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So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap and My Take – Season 5, Top 14 Perform

Updated on October 22, 2011

The guest judge tonight was Mia Michaels. They called her out on Brandon immediately, not by name but it was very obvious. She says her opinion has changed for the better. Nothing glowing though, I think he still annoys her a tad, as he does me. But at least she seems to have relented a little. What bothers me about him is that there seems to be some arrogance and lack of sincerity about him. But that says nothing about his skill as a dancer, and if she disliked him for the same reason I found that a bit unfair.

Janette & Brandon – Speaking of Brandon, tonight he and Janette have a Cha-Cha with Jean Marc Genereaux. My initial thoughts before watching them perform is that Janette should bust this one out since this is her area of specialty, Brandon has to keep up well! First off, very unique and cool choreography. Janette was off the hook! Brandon’s outfit got to me, but that is not his fault. Brandon, however, I thought did really well. Janette out-shined him a tad, but that is to be expected since she is amazing. I have to go back to Brandon because I was really pleasantly surprised, he really did a great job. Lots of screaming from both Nigel and Mary and tickets on the “Hot Tamale Train.” Mia shared that she is hard on him because she knows he has potential and she is going to push him. These two should definitely be safe this week.

Kayla & Kupono – They announced before the commercial break that Kayla & Kupono were paired with Sonya Tayeh for a contemporary routine and I was anxious with anticipation through the entire commercial break—I love her choreography and think these two will be great performing it. The piece is very dark. WOW! Beautiful choreography, and these two present it so well. As I thought, a great combination! Definite vampire feel, as intended. Just beautiful, beautiful work. Body control and technique was spectacular. Nigel commented on that as well and said what I think which is that these 2 are great together. Mary talked about their great chemistry. Mia obviously loves both of them. All judges commented on Kupono’s growth as a dancer so far, and that is very true. I think these 2 are safe for sure, both because they were amazing and because the judges didn’t over-gush about Kayla so I think they will avoid the curse.

Randi & Evan – These 2 had a Broadway routine with Joey Dowling, she is a task master!! Their practice footage had me really worried! Great routine, very reminiscent of Fosse, and I thought they were amazing in it. I so love the chemistry between these two. Broadway really suits each of them as dancers and their personalities, though I did think there could have been a tad more energy in it. Nigel and Mary both liked it, but didn’t seem extremely excited by it. Mia didn’t feel that they took the choreography to where it was meant to be. I am worried that these 2 may be in the bottom 2 this time around.

Caitlyn & Jason – Brian Freedman choreographed a jazz routine for these two, Caitlyn is an alien trying to procreate with the last man on earth—Jason. Really cool, albeit quite odd, choreography. First off, I hate Caitlyn’s costume, but that is not her fault. Caitlyn & Jason did a really great job, to me they seemed back on their game after 2 weeks of being a bit off. They both seemed fully into the performance. Nigel liked it. Mary didn’t like it, and I think she just doesn’t get the choreography, she seems to think they may be in trouble. Mia was bothered by the costuming for Caitlyn too, she seemed to get the routine though and thinks they did well. I think these 2 should be safe, I am hoping Mary’s comments didn’t mess them up.

Jeanine & Phillip – Phillip is really lucky they got hip-hop this week. Tabitha and Napoleon chained them together for the entire routine apparently. Phillip really needs to bring it! Their choreography is growing on me. I am not sure I think it was performed as well as it could have been, and in fact, I think there was a point where Phillip seemed as if he forgot the routine a tad. I think they both did a great job overall, though I don’t think it floored me the way I would expect Phillip to floor me, but it was by no means bad. Nigel thought they did a great job, so did Mary. Mia got distracted by the chain and what was going on with it, maybe that was my struggle. I think these two will definitely be safe.

Melissa & Ade – Melissa & Ade drew a Classical Pas de deux as their dance, what amazing good fortune! Thordal Christensen was their choreographer and he used Romeo & Juliet as his inspiration. I would be scared to see anyone else try to be on point, but I am excited right now! AMAZING! I am actually crying right now. So beautiful! Melissa is just a stunning dancer, and Ade managed to keep up so well. Nigel is right, his feet were a tad off, but considering he is not trained in ballet I thought he was amazing. And I just have to say again that Melissa was just beautiful, especially he legs in the lifts. Mary thought it was beautiful. Mia thought it was great too and loved that it was a black & white pair. Have to just close by saying how glad I am that Melissa got to show off her strength!

Karla & Vitolio – The last pair tonight are Karla & Vitolio, and I sit here waiting through the commercial break more worried about them as a pair than I was before because now I know they drew Quickstep as their dance style. I just worry that Karla will be off putting to Vitolio because she has that aggressive and ego driven feeling to her, and wow what a more difficult place to start out with that than a dance that requires such a large amount of partnering and the male leading! We’ll see. Jean Marc Genereaux is great, so if anyone can make it work, he can! Have to say, cool costume switch for Karla, her original dress flips down and becomes a ball gown! I have to say, it was by far not nearly as bad as I was worried it would be. There is definitely not a palpable connection between these two yet. Their footwork struggled a bit in my opinion, and things seemed a tiny bit sloppy. But overall, pretty good. Nigel said similar things, although he thought the footwork was good. Mary seemed to think they did really well. Mia definitely thought they were lucky to get Jean Marc, and thought they did well.

I think the bottom 3 will be (and it is a hard pick this week): Randi & Evan (because of judges comments), Caitlyn & Jason (because maybe others will struggle with it like Mary did), and Karla & Vitolio (because I thought it was just okay, nothing special). With those bottom 3 in mind I think the girl and guy going home will be Karla—because I don’t think she has learned from her previous bottom 3 appearances, and Vitolio because his solos tend to be a bit off.

Dizzy Feet Foundation

They took a brief break before the final pair of the night to announce The Dizzy Feet Foundation.  How exciting!!  Their initial focus is to pick 10 promising underprivileged dancers from 6 studios and grant them scholarships.  They then hope to branch into accreditation of instructors (love that idea), and other outreach opportunities.  This is so necessary in today’s world.  The arts are falling by the wayside and they are such an important part of our culture and so important to so many kids out there.  I am one of those kids!  I would not be the person I am today without the role dance played in my life.  They also officially announced (talk has been out there about this for a while) that Tyce Diorio has choreographed Katie Holmes in a Broadway routine for the 100th episode on July 23.  She has donated her performance fee to the foundation, and is one of the founders of the foundation.

Make sure and check out the website for this new foundation, and donate if you can!


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