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So You Were Born on the Chinese Zodiac Year of the Rabbit

Updated on September 5, 2012

So You Were Born on the Year of the Rabbit

One of the most delicate Chinese zodiac sign is the sign of the Rabbit. They are typically very sweet and kind, which makes them very popular with a lot of people. In fact, almost everyone notices them and never are they ignored in many events that they go to.

They are known to be a very good companion because they are known how and when to show the best side of them. Another thing that you should know about people who are born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Rabbit is that they are known for their good taste, and the artistic side that they have.

This is the reason why they have beautiful homes, which people around them love to visit every now and then. You will also see them dressed well no matter what the occasion is. Paying a visit into their closet would be a good idea because you will surely see a lot of amazing clothing, many of which would probably be expensive.

Pessimism is one of the negative traits of a Rabbit, despite the fact that they are popular among their family and friends. Insecurities can sometimes eat them up inside, which why they are often not fond of changes no matter how small or big those changes are. On the other hand, they are very calm and can't easily be provoked by anyone around them.

They don't often argue with people because they prefer living their lives peacefully and quietly. They can be very sensitive and sentimental at times, which often makes them easily cry. If you are planning to share some of your problems with a Rabbit, then you should know that they can get affected easily by the stories that you're going to say.

Metal Rabbit 1951 and 2011

People who are born under the metal Rabbit are known to have a demeanor that is resilient. If they are dealing with you when it comes to business and such, you need to expect them to be a little crafty. They are also known to be ambitious, which is why they often make sure to achieve every goal that they have in life. If they are doing something important, you should expect that they often give everything that they have just to accomplish their tasks. This also applies when it comes to relationships, which is why they are known to be very affectionate towards their partners. They are always determined to do everything that they can, whether it is for themselves, for the people around them or for their partners. They are known to be so immersed when it comes to their personal lives as well as to the business side of their lives.

Water Rabbit 1903 and 1963

People will often notice that people who are born under the water Rabbit often avoid arguments and conflicts, which is why they often agree with almost everyone around them. They are known to be very sensitive, which is why they are often bothered by these things and feel hurt in the long run. They love socializing and relaxing at times, but they also have those moments where they withdraw from those things.

They are also fond of supporting their friends and family, when it comes to personal and business aspects of their lives. They give comfort and useful advise that everyone will surely find helpful, especially when they listen carefully to what a water Rabbit says.They have emotions that are generous which makes them gullible at times. This is why they are advised to avoid putting down their guards to protect themselves from these people.

Wood Rabbit 1915 and 1975

One of the most indecisive Chinese zodiac signs is the wood Rabbit. The reason behind this is because they always want to be the people in charge when it comes to the feelings of other people. They don't want people around them to get hurt, which is why they do everything that they can to avoid hurting them. They don't like to be the center of attraction, and they prefer to be around with the people they love.

People under the wood Rabbit will always listen to you no matter what the issues are. They are always willing to offer you their service, whether you want it or not. This can sometimes cause other people to take advantage of them, while there are also some who are using them to their advantage. It is advisable for a wood Rabbit to start saying no sometimes, to avoid these things from happening to all of them.

Fire Rabbit 1927 an 1987

Mystery and magnetism are known to be the best characteristics of people who are born under the fire Rabbit. They are fond of living their lives to the fullest because they believe that everyone only has one life, and people should enjoy everything about it. They are often curious with certain things, which makes them being crafty at times when it comes to adventurous and other activities. Sometimes they can show you that they are being provoked, but they try their best to avoid confrontations that are ugly since they don't like arguments and such. Their emotions often hold back, but they very well know when to speak if needed.

Fire Rabbit 1939 and 1999

People under the Chinese zodiac sign earth Rabbit are known to be very practical. They also want to stay within the realities of life, and they usually practice these attitudes often. A lot of people always seek their advice because of the effectiveness that they have. This is also the reason why people respect them often. Another thing that you should know about an earth Rabbit is they are hard working people because they want to give the peace and security that every family wants. They love creating money and love having everything that they have, when it comes to material things.

Overall, people who are born under the Rabbit Chinese zodiac sign often think of the advantages and the disadvantages of certain things, before they actually start working on things. This means they only want to make sure that everything’s in the right place first, for everything to become perfect in their eyes.


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    • starstream profile image

      Dreamer at heart 5 years ago from Northern California

      Very interesting detail about the year of the Rabbit.

    • Mama Kim 8 profile image

      Sasha Kim 5 years ago

      Awww.. Rabbits are wonderful ^_^ My little girl is a rabbit and yes she is so sweet, 8 months old and just loves giving hugs and kisses ^_^... ok.. the mommy in me took over. Another fantastic zodiac hub!!! Keep them coming ^_^ voted a bunch and shared!