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So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap and My Take – Season 6, Introducing the Top 20

Updated on October 26, 2009

Vegas Week, Part 1

Vegas Week, Part 2

Vegas Week, Part 3

Tonight’s show is all about introducing the dancers and letting them show off their skills and personalities, primarily in dance areas they specialize in.  YAY!  The judges for tonight are: Adam Shankman, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe—though there will be no critiques.  Apparently Paula Abdul has been asked to sit in as a guest judge whenever she can.

They have redone the set as well, no more stairs!

Also, for those of you who have been perplexed by the lack of results shows in the TV listings for this week and next week, Nigel cleared things up through his Twitter account (@dizzyfeet).  Apparently, due to baseball, there won’t be results shows during the first week, instead it seems that the judges will make the elimination choices the first 2 weeks, which is actually a good idea in my opinion.

A quick announcement—news came out today that Contemporary dancer Billy Bell has been forced to withdraw from the competition due to medical advice.  He will be replaced by Hip-Hop dancer Brandon Dumlau.

First up, the entire Top 20—Choreographer: Wade Robson (Concept Wade & Amanda)—The concept of the dance is 4 gangs in a turf war.  AMAZING choreography!!  And the dancing was on fire!  It was SO high energy, with SO much personality.  I always love Wade’s choreography.  This group really did it justice; they seem to have picked a group of really strong people when it comes to charisma.

Hip-Hop—Choreographers: Tabatha & Napoleon—Kevin, Legacy & Russell—After some seriously rough around the edges Hip-Hop performances last season it was so great to have the chance to see people who specialize in Hip-Hop, or areas close to it (Krump and B-boying)…and they definitely took advantage of the opportunity.  Awesome performance with so SICK stunts!!  Nigel and the other judges loved it, and Nigel complimented them each individually—Russell is so much more than Krump, Legacy grew so much during Vegas and Kevin has been trying for a few seasons to get on the show and he knows he will bring it.  (FYI: The “CSI: NY” from last week features B-boying, and Legacy is one of the dancers.)

Contemporary Group 1—Choreographer: Tyce Diorio —Ariana, Channing, Jakob & Nathan—The concept for the dance is how each individual experiences sadness.  Ariana did a jump off of a chair into Nathan’s arms that was such a beautiful leap of faith.  All of them did an amazing job.  It was some really beautiful choreography by Tyce.  There was so much raw emotion.  The judges loved this as well.  Mary did a lot of loud talking and yelling.  She said she sees no weakness among them, so dynamic.  She said that Channing is finally grasping her feminineness as they requested.  She told Ariana she was worried about her but she was amazing.  She said Nathan’s pirouettes were amazing (they were, he did a sequence of about 10 rotations in a row!).  And she told Jakob he is a superman.

Tap—Choreographer: Derick K. Grant—Bianca, Peter & Phillip—I LOVE to watch good Tap dancing, and I have been so bummed to not see it on this show really.  It started off a bit slow, and then built speed.  Then they each got to do a solo piece.  It was a really fun routine, though I prefer A Cappella tapping.  Nigel said he is so excited to showcase Tap on the show, and to introduce a new choreographer.  He also talked about not being able to teach the skill of tap in a short period of time, which means none of the dances in competition will be Tap, which makes me happy I must admit because I would hate to see some bad Tap and was a bit worried they would try it!

Jazz—Choreographer: Sonya Tayeh—Ellenore, Mollee & Pauline—I LOVE Sonya and her choreography!  Her focus is sexy, flirtatious but fast instead f the typical slow seductress.  She gave them some really great choreography, it was very energetic and fun.  This is the first time I felt that someone stood out as not up to par with their fellow dancers, and that was Pauline, there were just a few spots where I felt like she was not giving it her all.  Adam said they brought it and made it all work and told Sonya the routine was cute as a button.  He told Mollee she is dancing like a woman now, told Pauline she was out there and gorgeous.

Contemporary Group 2—Choreographer: Mandy Moore—Billy, Kathryn, Noelle & Victor—What a beautiful and joyous piece!  She gave them some really great partnering bits, some beautiful leaps and turns, and all sorts of great stuff.  They danced it really beautifully, though it felt a tad sloppy at time but I think that was just because it was in contrast with some more precise choreography we have seen tonight.  I really liked it, they just seemed so happy!  Adam said this is a show about improvement and he wonders what they will become.

Latin—Choreographer: Jason Gilkison—Ashleigh, Karen & Ryan—Hot, hot, hot Samba action!!  I love Jason’s choreography.  It is a bit odd to choreograph a Ballroom routine for one guy and two girls, but I thought he did a great job, setting it up almost as a competition between the two women for Ryan.  Mary said hot, hot & hot..what a great dance to end the program with.  She told Ashleigh she comes to life on that stage, told Karen there is something animalistic about her, and Ryan hello, ladies!

They closed with the entire Top 20 group onstage and then showed the solo sequence with Cat announcing each of their names.

Next up—The Top 20 perform in their assigned pairs competitively for the first time.


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