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So You Think You Can Dance 2013 -- The Boston Auditions

Updated on May 29, 2013

Original Airing: May 28, 2013

I got my cable back in time for the Boston Auditions. Adam Shankman joined Nigel and Mary in Beantown to judge a vast array of dancers, including one dancing as a human lamp.

First up, was a pair of dancers who used to date but were still dance partners named Ashley and Phillip. They had previously been on Dancing With The Stars ballroom battle. The most memorable thing about this duo is Ashley talks non-stop while Phillip is practically a mute. All three judges are impressed by their audition and they get a ticket to Vegas.

Natalie is a jazz dancer who is using a lampshade as a prop. She explains it was her Halloween costume and she liked it so much, she wanted to use it again. As it turns out the judges are more impressed with the lampshade than Natalie’s dancing. She gets three nos. Before she leaves Adam puts on her lampshade and does his own dance routine.

John has a lion’s tail hanging down between his legs and a beat boxer doing his music for him. Nigel compliments the beat boxer and feels the dance was a piece of performance art. Mary says it was super entertaining. Adam declares he’s a born entertainer. They send him to choreography.

Katlyn is dancing with her 16 year old brother, Jeremy. He had to learn the routine in 3 hours because her partner didn’t show. They dance the Salsa. The judges seem more impressed with her brother. She gets sent to Choreography, as well.

Jennifer is a ballet dancer. She started at 11 and in her quest to be the perfect ballerina, she developed an eating disorder and shut her parents out. She was never happy with how she looked. 4 years ago she turned from ballet to jazz and it saved her life. It’s made her healthier and she’s repaired the relationship with her family.

Nigel tells her she has an incredible face and great technique. Adam believes the show would be incredible for her. She gets a ticket to Vegas.

Montage of dancers sent to Vegas, but whose back story or performance isn’t that stand-out as the others, so they’re just fast-forwarded through.

Then some repeat contestants returned for another chance at making it into the top 20. Tommy is from a dancing family. Nigel is in love with his feet and what he can do with them. So are the other judges. It’s no shock when he gets a ticket to Vegas.

Jennie is a professional ballet dancer. She says her big brother is the reason she can be there, because he bought her ticket out there to audition. Mary and Adam give her a standing O after she’s done performing. Adam declares she’s his favorite Boston audition. Mary says she’s makes her dancing look effortless. Nigel plays a game with the other judges over not sending her to choreography and then hands her a ticket to Vegas.

15 dancers go to the Day 1 Choreography.

John, the guy wearing the tail, was told he wasn’t strong enough and got sent home, while Katlyn got a ticket to Vegas.

The first person to audition on Day 2 was Shannon aka Shizzy Shake. Mary feels she’s extraordinary and Adam says she has a sense of effortlessness when she dances. She gets a ticket to Vegas.

More familiar faces return. Gene auditioned in season 6 and this time he’s brought his wife to dance with him. They both get a ticket to Vegas.

Ernest lost his cousin in 2011 and a girl named Kate and her mom invited him to Vermont, which he credits to saving his life. He uses his cousin’s death in his dance and gets sent to Choreography. Unfortunately, it isn’t a happy ending for Ernest as he gets sent home, But he declares Kate will be the next one they see here, because he feels she’s super talented.

Anthony Bryant is back. He’s been auditioning since way back in season one, where Nigel dubbed him Ribbon Boy, because he danced with a ribbon. Nigel suggests Anthony just dance and leaves all the toots and whistles out of it. He offers to send him to choreography, but Anthony refuses. Unless he can get a ticket to Vegas he doesn’t want to bother. It’s probably for the best. If he had that kind of attitude, how open he’d be to learning different styles of dance.

They we get a little montage of some strange ducks that don’t make it. One is a man who likes to dance in high heels and the other is a woman that likes to bunny dance.

Anthony is a ballet dancer. Judges are impressed his landings on the floor are so light you can’t hear him. He says if he gets on the show he could have some trouble. He gets a ticket to Vegas.

Ballroom dancer, Kate, is dancing with Max from Season 5. Mary screams over her performance. Nigel says she looks like a professional dancer on Dancing With The Stars. Adam does an impression of Bruno. She gets sent to Vegas.

Toshi is the last dancer to dance. He seems a little bit out there, as he seems to have trouble understanding what’s being said. He describes his style of dance as being in a video game. The judges are very entertained by his performance. Nigel says he has humor, creativity and passion. Mary says he was absolutely fabulous. Adam called it living art. He gets a ticket to Vegas.

And thus ends the Boston auditions. The incestuous relationship between So You Think You Can Dance and Dancing With The Stars continues. I wasn’t surprised when it was announced that DWTS would adopt SYTYCD’s one show a week format. The longer both shows go on the more incestuous the relationship becomes.


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