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So why is the Bachelor still coming on?

Updated on December 8, 2012

Another season of the Bachelor is going to start soon and it makes me wonder if it is worth watching that show. This show whether it is The Bachelorette or The Bachelor is just the same thing all the time, twenty five young ladies or young men competing for the love of one person. Sometimes I wonder why that show still goes on, by now it is mainly because of the money that you can get just by being on the show.

There have been many seasons now where we see couples get together and they get engaged right in front of the camera after they have gone through twenty five women or men depending whose turn it is to find love. They go through all these dates and have to break hearts of many women or men who they believe they cannot be with even though they have kissed each and everyone of them by now.

Honestly how can each of those men or women do what they do on that show. It is hard to enough to date one man and get to know more about him, But to go on a show and have to compete with twenty four men or women for the love of one guy and to see that guy or lady kiss others, that would kind of make it harder for me to stay with that person because of the feelings and emotions that goes through that one persons head or heart. I can see why there is always jealousy among them, especially the women.

How many of the couples are still together that you know of? Not a lot, most of them have now moved on and married someone else or decided to be with someone else. Then we have those few couples that actually do stay together and end up getting married. I wonder why they don't find love the normal way like most people do. Do you think that they are doing this show for money or to find true love?


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