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Soap Opera Comings and Goings - August 2012

Updated on August 8, 2013

Another busy month on the Comings and Goings front as Days of our Lives returns to our screens after a 2 week break for the Summer Olymnpics in London. Most of Salem was left in peril for the 2 week break. Fans already know some characters will be departing this month, but how?

The writers have promised casualties as a result of the explosions but would they kill off Jack Devereaux ???

Fresh news has also surfaced from the Bold and the Beautiful with one of the "core four" leaving the soap!

Going on the Bold and the Beautiful - Ron Moss (Ridge Forrester)!

EW broke the news this week that Ronn Moss, who has portrayed, eldest Forrester son, Ridge, for over 25 years is leaving The Bold and the Beautiful.

Ron Moss allowed his contract with the soap to expire when he and the soap couldn't agree on salary. Rumor has it that like Days of our Lives' Peter Reckell (Bo Brady) Moss was asked to take a pay cut. Moss chose instead to leave the Bold and the Beautiful breaking up one couple in the shows Core Four (Stephanie and Eric, and Ridge and Brooke).

No talk yet on Ron Moss's exit storyline, but the actor finishes filming on August 14, 2012. He will be seen on screen for about a month after that date.

Susan Flannery Going Also!

Another big departure from The Bold and the Beautiful has been announced this month! Susan Flannery (Stephanie Forrester), another of the shows "core four" is leaving! Flannery will continue to appear until December 2012, having signed a short term contract to allow for Stephanie to be given a proper send-off.

Going - Last Airdates for Sarah Brown and Matthew Ashford

Days of our Lives returns on Monday August 13, 2012 after a 2 week break while NBC broadcast the 2012 London Olympics.

Two days later, no doubt tied to the DAYSaster explosions that occured before Days of our Lives went off the air, Matthew Ashford (Jack Devereaux) and Sarah Brown (Madison James) will have their final scenes on the air.

Jack's life is put at risk when Abigail is rescued from an elevator. No sooner is Abigail released from the elevator than sje and Jennifer watch as the doors close on Jack and threatens to plummet. Jack tells his family he loves them before the elevator doors shut.

Madison, fresh from the disappointment that Brady didn't turn up for their wedding is goaded by ex husband Ian. They were together when the explosions rocked Salem. Madison was flung against a wall and crumpled unconscious to the floor.

Jack and Madison's exit storylines are said to merge briefly before both leave Salem. The big question? Do they leave in body bags? Or under their own steam?

Madison's on screen ex-husband, Ian, portrayed by Ian Buchanan, will also depart Days of our Lives a week later...


Nadia Bjorlin (Chloe Lane)

After all the death and destruction that Days of our Lives has seen recently its nice to report some Comings. Nadia Bjorlin will return to the role she originated on Days of our Lives - Chloe Lane. There's a bit of a wait though. Bjorlin starts taping in September 2012, but won't be seen on air until the new year. That hould give us all plenty of time to forgive Chloe for her "call girl" antics.

General Hospital's Lucky cast as Eric Brady

Greg Vaughan has been cast as Eric Brady on Days of our Lives. Greg will not be seen on air until November, but reports indicate that Vaughan tested with Arianna Zucker, indicating we may be in store for and Eric and Nicole reunion! Where do that leave all of Nicole's other beau's?

Update: It appears all Eric Brady will be taking from Nicole is her confession - rumor has it he's coming back as a priest!


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    • profile image

      kathy 5 years ago

      I too have been watching Days for a really long time, since high school during summers and my mother would keep me posted during the school yr. my girlfriend n I would play hooky if something really good was to happen.LOL I love days and I miss Tom and Alice they were's awesome that they show clips of them during the holidays. I hope Mel dosen't go off I really like her. Poor Bradey! Maybe he will get with Nicole and Daneil will get back with Jennifer.

    • profile image

      Pamela 5 years ago

      and i suppose ian will be able to leave town and not even get into trouble for killing stephano or for all the other things he caused.

      killing jack off he wont be able to return to salem like he always does but brady and daniel really need to find some happiness they dont deserve all the bad stuff they get.

      i started watching days when it first came on and i was pregnant with my first baby and she is now 46.

      i loved tom and alice and even tho they are gone now hearing his voice at the beginning of the shows i feel they are still there with every one.

      you are all fantastic family members thank you!