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So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap and My Take – Season 5, 2 of 14 Voted Off

Updated on September 24, 2012

Opening Number

It was a very cool concept, with the dancers being posed as a picture and then essentially setting themselves free. Good job on the choreography by Tyce Diorio. My only complaint is with the camera crew who couldn’t manage to stay in one place very long, or the editor that coordinated camera switches, because it was too flighty and I never quite saw anything to its completion until the ending.

Bottom 3 Revealed

So, the first group was Randi & Evan and Karla & Vitolio, so I know immediately I have at least one bottom 3 prediction wrong since they were both in it. Thankfully I was wrong about Randi & Evan (yes, I admit to having favorites), and they are safe. That means bottom 3 for Karla & Vitolio.

The second group was Janette & Brandon, Kayla & Kupono and Melissa & Ade. Well, one of these couples will replace Randi & Evan in my bottom 3. Janette and Brandon are safe, no surprise there. Despite my friend, who knows what she is talking about, not liking the Pas de deux, Melissa & Ade are safe. That means bottom 3 for Kayla & Kupono, I SO blame the “judges think the world of you” curse!

The final group was Jeanine & Phillip and Jason & Caitlyn. Apparently America was not as put off by the concept as Mary was, because Jeanine & Phillip are in the bottom 3 and Caitlyn & Jason are safe. Although I was surprised, I did get Caitlyn & Jason’s performance, despite the bad costuming, and am glad it turned out this way. I think Jeanine & Phillip found themselves in this position because Phillip didn’t shine enough at something he should have after a couple of bad weeks, one of them really bad.

Guest Dance Performance

Tonight’s guest dance performance was Desmond Richardson and Patricia Hachey of Complexions Contemporary Ballet, the piece was choreographed by Desmond Richardson and Dwight Rhoden. What an amazing performance to have! Desmond is one of my favorite dancers ever. Desmond and Dwight choreographed the amazing Pas de deux danced by Katee Shean and William Wingfield last season. It was a brilliant piece, beautiful performed. CHILLS!

NOTE: I originally had a link to the Complexions website posted, but they must have abandoned the site as it appears to be a potential malware threat now. I have been unable to find a current website. BUMMER!

The Solos

Karla – I felt like Karla’s performance was a lot like last week’s. Granted, she is a great dancer, she would not have made top 20 if she wasn’t. I just feel like she thinks she is great and knows everything she needs to know and is blocked off to growing and learning.

Vitolio – I get so angry with him because he constantly feels like he is on the brink of greatness but then he holds back. This week was a lot like last week. So much potential and obvious control but nothing that made me say WOW!

Kayla – Kayla’s young age really shows in her solos. Her technique is beautiful, as is her control, but she needs to learn to assemble a solo that is more cohesive. The past 2 weeks they have felt thrown together and like they didn’t flow really well.

Kupono – He has such amazing control, but this week his solo kind of lacked content. And it is definitely not that he is unable to deliver content, I think he maybe wings it and doesn’t go out there with a prepared routine and then that leads to running out of time before he delivers. It really is a short period of time and they need to really work on something that fits and works beforehand.

Jeanine – Other than a rough spot or two her solo was beautiful. It was nice to see her dance her specialty for the first time since the actual competition started, especially because I had forgotten what she looked like performing truly in her element.

Phillip – His solo reminded me why he made top 20, he really is great at his own style. But he REALLY needs to learn how to translate that in to success in other styles, because he is not growing at all and I think if he has any more weeks like last week and the week before and he finds himself in the bottom again, the judges are going to call him on it.

Guest Musical Performance

Kelly Clarkson performed tonight. I just have 2 things to say—thank you for not lip-synching, and thank you for not feeling the need to throw in dancers when they don’t really fit with what you do.

The Results

The girls – Unanimous decision here. They started with Jeanine, who they thought performed the best, I agree, and they told her she was safe. They then told Kayla her performance seemed a bit thrown together and that she needs to pull it together better if she makes the bottom 3 again. They then told Karla that it felt as if they never saw that star quality they saw in auditions once the Top 20 started and that she was who was out this week.

The guys – Unanimous decision here as well. They started with Phillip and told him that though his routine was a bit overworked and desperate feeling it was still great and he was safe but that he needs to start growing beyond his own style. They told Vitolio the same things basically as last week, that he looks like he is going to deliver so much and then he doesn’t (personally, I think he has so much potential but that he doubts himself some and needs to learn to take more risks). They then told Kupono that he is lucky it is not a choreography competition because there was just not much content and real dancing in his performance. In the end, they eliminated Vitolio.

So, I got 2 of the 3 couples for the Bottom 3 wrong, but in the end got the 2 who would be eliminated right at least!


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