong in the competition. Apparently, Nigel had trashed Dmitry’s choreography and few weeks back, but this week he gushed over him to make up for it.

Mary – Hayley got it right.

Jenna and All-Star Mark doing jazz. Jenna’s inspiration is her cousin. Her cousin passed away from MD. Number about style. They dance to I Am The Best. It’s a very weird dance. She may have gotten skunked in the All-Star department this week.

Nigel – says it was phenomenal. Sounds almost like he’s saying goodbye to Jenna.

Mary – loves a little crazy on the show.

Jenna – Mark has a great career as a choreographer ahead of him.

Jasmine and All-Star Twitch are paired. Jasmine’s inspiration is her mom. Routine about two up and coming super heroes that show up to save the day for the same crime. They dance to The Power.

Mary – Jasmine not intimidated dancing with Twitch.

Jenna – Jasmine owned it.

Nigel – Asks how Jasmine out-twitch Twitch. Says Jasmine has stolen his heart. She’s his new Makenzie.

Amy and All-Star Travis dance last. Amy says her cousin is her inspiration. Her cousin is a professional dancer. Dance about the games we all play when first entering a relationship. They dance to Wicked Game. It almost looks like they’re having sex on stage.

Jenna – Amy is an angel and technically perfect.

Nigel – saw something very very special. Most beautiful dancer.

Mary – Tonight, Amy’s taken it to a new level.

You know, this is why I hate the whole All-Star concept. The All-Stars got more compliments than the contestants and this is supposed to be about the contestants. And I wish the judges would stop it with all these standing ovations. They’ve made standing ovations lose all meaning.

I thought with being a past dancer Jenna Elfman’s comments might be better than some of the other celebrity judges this season, but most of the time she sounded like a fan girl gushing over her idols. Christina Applegate and Wayne Brady still hold the title of best celebrity judges.

I don’t really have any real prediction on who will be eliminated this week. I do think the female might be Jenna, especially when what Nigel said to her almost sounded like goodbye. As for Fik-Shun and Tucker it could go either way.

The time has come to reveal who is going home. Tucker and Jenna are asked to step forward. They’re the ones who got sent home and Hayley and Fik-Shun are staying. I actually think Fik-Shun should have been the male to go.


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