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So You Think You Can Dance (SYTYCD) Episode Recap and My Take – Season 6, Vegas Week Audition Part 1

Updated on September 30, 2010

Audition 1, Los Angeles

Audition 2, Phoenix

Audition 3, Boston

Audition 4, Atlanta

Audition 5, New Orleans

Audition 6, Salt Lake City

The judges for Vegas week are: Tyce Diorio, Mia Michaels, Debbie Allen, Adam Shankman, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe.


The week started off with each of the dancers doing a solo.

Nathan Trasoris (Contemporary) – He auditioned in Los Angeles for Season 5, but was too young.  He got to go straight through to Vegas for Season 6. He has a really bright personality, but he did a bit too much gimmicky stuff for me, I wanted to see more dancing, but we didn’t see his whole solo.

Ellenore Scott (Contemporary) – She started off with some really fun stop action type movement, she definitely knows how to grab the audience and show off her personality.  She is really strong too.  What a way to stand out!!  I love her!

 Next we got brief clips of a lot of people.  The judges then did their first set of eliminations, they needed 3 yes votes to remain, and 2 were eliminated after.  8 made it past this first elimination, including Nathan and Ellenore as well as Iveta Lukosiute (Ballroom dancer from the Salt Lake City auditions), and Justin Kenney (B-boy from the New Orleans auditions).

More clips…including Ryan Kasprzak (Tap dancer from the Los Angeles auditions and brother of Evan from Season 5) who we all know I love. 

Shelby “Skip” Skipper (Hip-Hop “New Orleans Bounce” dancer from the New Orleans auditions) – I really like to watch him dance, it is always great to see new stuff!  He made it through.

Alison Becker (Contemporary dancer from the Phoenix auditions) –We didn’t see her solo, but I guess it was not enough because she was eliminated.

Thomas Hamilton (Contemporary dancer from the Atlanta auditions) – His unzipped jacket was a distraction, and then he got busted for climbing the scaffolding as part of his routine.   He was eliminated and when interviewed after he said he forgot his planned solo and improvised which is where the climbing of the scaffolding came in.

More eliminations were shown in bits and pieces. 

The last two to perform for the solos is the same sex Ballroom dancers Jacob Jason and Willem De Vries (Phoenix auditions).  What we so was a bit overdone to me, especially Jacob.  Jacob was eliminated but Willem remained.  Jacob apparently stormed off and didn’t even say goodbye to his partner.

A total of 41 dancers were cut during the solo round.

First Round of Choreography

The first round was Hip-Hop with Tabitha and Napoleon D’umo.

Teddy Tedholm (Contemporary dancer from the Boston auditions) was trying to look “ghetto” apparently, but this is the kid that had the argyle pants for his audition. 

The first group started and Nigel killed the music only a little way into the routine and it seemed as if they were maybe in trouble, but they were all put through, including Teddy.

Jean Lloret (B-boy from Boston the auditions) was unable to pick up the routine completely, he was eliminated.

I think Megan Kinney (Contemporary dancer from the Salt Lake City auditions and the sister of Caitly from Season 5) may have been eliminated.  (NOTE:  Megan was eliminated, some of the Season 5 cast were tweeting their disappointment about it afterwards.)  They showed her hugging someone goodbye while showing the elimination section, but I am not sure if it was her leaving or the person she was hugging.

Ryan Kasprzak (Evan’s brother, from Los Angeles auditions) was in the next group.  He struggled a bit, but I thought he was better than I expected him to be.  Ryan made it through barely, with just 3 votes.  They warned him to step it up and Nigel said he wondered if Ryan had spent too much time in the studio with the show in support of Evan and not enough preparing for other styles.

Second Round of Choreography

On day 2 they started with a Cha-Cha-Cha with Louis Van Amstel assisted by Anya Garnis from season Season 3.  It was a super fast and challenging routine.  WOW!  Many people looked horrified. 

Billy Bell (Contemporary dancer from the Atlanta auditions) took a blow to the nose from his partner’s elbow during a turn and was gushing blood, he cannot continue until he stops bleeding.  He ended up trying to catch up at the last minute when the nose bleed stopped.

Russell Ferguson (Krumper from the Boston auditions) was doing surprisingly well.  He was paired with Iveta and she seemed quite surprised to hear Ballroom was not his style.  He did an AMAZING job, I was shocked!!  He made it through, and Adam gave them a standing ovation and said it was hot!  I like these 2 together!!

Iveta made it through too, of course, and we found out she is the Ten Dance Champion.

They showed quite a few people doing well with Ballroom.  They told Nathan Trasoris he was excellent and Amber (I didn’t catch if it was Amber Williams from L.A. auditions or Amber Jackson from the Atlanta auditions, sorry) she was on fire.

In one group, along with Billy Bell, were Jonathan “Legacy” Perez (B-boy from the Phoenix auditions) who said he is really struggling with learning the routine because as a B-boy he is not used to picking up someone else’s choreography and Paula Van Oppen (contemporary dancer from the L.A. auditions). 

Billy overdid his movement a bit, I think due to nerves with so little practice.  Legacy was told it was not good which is killing them because they love him, and that he needs to bring his personality through.  He will be the first to dance for his life.  Billy and Paula made it through.

Jonathan Litzler (Contemporary dancer from New Orleans) will have to dance for his life too.

Ryan Kasprzak was in the last group of the day.  He looked so nervous!!  He looked to be struggling, but I think it was partly because of his partner and him not managing to get in sync, and I think his nerves got the best of him.  Nigel told him he looked too stiff.  They eliminated him.  I cried!  I think, based on his age, that next season is his last chance if he decides to come back, he didn’t say if he planned too.  I SO hope he really works on some other styles and comes back because he is just so amazing.

Dance For Your Life

2 dancers were asked to dance for their lives after the Ballroom round.

John Litzer (Contemporary) – New Orleans , He did this amazing split back-flip and his back-flip with the running.  He was so flat facially though, such a bummer.  Nigel commented on his blankness and said no , Mary said yes, Adam said yes, Debbie said she thinks there are young men who are stronger and her vote was no, Mia said no as well, Tyce told him dancing for your life needs to look like the last time you will dance and voted no.  With only 2 yes votes that means he is eliminated.  They asked him to come back and he said he plans to.

Jonathan “Legacy” Perez (B-boying) – The pressure really seemed to be gradually getting to him more and more as his turn approached.  He was crying before because he wants it so bad.  He did some really unique stuff, and overall I thought he did a really good job.  Nigel told him his Cha-Cha stinks, but his B-boying is great, he just needs to come up to a better level with the other stuff, he voted yes.  Tyce voted yes.  Mia commented that he stops too much (I agree), yes.  Debbie said he will have more challenges, yes.  Adam said transitions, transitions, transitions…and yes.  All yes votes, so he is safe.

Teddy Tedholm was eliminated in the Ballroom round, it was pretty bad in the clip they showed.  Shelby “skip” Skipper was also eliminated, the clip they showed of him was pretty bad too, but he said he will be back. 

After solos, Hip-Hop and Ballroom 77 dancers are left.

Next up—Vegas week part 2, including selection of the Top 20 for Season 6.  It looks like we can expect choreography from Mia Michaels and Tyce Diorio at least.


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