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So You Think You Can Dance 11 -- The Atlanta Auditions

Updated on June 19, 2014

Another former contestant shows up at the auditions

The show arrives in Atlanta for it's final two days of audition before heading back to LA to make the final cut. Lil Buck is guest judge for the first day of auditions.

Mariah Reives is first up. She started dancing when she was 3 and is going to do a jazz routine. Nigel gives her a standing O and the other two eventually stand-up and follow his lead.

Mary declares it was so much fun and entertaining.

Lil Buck says she had great technique.

And Nigel says it was tremendous.

She gets a ticket.

Erik "Silky" Moore is a 24 year old Hip Hop dancer. The last time he auditioned he did a tap routine in season 5 and 6.

Nigel says, "I like you," Beautiful job.

Mary says it was so much fun.

Lil Buck says he's very musical.

He gets a ticket.

Kelly MacCoy gets the Patridge Family theme and that breaking egg logo played for her before she auditions. She's doing a jazz routine and she's 18.

Nigel didn't like her face being pulled for every new dance movement.

Mary thought it was great, but also thought she need to tone done the over-the-top facial expressions.

Lil Buck loved her confidence.

I thought after those comments she'd get choreography, but instead she gets a ticket.

Christopher Mr. Strange Griffins is one of the original founding members of Dragon House which gave us Cyrus. For a second when they said Dragon House was in the house that meant Cyrus had followed the auditions to Atlanta. Instead another ex-contestant, Blu Print, is in the audience.

After he does his routine he gets a ticket.

Conrad Deschabert was told the last time he danced that he danced like a woman. His moves were too effeminate. This time he makes sure he presents his masculine side. He even got his chest and back all tattooed.

Nigel says he danced very strongly.

Mary says the beginning had stage presence.

And Lil Buck says great.

He gets a ticket.

Taveaus Dynamic Woods is up next and has no ego problems. He's a Hip Hop dancer who has been a student of Fik-Shun for 3 years.

Lil Buck says he did really good.

Mary says he has such a variety in his packet.

Nigel asks if he can do other styles.

He gets choreography.

Branden Sideshow Feimster is another Dragon House dancer and add some drama to the first day auditions when he gets into it with Nigel. He doesn't do animation like the others, he does true Pop Locking. Only Nigel feels what he does wasn't Pop Locking and they're off to the races.

Mary says he's a good dancer, but he needs more.

Lil Buck says Sideshow needs to say he's doing his own twist on Pop Locking instead of proclaiming he's doing true Pop Locking.

Nigel adds fuel to the fire by saying Sideshow can't take criticism.

It's a resounding NO from the panel.

Dragon House comes and apologizes to Nigel for Sideshow's behavior while Sideshow walks out trash-talking Nigel and promising he'll be back again next year.

Taveaus does the Choreography round and he's an absolute mess in it, thus getting sent home.

Thus ends day 1 and Day 2 begins with a new guest judge, Jenna Dewan-Tatum.

Since we got through day 1 without any sad songs being sung, I thought we might get through the entire episode without them, but we got a few for day 2.

Ricky Ubeda lives in Miami and auditioning has been his dream since the show first debuted. He does a contemporary routine.

Nigel says he's super. He can see him going all the way in the contest.

Mary says he gave Atlanta the name Hotlanta.

Jenna says he's amazing.

He gets a ticket.

We get a guys of Atlanta montage.

Marissa Milele is declared as the beast of the season. Jenna adds she's a powerhouse.

She gets a ticket.

Not to be accused of not being fair to the women of Atlanta, we also get an Atlanta Girls montage.

Our first sad song of the night is Elaine Kimble. She tells how her mother had a stroke when she was 43 that left her paralyzed and handicapped. She also adds that both her and her mother have a hole in their hearts. Unfortunately it doesn't help her to get a ticket.

Nigel says she has some beautiful lines, she could dig deeper and played it safe.

Jenna agrees with Nigel that she played it too safe.

Mary says she linked everything together well but she didn't bring the emotion.

She gets choreography.

The judges then get introduced to an Atlanta dance-style called Cranking.

Branden Crazy Legz Jacobs cranks for the judges.

Mary says it was fun.

Jenna says he lit the room up.

And Nigel says he's got the best smile he's seen.

He's given choreography.

Angelina Granitz has been dancing since she was 3. Her brother inspired her to dance because he's a dancer.

Nigel says something beautiful happens when she dances.

Mary says she's breath taking.

And Jenna says she has that thing that grabs you.

She gets a ticket.

Then it's time for the Beav to make his final appearance on the show, THANK GOD! He introduces an Atlanta Cranking group called Jungle Boogie and and popping group named Control Freakz.

This is the first week I didn't really have a preference and as the credits rolled it seems I'm not the only one as Jungle Boogie was leading by a very narrow margin.

Cristina Moya-Palocios is our last sad song for the auditions. Her brother had over 20 operations for problems with his heart and intestines. Her brother tells Nigel he's doing better as his sister gets a ticket.

Jerrod Swain seems like he can hardly stay awake as Cat interviews him, as he claims he dances energetically. The sleepiness thing seems to run in the family when his sleeping son Kobe is brought on stage. He comes to life and does a dance routine when the music plays and then drifts right back to sleep afterwards.

Nigel says he's lots of fun, but he needed more.

Mary feels he's very entertaining and agrees it needed more.

Jenna says she was entertained.

He gets choreography.

Unfortunately both Jerrod and Branden get cut, while Elaine gets a ticket. Thus ending the auditions for season 11. Next week it's back to LA to make the unkindest cuts of all and to reveal to us who made the top 20.


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