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So You Think You Can Dance Season 5 – And Should It Be On For Two Hours?

Updated on May 29, 2009


It took a holiday weekend for me to be able to catch up on all the television programming that was crammed into my Tivo like a bunch of high school kids trying to see how many they could shove into a phone booth. (Yikes, just realized that they may not have phone booths anymore…if you don’t know what one is Google it and I’m sure they’ll be able to provide you not only with a picture of the booth but with some people trying to cram themselves in…and yes, this IS what we used to do for entertainment). So by the end of the weekend I had finally mustered the courage (and the patience) to sit and watch the opening of So You Think You Can Dance – And Should It Be On For Two Hours? – Don’t Get Me Started!

The best news of the opener was that there was less Cat Deeley (the host) from wherever she’s from but who tends to get more in the way of the show than actually add to it. Like a leg warmer that has fallen down and gotten tangled in your shoe – it’s no longer serving its purpose and it’s just damned annoying. But for some reason less of her meant more pontificating from Nigel. Like people who have no sense of their own space and are constantly invading yours, he has no idea when to just shut his mouth. It’s painful to watch (almost as painful as him trying to style his hair in some sort of Farrah Fawcett tribute) and these are the times when I would gladly give my “fast forward” button anything it wanted because it allows me to hear none of his speeches that he gives for his own satisfaction.

For the most part the dancers are amazing on this show, truly they are and if anyone doesn’t get why the arts are important I want them to watch these people express themselves in dance and tell me that we all don’t need a little art in our lives. There are less of the annoyingly bad people they put through for comedy than on American Idol but they still have them. I wish someone somewhere would get it that I don’t think putting a delusional person on television is funny. These people obviously think they’re talented when they practice their routines in the bedrooms but because our society has turned into one where you can be a slut and be a television star overnight on an MTV or VH1 show everyone thinks they have talent now or at the very least should be rich and famous and for some reason their parents aren’t telling them any different. Once again the good news is that the majority of the people on this show have studied dance for years and are exceptional.

Now did you really think that you were going to read all of this and not hear my take on the two male dancers who danced ballroom together? I had read last week about the whole thing on and about how these two guys danced together and were in a tizzy because of the comments made by the judges. They felt that they were being held back by hitting their heads (not those heads, minds out of gutters please) on the rhinestone ceiling that is the So You Think You Can Dance show. While I hate that the show tries desperately to cast only straight or straight acting male dancers, I get what they’re trying to do. They’re trying to show that not all dancers are gay to supposedly make the show more “accessible” so they’re casting as many butch ones as they can get their hands on. The same thing came out about Dancing With The Stars after the first few seasons, they made it very clear that they only wanted straight professional male dancers on the show. While they’re right that it makes for some more interesting chemistry with their female stars there are plenty of gays in the ballroom world who would be fabulous on the show. (You might remember that this was the season they cast Lance Bass to try and undo the casting of the only straight professional dancers and show the world that they would cast gay stars to participate. Whatever.) But back to our boy ballroom duo from SYTYCD. I don’t think the judges were unfair to them at all (as some articles and blogs I’ve read have suggested). Nigel couldn’t get his head around it true but seemed to be telling them that more to their detriment than dancing together was the fact that they had just fallen and barely gotten to their feet. Mary who is the big ballroom person on the show was trying to figure out the whole “lead” and “follower” thing because the men made the choice to go back and forth (something which is not normally done in ballroom – traditional man leads woman follows both are bedazzled). Watching these two guys dance together, I wanted them to be fabulous for them as well as all the gays in the gay kingdom but here’s the problem. Neither of them was a strong enough dancer to be considered for the show. I wouldn’t have cast them if I had only seen them dance apart and certainly the partnering wasn’t that great either so that wouldn’t have pushed me over the edge in their favor either. Silly gays, don’t you know that when you do something like this you have to be better than anyone else in the world? Much like Blacks had to be so much better in whatever they wanted to do just to get a fair chance, the same is true for gays (whether you think the civil rights movement and the gay rights movement have anything in common know this to be true, we have to be better to even be considered  it’s a fact.) These boys just weren’t good enough so they need to stop their bitching and get back in the studio to work harder on their craft than their righteous indignation.

I’ll watch this season as I’ve watched seasons past but not without my Tivo, not without my trusty “fast forward” button because I’m just one of those people who strongly feel that one hour is a good thing and two hours does not make for two much of a good thing but just two hours of programming. So You Think You Can Dance – And Should It Be On For Two Hours? – Don’t Get Me Started!

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