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So You Think You Can Dance Episode Recap and My Take – Season 6, Vegas Week Part 2

Updated on October 17, 2009

Hey all, sorry this is posting late, I just realized I typed it up but never posted it! This does however allow me to add that Mia Michaels will not be back this year, wow!! I will certainly miss her choreography, she is brilliant!!

Vegas Week, Part 1

The judges for Vegas week are: Tyce Diorio, Mia Michaels, Debbie Allen, Adam Shankman, Mary Murphy and Nigel Lythgoe.

Third Round of Choreography

Jazz with LaurieAnn Gibson. This woman is really serious and has no problem expressing herself! I am not a fan of such harshness.

Couple Karen and Matthew Hauer (Latin dancers from Boston auditions) are still around and trying to get the choreography down. Karen was in the first group. She made it through (though Nigel essentially told her it was a close call). Calvin Turner, Jr. (Contemporary dancer from the New Orleans auditions).

Matthew’s group was up next, he REALLY struggled, total hot mess; they told him the expected more fire from him (I would have said he needed to catch the choreography more too), and then he was eliminated.

This round seems to have been really hard, Nigel seriously laid down some criticism. Presentation, following the beat, engagement, he was furious.

By 7:00pm 6 more had been cut, including Iveta Lukosiute (Ballroom dancer from the Salt Lake City auditions) and Willem De Vries (Ballroom dancer from the Phoenix auditions).

Molly Gray (contemporary dancer from the Los Angeles auditions) and Billy Bell (Contemporary dancer from the Atlanta auditions) are up next. Also in the group is Krumper Russell Ferguson (Boston auditions). Nigel told Molly she is dancing like a little girl, and that it is time to dance like a grown up. Nigel asked Russell what other training he has had and he said he just dances; Adam said the fact that he has had no formal training doesn’t seem possible, and Nigel told him he is doing so well and to keep up the good work. But everyone in that group got through.

Shortly afterward we see that Molly has hurt her foot, but she doesn’t want anyone to know. Molly ended up being taken to the hospital.

We are down to 69 dancers after the Jazz round. Only 8 more dancers were eliminated during the Jazz round which is surprising considering all the choreographer and judge frustration I saw!

Group Choreography Round

This is the round where they are split into groups to choreograph a routine to a randomly selected song.

The first group had a Broadway song, and it was awesome. In this group were Contemporary dancers Paula Van Oppen (Los Angeles auditions, currently one of my favorites), Pauline Marta, Jakob Karr (Contemporary dancer from the New Orleans auditions, who is currently also one of my favorites) and Jackie (I didn’t catch her last name, and cannot find her in my notes, I really like her though) and Krumper Russell Ferguson. Nigel said it was inventive and creative; all of the judges loved it, so they all made it through.

We saw clips of great and clips of awful as well as some eliminations including Lauren, CJ, Kimara and Sureka.

Last up was Molly’s group. They said that they decided to choreographed as if she will be there, which is good because she returned with a diagnosis of a sprain that she could dance on if she chose. When they began to show her the routine she felt that the choreography really babied her and didn’t give her much to do. That is basically what we were left with. It was a really basic routine; essentially it was a story about an injured dancer (Molly), who sat in a chair most of the time. They told them good concept but not enough dancing. They all 5 made it through though.

Fourth Round of Choreography

Next up is Contemporary with Mia Michaels. Everyone seems rightly scared! However, Mia injected some nice Zen into introducing her choreography…it was a gentler Mia.

First group included Kevin Hunte (Hip-Hop dancer from the Boston auditions), he was awesome. His lines, his feet, his hands…everything was pretty amazing. Tyce told Kevin he is amazing and brilliant, he was put through, not sure about the other 3 in his group.

Krumper Russell did an awesome, and apparently other Hip-Hop dancers did well too.

Molly made it; as did some others but the clips were too fast and I didn’t catch who.

Jonathan “Legacy” Perez (Hip-Hop dancer from the Phoenix auditions) is in the last group. This round was apparently really hard on him. He tried really hard in his performance, but it was definitely not the best. They talked to him after and he talked about how he felt that dancing Mia’s choreography changed him and made him a better dancer, and said they think he has definitely improved since the previous day where he had to “dance for his life.” He made it through.

11 others were eliminated.

They showed a lot of people crying after this round was over, not in a sad way, but in a raw emotion sort of way.

Fifth Round of Choreography

Next up is Broadway with Tyce Diorio.

Pauline M. (from Season 5, she was eliminated during selection of Top 20) in 1st group of 3 women. Her ankle rolled during her group’s final rehearsal and swelled up to the size of a tennis ball.

Molly made through I think. Alexi Agdeppa (Contemporary dancer from Los Angeles, I am pretty sure that is who it was) was eliminated. Bianca Revels (Tap Dancer from the Los Angeles auditions) made it through. Diana Drexler (Contemporary dancer from the New Orleans auditions, I am not positive it was her, it could have been someone named DIna) was also eliminated.

Ashleigh Di Lello (Ballroom dancer from the Salt Lake City auditions) was in the last group of women. Apparently her husband Ryan has outshone her through auditions. She was really good, really put her all into it and her personality came through. They told her they feel she has possibly grown the most out of anyone so far and that she was tremendous. She’s through this round. Ellenore Scott (Contemporary) was in that group too and was doing really well.

The showed some footage of the ladies enjoying the pool after their portion was complete.

Pauline M. came back, the injury is a sprain, and the doctor’s told her to stay off of it for 2 days.

Ryan Di Lello is up in the first group of men that they showed. He should have kept his shirt buttoned, in my opinion it detracted from his looks during his performance. Nigel asked him to button a button, so he picked the bottom one. He was put through with all 6 votes.

Lots of clips of them loving the guys

In the next group was Dominic Pearson (He is the guy that made it to the end of Vegas week in Season 4 but ended it with an injury and had to be taken away in an ambulance). He was off a bit throughout the performance and then he fell off the stage intentionally at the end of the performance. He seemed over confident, especially after his performance. And he ended up only getting 2 votes. He broke down, totally lost it. They all called him on that, Adam told him he cared too much about the results, that he is trying to get to the end while dancing instead of dancing in the moment. And Nigel told him he does not want someone on the show that is going to break down like this and that he needs to strengthen himself up.

6 more guys were cut.

Final Solos

There is no critique session or elimination during this round, it is just their last chance to make an impression.

Pauline is still up in the air since she cannot dance for 2 days due to her ankle injury.

They showed all of Billy Bell’s performance. It made Adam cry, completely break down actually. It was a really beautiful solo.

The rest of what we saw was just brief clips which included a bunch of glimpses of awesome.

After solos, Hip-Hop, Ballroom, Jazz, group choreography, Contemporary and Broadway 38 dancers are left.

Next up—Vegas week part 3, selection of the Top 20 for Season 6.

There is a third show scheduled during Top 20 week, on Monday, October 26 all of the Top 20 dancers will perform to show off their own styles and let the audience get acquainted with them and their skills without the risk of elimination. I think this is a great idea!!


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