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The Chinese zodiac sign Year of the Dragon.

Updated on May 31, 2013

So You Are a Dragon Baby

People who are born under the Chinese zodiac sign of the Dragon are known to be masters and leaders when it comes to different occasions. They usually represent the emperors of the Chinese history.

This is the reason why every family longs to have at least one child who is born under the Chinese zodiac sign Dragon. Typically when a Dragon starts a project, they will make sure that they will keep on moving until they finish what they are doing.

They have the luck and the power to achieve almost everything that they have; this is why more often than not a lot of people look up to them. Another thing that you should know about them is that they are monarchs in their own little ways.

They have indisputable power, which makes them think idealistically. They are also perfectionists, which makes them very inflexible when it comes to other people. They are always determined and aggressive when it comes to the things that they want to achieve in life, whether personal or for their careers. They love the feeling of having power that is why just thinking about growing old makes them really weak at times.

People under the Dragon sign are often hard headed and irritable, which is why they often speak before they can even think of the right words to say. The good thing is, they have opinions that are useful and they give certain advice that is amazing. This is the reason why a lot of people love listening to them, which in return makes the Dragon very proud of himself. On the other hand, he often loses his temper at times which can cause arguments and conflicts in the long run.

Metal Dragon 1940 and 2000

People who are born under the metal Dragon are known to be honest and courageous when it comes to certain things. They usually have similar traits to people who are born under the fire Dragon.

People under this sign are often successful because of the determination that they have, when it comes to succeeding in different fields of life. They treasure people who can stand up for what they believe in, and they make sure to respect each and every one of them as well. If you need someone who can help you when it comes to times of trouble, you will find that a metal Dragon is a good ally though they can also become challengers that are ferocious.

On the other hand, they have personalities that are forceful which can help others to feel calm at certain times. They also have faith in everything that they do, which is why they will do everything that it takes for the people around them to believe their beliefs. They love being a leader and people love following them in return.

Water Dragon 1952 and 2012

A temperamental water Dragon can become very calm because of the element of the water that it has. This kind of element will allow people who are born under the Chinese zodiac sign to feel enthusiast and perceptive to the people around them. They also have the patience that other types of Dragons lack.

They love evaluating things first for them to fully understand the situation that they are in. A water Dragon doesn't like to be in the center of attraction because they prefer working in a group or quietly alone. This kind of attitude helps them to make decisions that are right. Lastly, some of their projects can go wrong especially if they suddenly start doing it without even researching on it first.

Wood Dragon 1904 and 1964

People who are born under the wood Dragon are known to be creative in everything that they do. They love asking questions because it helps them to get to know certain things that they are curious about. They also love sharing their ideas to other people, and they expect honest opinions about the ideas that they have. No matter what form of art is there, the wood Dragon will surely appreciate it.

They have practical imaginations which makes them a good innovator when it comes to certain things in life. On the other hand, they don't like pretending about things which is why they often get perfectly along with the people around them. They also have the ability to create a life that is happy and prosperous for them. Lastly, they tend to be forceful at times and can be very outspoken about the emotions that they have.

Fire Dragon 1916 and 1976

One of the most forceful types of dragon is the one under the fire. They have the ability to feel calm and can suddenly turn into combustible in just a short period of time. Ironically, they can be their own enemy because of the certain attitudes that they have. They also have the tendency to jump into conclusion without even thinking deeply about things.

They are not fond of making decisions that are right because they believe that making decisions should be done rapidly. They have hot tempers and recklessness which can sometimes put them into deep trouble with the people around them. On the other hand, they can perfectly influence other people for as long as they keep their emotions and tempers calm.

Earth Dragon 1928 and 1988

People who are born under the earth Dragon are known to be very organized, practical and demonstrative. They want people to admire them in different ways, but they just don't like it to be too much. They are people who are known to be very supportive and affable in different aspects of life, which people find amusing.

People who are born under this Chinese zodiac sign are less irritable and less hot headed, over the rest of the Dragons mentioned. They have the tendency to diligently work on things that will help them to achieve the goals that they have in life. They desire respect for other people and this is part of their personality that is why if you can't respect them, you need to just get out of their lives. Lastly, when it comes to romance and relationship they make sure to take everything seriously.

Overall they are generous, willing, tenacious and very intelligent when it comes to certain things. They believe that they can certainly do everything that is needed to be done, no matter how hard the situation is. People under the Chinese zodiac sign Dragon are known to be successful in every field that they venture.


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      Wow, this is very accurate for me. Even the in-depth part of my being an earth dragon. Good read. Thank you.