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So You Think You Can Dance 11 -- Week 2

Updated on July 14, 2014

Which two dancers were the first to be eliminated?

Nigel got pretty nasty with the girl that got eliminated. He told her she'd skated by thus far on her beauty. Basically he was saying the judges put her through because she was beautiful, not because she was a good dancer. And frankly that's on Nigel. But to tell her that on national television was really kind of low. I guess she didn't ring his bell like Jenna does.

Misty Copeland is this week's guest judge.

The show opens to the top 20 dancing together for the last time, as two of them will be going home, tonight, to a Broadway number from the Broadway show, On The Town. They dance to New York, New York. Josh Bergaasse choreographed the number. The winner of the show will get to star in the show on Broadway. Watching the dance I could actually picture Gene Kelly and Frank Sinatra dancing in the opening of On The Town. It was a classic dance number.

Then Cat comes out and gets right down to it not playing Ryan Seacrustacean or Dancing With The Star games about who is in the bottom 3 and who isn't.

The girls in jeopardy are:




And the boys in danger are:




Of course, they'll have to wait until the end of the show to find out who got the boot and they still have to do their dance, which kind of puts them under a lot of pressure to make it really good, as this year they've cut out the solos you can dance in an attempt to impress the judges [if you had a lousy dance routine] and get them to save you. That kind of puts a lot of pressure on the ones in danger and may aid in helping them get so psyched they may not dance as well as they do. It's like getting test anxiety before a test. However, it's really not fair to all the dancers to worry they're under the Anvil of Elimination if they're not. Maybe the fair thing would be to just eliminate the two dancers that got the lowest scores from last week's performance and not have them dance one last time under the onerous knowledge they're in the bottom three. It would be more fair to the other two dancers that will be staying not having to dance with the worry they're going to get the boot. However, it would take a lot of the power the judges have in deciding who of the bottom three gets the boot away from them. But since the judges may not be eliminating the dancers that got the lowest scores, it's not really fair to the dancers in the contest to let the judges pick and choose who goes, when they may choose to keep a dancer who got the lowest score and get rid of a dancer that had more votes than the other two in the bottom three.

Aside from the excitement [or in the case of the dancers dread] of the first eliminations, we also learn who the dancers will officially be teamed with for the rest of the contest until the hideous All-Stars show up. Or at least who'll they be paired with until one of the team is eliminated and they get assigned a new partner.

First up is Tanisha and Rudy. They get to perform a Sonya Tayeh jazz routine. Tayeh describes it as a grimy cat and mouse dance. They dance to You Need by Bengsons.

The Judges Soundbites:

Mary -- Wow! What a strong performance.

Misty -- Tanisha is fierce. Both performed the choreography well.

Nigel -- Very, very strong.

Valerie and Ricky are revealed as the next dance team. They get to do a Travis Wall contemporary number about the one who got away. They dance to Oh, Darling by Gossling.

The Judges Soundbites:

Misty -- You guys are wonderful together.

Nigel -- You two have come together, but it needed more emotion.

Mary -- Magnificent.

Then we get treated to a montage of people using the Dance Party App they're pimping.

Bridget and Emilio are the next to be revealed as partners. They get a Luther Brown Hip-Hop number.

The Judges Soundbites:

Nigel -- Great chemistry. Thought Bridget would be terrible at this but he was wrong.

Mary -- Bridget was smoking and Emilio ate the whole thing up.

Misty -- Emilio is in his element and Bridget can be a strong sexy woman.

Jessica and Nick are the next team revealed, and it may be a short-lived team if Nick is the boy going home, tonight.

It's kind of ironic, but in last week's blog I kind of was taking pot shots at Benjy Schwimmer saying how I hadn't seen anything of him since he won over Travis Wall, and here he shows up on the show as a choreographer choreographing for Jessica and Nick a West Coast Swing number done to the tune of Respect by Aretha Franklin.

The Judges Soundbites:

Mary -- So darned fast.

Misty -- Very entertaining.

Nigel -- Called Benjy out for creating a dance that didn't do the dancers justice.

I don't know if Travis got a little bit of a thrill seeing Benjy not being the apple of the judges eyes like he did when he was competing against Benjy in the competition, especially since Travis generally gets kudos for his brilliance as a choreographer.

The fact that Benjy choreographed a bad dance for him, could be the end of Nick since he's on the chopping block and he needed a brilliant performance to keep himself safe. And this wasn't it.

Carly and Serge are the next couple that get paired, and Serge lucks out getting Sonya Tayeh as choreographer. The dance is about a love that is unbreakable. They dance to Latch.

The Judges Soundbites:

Mary -- Wow! That's dancing.

Nigel -- Amazing how you can touch someone with a dance routine.The best Serge has danced so far.

Misty -- Never knew how far you can rise.

Malene and Stanley are the next couple paired. They get a variety number choreographed by Spencer Liff. They dance to I've Got Your Number by Nancy Wilson. They have to dance with an old-fashioned telephone prop that seems to ultimately sabotage the dance and earn another choreographer a tongue-lashing from Nigel, who was a real cranky pants.

The Judges Soundbites:

Mary -- Loved concept. Loved the first 20 seconds of the dance.

Misty -- Malene is sexy. Stanley needs to think more about his partner, not just about himself. [Ouch!]

Nigel -- Got the wrong number. Not thrilled with Spencer's choreography cause it didn't fit them.

This may be bad news for Malene who is up on the chopping block.

Jourdan and Marcquet are teamed up and they get Sean Cheeseman as choreographer. He choreographs a jazz number about an interrogator and her agent. They dance to Work Work by Britney Spears.

The Judges Soundbites:

Misty -- That was fun. Marcquet took the role a little too far. [Ouch!]

Nigel -- Enjoyed it better than Jourdan's ballet. Shouldn't have smiled, though.

Mary -- Looked like they were having a good time.

Brooklyn and Casey who are both under the Anvil of Elimination are paired together. They get a Miriam and Leonardo Argentine Tango number. They dance to Gallo Ciego.

The Judges Soundbites:

Nigel -- They were tremendous.

Mary -- Tonight Brooklyn was a woman. [No, Mary doesn't mean usually she's a man, just that she usually seems just a girl.] Casey had so many partnering skills.

Misty -- Casey was fabulous. Brooklyn sex. Connection there.

Now we get rehearsal montage. Damn they're stealing from Dancing With The Stars playbook on how to take up two hours of airtime when you don't have the material to fill two hours.

Jacque and Zack are the next team paired together. They get a Sean Cheeseman African Jazz routine. They need to be fierce and animalistic. They dance to a Danny Tanglia tune.

The Judges Soundbites:

Mary -- How fun was that. Hot tamale train.

Misty -- Jacque made right choices, but should have done less with her mouth. [Ouch!] Zack impressed her.

Nigel -- Favorite routine tonight. Pair makes great couple.

One of the dance crew finalists dance. Tonight it's Syncopated Ladies. They dance to Beyonce's Flawless.

Now it's time to eliminate two dancers. As I said earlier, I thought Nigel's comments were way out of line. Telling a dancer she skated by on her looks instead of her dance skills is pretty nasty. Apparently, he may have wanted another dancer in the Top 20 instead of Malene, who is the dancer that got treated to those rude comments as she was told she'd been eliminated. Nigel curbed his acid tongue when it was time to eliminate Nick.

Sadly, it may have been the choreographers fault these two got the boot more than the dancers. They danced what they were given to dance and Nigel [who generally kisses the choreographers butts telling them how brilliant they are] complained about the dances the choreographers choreographed for them.

Bottom line, it may be the choreographer you get that helps you to stay in the contest more than your own ability to dance. Especially now they no longer allow you to dance a solo to try and impress the judges to keep you in the contest.


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