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So You Think You Can Dance 11 -- The Chicago And LA Auditions

Updated on June 9, 2014

Will The Beav get the boot?

Before the latest episode of the show aired I saw on Entertainment Tonight that The Beav had been embroiled in another scandal. Seems a vid of him singing a racist song was released. And it seemed some of the same people who were saying, "He's only 16, give him a break, he didn't know what he was saying," had changed their tune and were now all outraged about it. My problem with the, "He's only 16 defense," is they were acting like he was 10 and didn't know what the heck racism meant but now he's a few years older he realizes how bad it is. I guess sucking on a stripper's boob with a black man suddenly made all the racist stuff go away? Seriously, at 16 you're not a child. Two years is not going to make a difference when you're considered an adult and supposedly are held accountable for your actions if you're not Paris Hilton, Justin Beiber, Britney Spears or Lindsey Lohan.

Anyway, his former supporters and apologists are now saying this may be the end for The Beav if he doesn't come out and say, "I'm sorry," like Johah Hill did for using a gay slur. [Don't even get me started on that one.] Seems The Beav decided to run for the border and hide-out until all this blows over. Seriously, can't we just deport him back to Canada? Canadians don't seem to have the problems with these out-of-hand teen or tween twerps America has. Their legal system also doesn't seem to kiss the faux-celebrity butts and free pass them for all their crimes and misdemeanors, either. Maybe some quality time in Canada would straighten this twerp out.

The big question would be would his Dance Crew segment be cut or would they refilm it with someone else. They kept it in. But I gotta say for whatever reason Nigel included The Beav in the show this season it was a colossal mistake. This twerp can't go a week without being embroiled in a new scandal. If he doesn't dump The Beav he could quite possibly find the show getting boycott. By keeping him on the show in a show of support to The Beav it's like he and the show are supporting The Beav's behavior.

Anyway, the show was still in Chicago doing auditions when it opened, this week and we had a new guest judge. This time, Fabrice Calmels of the Joffery Ballet.

First up in auditions is Paul Brushaber who bills himself as The Puppet. He's created a new dance where he dances like a puppet, hence the nickname The Puppet.

Mary wants to live in his world and he brought them something unique.

Fabrice loves that he created his own style.

Mary urges Nigel to give him a ticket and Nigel gives him a ticket.

This was probably the episode where I wondered why some get a ticket and some get choreography, cause there seemed to be no real rhyme or reason to it.

Emily James has a marketing degree but feels she ought to be dancing. This is her third time auditioning. The third time turns out to be the charm.

Mary says to listen to her gut and heart. She's a dancer.

Nigel shocked she hasn't danced for 2 years.

And Fabrice loved it.

She gets a ticket.

With also get a little audience participation with this contestant as her young cousin Kelley dances on stage. This is followed by a montage of good dancers who got a ticket.

We also get the prerequisite sad story in bald-headed dancer Frachesca Bass who is a victim of alopecia and has lost all her hair.

Nigel says she's totally unique.

Mary says she's captivating.

And Fabrice feels she moves like a cat.

She gets a ticket.

We even get a fan girl auditioning in the form of Jenna Scaccia who is a ballet trainee at the Joffrey Ballet and Fabrice is her big O.

Nigel says she dances very beautiful.

Mary says just gorgeous.

And Fabrice says she made him proud.

She gets a ticket and the honor of getting it from her idol.

James Thomas has also developed his own dance style like The Puppet only he doesn't get praises for it and a ticket. He gets squeals of repulsion and choreography. He's who I'm talking about when who gets a ticket and who doesn't.

James calls his dance style contortionist mixed with bopping. He must be double-jointed to pop his arms out of their sockets and bend them the way he does without breaking his arms. The judges are clearly grossed out by his performance.

Mary says it's interesting but difficult to watch.

Fabrice says it's just insane.

And Nigel says it's a yes to choreography.

James ultimately decides to drop out after doing choreography and vows to come back again next year.

That's the end of Fabrice, as the shows heads to LA for the LA Auditions. Christina Applegate is the guest judge there.

Jessican Richens is the first up. She's danced since she was 4. She gets no critque and just a ticket. They declare she could win.

Valerie Rockey is a tapper.

Nigel says he's pleased she can tap.

Mary thought she was good.

Christina is drawn to her face and smile.

I thought she'd get a ticket, but she got sent to choreography.

Jaja Vankova is from the Czech Republic. She's an animation and Krumper.

She gets a standing O and a ticket and I thought she'd get sent to choreography.

See what I mean.

Fikshun and Cyrus were also back to watch auditions. Sounds like they haven't got anything better to do with themselves and being on the show didn't ignite their dance careers. Just saying. A few times they even come on stage and dance with the auditioners.

We also get a montage of bad dancers.

Kyle Taylor is a popper.

Nigel says he looks like he should be battling people and asks Cyrus to come on stage and do battle with him. After that you'd expect him to get a ticket. Nope, choreography.

Justine Lutz dances next. She's been dancing since she was 3 and her style is jazz and ballet. She gets a ticket.

We get another montage of good dancers. Apparently they weren't interesting enough to be featured but are interesting enough to be featured in a montage.

We even get a real-life love couple in Mauricio and I didn't catch her name. Well, I did and wrote it down and now I'm not sure if it's a D or an O followed by an lise.

They do a ballet routine. They get a standing O and most of the comments are for Dlise or Olise. Okay, thank god for the Internet and You Tube. I did a search on You Tube and see her name is either Deise or Daisie. See, it's not just me that had problems with her name. But I believe her name was pronounced Daisy. So I'm thinking you spell it Deise.

Christina says you can feel the love between them.

Mary says they left such an impression.

And Nigel says Mauricio really can't show what he can do.

They get a ticket.

I guess the big question is if they both make it, how will they take being split up and having to dance with someone new.

Then the moment we've all been waiting for happened. would The Beav be cut or would he left in the show. He was there talking about the tats on his arms. The two dance crews he introduced this week were Breaksk8 who do gymnastics on skates. They're B-Boys. The other crew is named the Academy of Villains. Some of their dances they were dancing like puppets and the men had painted faces.

Hailee Payne auditioned doing something calls Jazz Funk.

Christina really likes her quirk and personality.

Mary loves her, too.

And Nigel tosses her a ticket.

Sebastian Serra is coming back after being cut before the Top 20.

Mary says his elevation was amazing.

Christina says he used the stage well.

He gets a ticket.

Dani Platz is the sad story in LA. She's been dancing since she was in 3. She had an eating disorder when she was 16 and quit dancing for 2 years.

Nigel says her body parts are going in different places.

Christina says she got her dance and it moved her and doesn't agree with Mary and Nigel sending her to choreography. She thinks she should get a ticket.

Marie Bonnevay is a French street dance. Her nickname is Marie Popping. Fikshun gets in on the act when she's dancing.

Nigel loved every moment.

Mary says she's a true artist.

And Christina says she's so unexpected.

She gets a ticket, but I couldn't help but wonder if Fikshun hadn't hopped on stage if she would have gotten that ticket or been sent to choreography.

Kyle who did the dance duel with Cyrus but didn't get a ticket the way Marie did drops out of choreography, while Dani and Valerie make it through and get a ticket.

We also had a dancer who we hadn't seen before featured who tossed his cookies in front of the judges. Well, you've got to be famous for something. Needless to say he got sent home.

I sometimes wonder if it's fair to the dancers that get sent to choreography. They have to learn a dance not even in their style because the judges didn't like them as well as the ones they gave a ticket to, so in essence the ones that do get sent to choreography have to dance better than the ones who were judged better than them and got the ticket right off the back.

We got another Beav sighting at the end of the show saying the Academy of Villains were winning the Twitter vote. My question is if The Beav was hiding under a rock somewhere, how could he give the Twitter vote results? He must have filmed two different versions says which dance crew was in the lead and the show just played the footage of the one that was winning.


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