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So You Think You Can Dance 11 -- The LA and Philadelphia Auditions

Updated on June 17, 2014

Every city has a story...

And sometimes more than one.

Seriously, it does seem like in every city we get someone's sad song and about how dance inspires them. In a way, I wish they'd just not mention them. It's almost like they're using their story to give themselves bonus points over those who don't have one to tell.

Christina Applegate was the guest judge for the second day of LA auditions.

First up are ballroom dancers, Serge and Alla. Serge says Alla likes to twerk all the time. Serge got cut last time while his partner made it.

Mary says they're both tremendous and they both get tickets.

Before the auditions Alla said if they both got tickets she'd be Serge's girlfriend and afterwards she keeps her promise, so it's a double celebration for Serge.

Timothy Joseph is a B-Boy. His body is like a springboard.

Mary feels like someone shot him out of a rocket.

Christina never got to see his face.

And Nigel says what he does is amazing, but not amazing enough to get a ticket, so he has to do choreography.

Timothy actually picked up an injuring doing his routine and his manager advises him to opt out in case he permanently damages himself, thus ending all hopes of a dance career.

Casey Askew has high hair and is a contemporary dancer. Gets a ticket.

We get a montage of dancers best moves.

A nine year old tries to lie about his age and audition. He's joined by Cyrus and Fik-shun on stage. One good thing about the show leaving LA is hopefully Cyrus and Fik-shun won't prove to be camp followers and follow the show to the next audition city.

Seriously, the fact they showed up two days in a row kind of suggests being on the show had helped neither of these twos careers like it has some of the other dancers. Because of their dance specialty neither is bound to be offered a spot of Dancing With The Stars as others have. So it seems they showed up looking to hang on to their faded glory from being on the show.

Jordan Epstein provides up with our sad song for day 2 of the LA auditions. Her brother was a drug addict. She uses dance to express how she feels about that. She adds that he's thankfully clean and sober these days.

Christina says she's so captivating.

Mary declares her a member of the hot tamale train.

She gets a ticket.

Johnny Waacks. He auditioned before. Says this time his audition will be much more serious than last time. Waacks is not his real last name. It's the name he uses professionally because that's the style of dance he created.

Judges laugh at his performance. His performance seems more hand jive than dancing.

Nigel says he's an artist.

Mary says he commanded everyone.

Christina says he gave them intensity.

He gets choreography.

Malene and Armen are ballet dancers. Malene says her former partner was extremely hard on her and he made her lose spirit. Armen is the guy who dropped partner on his head during Vegas Week. They really turn up the steam while they dance.

Nigel complements both.

Mary says they're a dynamite couple.

And Christina says people will love them.

They get a ticket.

Another dance montage. Then it's on to choreography. Johnny Waacks sticks with it and he gets a ticket.

Now it's on to the Philadelphia Auditions. The guest judge is Misty Copeland, a prima ballerina.

Bridget Whitman starts the auditions off with a sad song about her father dying when she was 12 in a car accident. Her dance makes Mary cry.

Mary says it was an emotional performance.

Misty says it was a beautiful dance.

Nigel gives her a ticket.

We get a Boys Of Phillly montage.

Next up is Amir Sas Wao, who is a hardcore ballerina. Calls her style of dance Funky Pointe.

Misty says her technique and lines are beautiful.

Mary says she's gorgeous and unique.

And Nigel says she's unique and outstanding.

After that glowing sentiment you'd think she'd get a ticket. Nope, she gets choreography.

Then we get a montage about the people who've come to support the dancers.

Nigel's crush Jenna Johnson returns to help Landon Anderson audition. Landon didn't make it last year and she wants to help give him another shot at it.

Mary says he's so masculine. He really pulled it off.

Misty says she saw him the whole time and wasn't distracted by Jenna.

Nigel says he wasn't over-powered by Jenna.

He gets a ticket and Jenna gets a job offer. Nigel offers her a job to be one of the dance pros dancing on the show, this year, and she tearfully accepts.

Then it's time for the part of the evening a lot of us dread. The Beav's segment. The show is apparently going to stick with Punky Brewster until the bitter end. He introduce two new dance crews: Wanted Ashiqz and Mix'd Elements.

Wanted Ashiqz is a fusion of Bollywood and HIp-Hop, while Mix'd Elements rely on tricks and acrobats. It seems like Mix'd Elements could have an advantage as their the current USA Hip Hop champions. Personally, I liked Wanted Ashiqz better.

Shafeek Westbrook who acted badly in season 9 when he wasn't chosen is back. He says he's got a new attitude. And this is after he vowed to never come back. Never say never.

Mary says he can definitely move.

Misty says his strength and control are great.

And Nigel says he's all about control.

He gets choreography.

Then it's time for the Choreography round. Both Shafeek and Amir make it and get tickets.

Day 2 auditions feature a new guest judge. Billy Porter. He's a singer and Broadway star.

Stanley Glover is the first to audition and he's our sad song for this day of auditions. His mom died when he was 4 and he was laying in bed with her. She had a heart attack. Then none of his relatives came to claim him, so he was raised by Margaret Chamberlain, who offered him a home.

Nigel says he took him with him in his routine. Fantastic technique.

Mary says she loved it.

Barry says technique is really great.

He gets a ticket.

Now we get a tongue-tied dancer montage.

James "Banks" Davis gives us another sad song to rival that of Stanley's. He got shot in the knee on Halloween and nearly had to have his leg amputated.

Barry says he's a storyteller.

Mary says he does a beautiful slow Krump.

And Nigel says he loved the expansiveness of movement.

He gets Choreography. Unfortunately, he doesn't make it and gets sent home.

Meanwhile the dance crew I liked best, Wanted Ashiqz is winning the vote.


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