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So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap and My Take – Season 5, 2 of 18 Voted Off

Updated on October 22, 2011

Opening Number

LOVED IT! Maori meets contemporary!! First off, I loved the Maori style face paint and facial expressions. And I am so glad that carried over into the choreography. Awesome! I love Mia’s work, but it was nice to see her stray a bit from the overly angst filled road she seems to have been on lately.

I am so glad they called Lil C out on his consistently random commentary. Not sure what it is all about but it makes me crazy! Hopefully seeing it in a montage like that he will tone it down the next time he judges!

Bottom 3 Revealed

Caitlyn & Jason were the first couple placed in the bottom 3, which does not surprise me. But Jeanine & Phillip, even with Phillip’s fan base, being safe caught me way off guard. I think this may mean bottom 3 for Randi & Evan.

Next in the bottom 3 are Ashley & Kupono, who were also on my list. Not knowing who will be the third couple added to the bottom 3 is making me crazy!

They showed a brief clip of Evan’s brother Ryan making it through to Vegas for Season 6. So glad he decided to audition again and I really hope he makes top 20 for season 6!

I am relieved that Randi & Evan are not in the bottom 3, I really like them. All that remain are Asuka & Vitolio who can blame having the waltz as a dance if they are in the bottom 3, and Kayla & Max who would have the “judges think the world of you” curse to blame. And it appears that the curse has struck again because Kayla & Max are the final couple added to the bottom 3.

Guest Dance Performance

This week’s guest dance performance is Amrapali Ambegaokar. I remember her from Superstars of Dance (yes, I suffered my way through almost all of the shows from that series), I think last week’s couple was on that show as well, is this a trend? If it is, I hope they will skip a few of the less amazing performers that were showcased in the series. She was one of the ones I liked from the show though, so it was nice to watch her again.

The Solos

Caitlyn brought her “A Game” tonight, her solo was beautiful. Great quality and control of movement and obviously well thought out. And none of the overdone sex appeal many of the female dancers tend to throw into these solos. I think she is safe.

I LOVED Jason’s solo, I guess we have seen him shine now. Well choreographed and well executed. Really showed him as a strong yet controlled dancer, I definitely don’t think we’ll see him gone tonight.

I wish Ashley’s solo had more of the last few seconds in the entire thing, there just really wasn’t much there. She looked amazing, but didn’t show off much of her dance technique.

I am also worried about Kupono, it was an odd solo. It definitely showed his quirkiness and personality, but it was not “dance for your life” material. Seemed almost like he was improvising, and not well.

Kayla was not as good as I thought she would be. Her performance was a bit frenetic and forced, it seemed like she was trying too hard.

Max did a lot better than I expected, it is so hard for ballroom and latin dancers to do a solo, but I think his was better than many I have seen.

Guest Musical Performance

While the judges deliberated we were subjected to a musical performance. I was SO NOT fond of the lip-synching musical performer, Kristinia DeBarge? I was not fond of her dancers really either. But I tend to not like many of the singers they have on.

The Results

The judges’ comments for girls essentially agree with my thoughts, Caitlyn was great, Ashley’s performance had no substance, and Kayla just tried to squeeze way too much in and it therefore all suffered. In the end though, it is Ashley that is eliminated. Based on the 3 girls they had to choose from though, I am not surprised it was her.

Their comments were pretty similar to mine for the guys as well. Jason was allowed to leave the stage immediately for an amazing performance. They then commented on Kupono’s lack of substance but great ability to show his personality, and on Max being limited in his solo by his ballroom background but being such a hard worker and positive presence. I was torn as to who they would pick. In the end Max was eliminated, I think Kupono was saved by them taking in to account his overall body of work and the fact that he is more versatile.

I guess I was doubly wrong on who would be voted off, but I didn’t feel that strong about my choices anyway. I am definitely looking forward to seeing Kayla and Kupono dance together, I think they will be a good pair.


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