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So You Want To Produce Hip Hop Music

Updated on September 28, 2010

So You Want To Produce Hip Hop Music

It has been thought for some time now that the genre of hip hop music may be dying off, as record sales continue to dip. To produce hip hop music now in a way to bring the popularity of the genre back, you will have to find a new and unique manner of creativity to capture the audience's attention and gain their following.

The key in producing hip hop music that will sell is finding something new to the genre. Industry experts suggest that the target market grows tired of violent and degrading lyrics and that this dark side of producing hip hop music is losing popularity. A change is definitely needed.

Always remember that today's technology makes it possible to download music easily over the internet, making the challenge of selling them a task harder than ever before. A good way to sell is to offer special tracks available only in collections that can be purchased through department stores or over online The incentive to have something unique that you cannot download from any source can be a strong motivator to up record sales.

Current buyers pay attention to the amount of sampling from other previous records in new releases, so an effort to reduce this number is needed. To efficiently execute hip hop music production, you must monitor the number of samples and keep it to a minimum. A recent release by TI called Paper Trail used only four samples, while the competitors used as much as 35 to 40, and yet not being able to do as well. Sales, now, more than ever before rely deeply on originality.

Another thing you can do in producing popular hip hop music is to have artists show their artistic side. Themed albums released by artists like Ludicris, The Black Eyed Peas, and Flo Rida contain lyrics with high levels of originality. The beats may be similar in some way to old hip hop music, but what's selling is what's in the lyrics. Go with what works, and what will make the biggest numbers in the marketplace.

To make it as a producer in the hip hop music scene today, you must commit yourself to creativity and originality to avoid criticism from those who have market influencial opinions. To get consumers buying, offer them something unique that cannot be found anywhere else other than inside what your selling. By presenting them with something exclusive, you will get them to want more. Keeping craving for more of the original works that you can offer, and you are sure to profit from producing hip hop music for years to come.


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