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So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap and My Take – Season 5, 2 of 16 Voted Off

Updated on October 22, 2011

Opening Number

The opening number was HOT! It was a fusion of various styles choreographed by Dmitry Chaplin (from Season 2’s Top Ten and also now on Dancing with the Stars), and Tabitha & Napoleon D’umo. Water, dancers on tables, spicy costumes, lots of touching. I really liked it!

Nigel then took a moment to talk about what has been a rough week in the celebrity world with the deaths of three big name celebrities. He discussed Ed McMahon’s contributions to the growth of the entertainment industry through “Star Search”, and his other ventures. He then discussed Farrah Fawcett and her life. Finally he discussed Michael Jackson, who despite his numerous run-ins with the law and weirdness in recent years has made so many major contributions to the entertainment industry and to the world of dance, both by inspiring others to dance and being an innovator. They then went to commercial with a clip from the “Thriller” video.

Bottom 3 Revealed

The first couple in the bottom 3 was Asuka & Vitolio. I had originally put them in my bottom 3 prediction and then changed it, I guess I should not second-guess myself! I think they found themselves here because their routine just didn’t have anything really catchy about it and they both also have less “out there” personalities. I also think that after their beautiful performance the previous week this week’s routine was just a bit of a letdown.

Jeanine & Phillip, a couple I had predicted would be in the bottom 3 are safe. He really appears to have quite the fan following and should be incredibly grateful for that. I do like him, I just hope he takes the opportunity he has been given to continue in the competition and really starts to grow as a dancer.

The next couple in the bottom 3 is Karla & Jonathan. No surprise there at all. Their performance last night was pretty bad. They didn’t even seem surprised themselves. Toni Basil commented later that just like a ballet without pointed toes isn’t really a ballet, a hip-hop routine without groove isn’t a hip-hop routine.

The final couple in the bottom 3 I also expected to be there, Caitlyn & Jason. I just think getting ballroom or Latin dance routines can be hard unless the performance is jaw dropping or super touching, and theirs was neither.

Guest Dance Performance

The guest dance performers tonight was a group called Rage Boys Crew. They performed a hip-hop routine. It was okay, nothing mind-blowing or anything, though it was kids and they were cute.

The Solos

Asuka – Her performance was good, but nothing spectacular. As I have said before, it is hard for ballroom/Latin dancers to do solos since they are used to dancing with partners, but it is doable. Heidi a few seasons back, for example, always did great solos.

Vitolio – I thought he did better than the last time he was in the bottom 3. His leaps were great. But I don’t think it was as good as it could have, and should have, been.

Karla – I thought Karla’s solo was better this time than last time, I liked the African influences in places. It was all a little too thrown together feeling though, like she was trying to cram too much in.

Jonathan – Once again his solo was pretty blah dance-wise. He threw in lots of acrobatics, but not much dance substance. He just has this really new to dance feeling about him.

Caitlyn – I didn’t think her solo was as good as it was last week, but she does seem to have gotten past being so unpredictable and prone to falling apart, which is a big plus.

Jason – He did okay as well, but compared to last week it was not as good, a little more frenetic and thrown together than it should have been.

Guest Musical Performance

The musical performance tonight was The Veronicas. I am biased because I really like them, so it is no surprise that I thought it was a great performance. They had dancers at some point that felt a little unnecessary, but oh well.

The Results

The girls – They spoke to Caitlyn first and commented that her confidence is growing, I agree and think that is why she has stopped being so wishy-washy in her performances, she was told she was safe and excused. They told Karla her performance seemed a little desperate and that a lot of her movements weren’t taken to their final point, she seemed surprised by these comments. They then told Asuka that they felt like she was not growing as a dancer. The end result—Asuka was eliminated. I think Karla needs a reality check though and needs to learn to accept and learn from the judge’s critiques.

The guys – They started with Vitolio, Nigel told him with his performances that he is not living up to their expectations and to his abilities and needs to. He then told Jason that his solo had too much thrown in to it, making it feel desperate and that he needs to step it up if he ends up in the bottom 3 again. His comments for Jonathan were basically what I thought they would be, great acrobatics but where was the dance? The end result—Jonathan was eliminated. No surprise there for me, I almost wish he hadn’t made the top 20 this time because I think that with some more training he will be great, but he is not there yet.

This means we have a new pairing next week, Karla & Vitolio. For some reason, and I cannot quite articulate it, I don’t see that being a good pairing.


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