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So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap and My Take – Season 6, Audition 4 (Atlanta)

Updated on October 1, 2009

Sorry I am posting later than usual! I had out of town guests and had to catch up after they left.

Audition 1, Los Angeles

Audition 2, Phoenix

Audition 3, Boston

The guest judge for Atlanta was Lil C.

Straight to Vegas

We saw numerous tidbits of people who seemed to have skill but who were completely disengaged performance-wise, not sure where any of them ended up.

Billy Bell (Contemporary) – He has experience through classes in numerous styles. Some great moments, with a few odd moments mixed in, I think the odd moments were largely due to a need to work on his use of his hands and arms. Nigel said he has great legs and great technique but needs to work on his swayback and losing his center and his hands. They tricked him like they were going to say no but then sent him straight through.

Jamal Jackson (Contemporary) – They didn’t show his entire performance but what they did show was great. He has gorgeous legs and uses them really well. Nigel said he just brought it and Lil C said very strong.

Victor Smalley (Contemporary) – They didn’t show his entire performance either but what they did show was really good as well. He has great control and did some fabulous leaps. Mary said it was explosive and dynamic. Nigel said when you take off you fly and you need a ticket.

Through to Choreography

The choreography round this season for auditions is a Latin dance with Pasha Kovalev and Anya Garnis from Season 3.

Day 1 – On Day 1 37 people made it through to choreography.

Amber Jackson (Contemporary) – Really unique. She has great extension but really needs to work on projecting her personality and performing to her audience! Nigel said her movement is tremendous but her performance is sh*t and that she needs to really work on that. Mary called her on that too as did Lil C. They said her personality came through more, though I didn’t see it in the bits they showed. They sent her through.

Anthony and Antwain Hart (Hip-Hop) – They auditioned before, in season 4. I like them, because they have personality and incorporated some fun stuff. Nigel commented that people that come back are great because they get better and they are tighter now and terrific. Mary agreed and said they have the likability. Lil C commented on their growth too and said they do not bore him. Nigel said he wants them to experience choreography wherever they can and chose to have them do the choreography round though he is pretty sure they will make it through. Anthony got the choreography pretty well, Antwain struggled. Anthony got a ticket, Antwain didn’t.

14 others from day one also made it through to Vegas.

Day 2 – On Day 2 I didn’t catch how many people made it through to choreography.

Matthew “Boogie Links” Pollard (Hip-Hop blended with other stuff) – He does some cool contortion stuff and has quite the personality, but other than the contortion none of his moves floored me. Nigel seemed quite grossed out by the contortions. Lil C said he really respected how he did stuff on the beat. Nigel said its really interesting, but does not know if he can dance. Mary and Lil C more or less agreed. He struggled with it big time. They said no.

Jessica Jensen (Contemporary) – She lost her left hand due to cancer. She is a beautiful dancer, her technique needs some work, it is her emotional commitment that makes it beautiful. I must admit the lack of hand is distracting to me. Nigel thought her dancing and use of her arm is great. Mary said she demonstrated phenomenal passion. Lil C said she represents passion, strength and acceptance and that is what he gets from her dancing. It was really hard for her to partner because there were so many moments he needed to grab her hand. They said it wasn’t strong enough.

Thomas Hamilton (Contemporary) – Beautiful strength and emotion combined with fabulous technique. I wish he would have danced more. Nigel said he needs to be careful with turning inside himself and not projecting to his audience but that before that happened he was terrific. Mary said wow and that he is so talented and gifted. Nigel said he had moments when it was right and others when he blanked. But they sent him through.

7 others from day one also made it through to Vegas.

14 dancers from Day 1 and 8 dancers from Day 2 got tickets to Vegas after the choreography round.


Not necessarily scary, but not good enough to compete…

Travis Dennison (Hip-Hop?) – Auditioned for the Wade Robson Project. I am guessing he sis not make it. He has rhythm, but it was the least dirty Hip-Hop I have ever seen. Nigel asked if he is related to Adam Shankman, I think based on his outfit, and I would imagine that is what Adam would look like doing Hip-Hop. Nigel said it was fun, good social fun, but not competitive. Mary and Lil C agreed.

Jonathan Bryant (Contemporary) – Too frantic and unrefined. I suspect the arrogance he displayed in his interview earlier affects his ability to grow as a dancer. Lil C said he needs to control all the emotion he is putting out there. Mary said he has some talent and energy but that he needs structure. He interrupted her to say he is dope. Mary said she thinks he fights learning too, and I agree. Nigel called him on it. He tried to save it and started crying, and yet you can sense that everything they said still holds true.


Thank goodness we were shown none of this!!!

Next up—New Orleans (with Adam Shankman as the 3rd judge)


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