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So You Think You Can Dance 11 -- The Top 20 Perform

Updated on July 9, 2014

The Top 20 are sent gently into the contest

The Top 20 are each introduced:



















and Zack.

Then they open the show by performing a Sonya Tayeh.

To gently ease the dancers into the contest they all get paired with a partner who dances their own style and they're allowed to dance in their own style.

The guest judge is Jason Derulo.

Dmitry choreographs a Cha-Cha for Serge and Brooklyn. They dance to Hell Yeah by Midnight Red.

Mary -- the hot dancing starts right now.

Jason -- got very steamy up there.

Nigel -- uplifted the room with their energy.

One of the big changes this year is you can't phone in your vote. You can only vote online or with the Fox App. Tough luck if you don't have a phone that can't download apps.

Travis Wall choreographs a contemporary routine for Emily and Casey about a couple that argues and fights a lot. They dance to All Of Me by John Legend.

Jason -- OMG! I'm so excited right now.

Nigel -- Superb.

Mary -- A beautiful love story.

Anthony Morigerato choreographs a dance for Zack and Valerie. They dance to Sing by Ed Sheeran.

Nigel -- Wow! Wow! Wow!

Mary -- They were on fire.

Jason -- He's a tapper and that was unbelievable.

Bonnie Story choreographs a contemporary routine for Bridget and Stanley about a struggling couple. They dance to Doesn't Mean Goodbye by Jon Maclaughton.

Mary -- Wow! They told the story amazingly.

Jason -- Looked effortless

Nigel -- It was tremendous.

Marat Daukayev choreographs a routine for the two ballerinas Jacque and Jourdan. They dance to Black Swan by Tchaikovsky.

Jason -- Wow! Beautiful. Loved to watch it.

Nigel -- Jacque was strong, but be careful of her attitude.

Mary -- They looked like 2 sisters.

Louis Van Amstel of Dancing With The Stars fame choreographs a Samba for Malene and Marcquet. They dance to Morning Drums by Gregor Salto.

Nigel -- So pleased. It's Dancing With The Stars meets So You Think You Can Dance.

Mary -- Amazing.

Jason -- In their element.

Stacey Tookey choreographs a contemporary routine for Carly and Rudy. They dance to Take It Easy by Jetta.

Mary -- Passion just poured out.

Jason -- Looked like anything was possible

Nigel -- Best Top 20 dance they've ever seen.

Christopher Scott choreographys a Hip Hop routine for Emilio and Teddy. The dance to Nightshift by the Commodores.

Jason -- That was super.

Nigel -- They found a way to connect.

Mary -- Mesmerizing.

Jessica and Ricky get a Sonya Tayeh contemporary dance. They dance to Vow by Mereidth Monk. The judges give them a standing ovation and slobber over themselves declaring it's a good thing they won't be paired for the entire contest or the other dancers wouldn't stand a chance against them.

Yeah, if I was a dancer, I'd want to hear something like that. Way to play favorites. Perhaps someone should remind Nigel that he fawned all over Benjy Schwimmer who won the contest and Travis Wall was a runner-up and Travis has way more prestige and respect in the dancing community than Benjy Schwimmer has, who I haven't heard anything about since he won the contest. Travis has earned a reputation as a talented choreographer that Nigel and company fawn over now.

The final dancers are Tanisha and Nick and I feel bad for them as the judges sucked up so much time bragging up Jessica and Ricky that there's barely enough time for them to dance and get any kind of comments from the judges.

Louis Van Amstel returns to choreography a Cha-Cha for them. They dance to I'm A Freak by Enrique Iglesias.

Mary -- Fun, fast and fabulous.

Jason -- Hit it hard.

Nigel -- Terrific.

Of course, if they heard the way they bragged up Nick and Jessica they know the unspoken words are, "But it can't touch what Nick and Jessica did."

Someone will be sent home next week. Then the dancers will discover who there partner will be for the contest. That is, until the All-Stars arrive to dance with them.

Can I say how much I hate the whole All-Star thing. I liked it better when they had to dance with different partners every week.

And let's not forget that Nigel's beloved Jenna will be back. Yippee!

Jason Derulo performed with Snoop Dog. He's back to calling himself a dog instead of a lion, apparently. It wasn't really anything to write home about and I sure wouldn't pay to see that performance.

I'm kind of hoping as the contest continues they'll have some better guest judges than Jason Derulo and Tara Lapinski.

So the contest really begins next week when the dancers are paired with someone who doesn't dance in their style and they have to do dances that aren't in their style.


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