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Soap Opera Comings and Goings - January 2013

Updated on January 14, 2013

As 2013 dawns, fans of the remaining four daytime soap operas to grace network television are thankful that THEIR soap is still on the air.

But its a constant juggling act. Writers keep the number of familiar faces coming and going on our TV screens hoping that one of the characters we loved, or loved to hate in the past, an recreate an old magic with audiences in the new century.

So who will we see coming and going on our favorite daytime soap operas this month? Read on. As always if you don't see a story listed here, maybe its in one of our older editions as comings and goings news tends to go through a process: Speculation, Rumor, Confirmed, Tape Dates and Air dates....

UPDATE: Who would have guessed that January 2013 would bring so much news about our favorite Soap Operas - read on for details!

And remember, its easier to keep your soap on the air, than to lobby for its return. So if you're a soap an who would miss their soap, try to support your soaps! How? By watching, engaging and commenting on the web!

Nadia Bjorlin Returning to Days of our LIves

The beautiful Nadia Bjorlin, reprises the role of Chloe Lane on Days of our Lives on January 4, 2013!

And she drops a bombshell - Parker IS Daniel Jonas's son - and not Philip Kiriakis's. Read more.

Patrika Darbo back on Days of our Lives too!

Chloe's mom, Nancy Wesley, as portrayed by Patrika Darbo, will also reappear in Salem. Nancy's return is no doubt related to Chloe's return. Fans were critical of the previous writing regime not mentioning or bringing Chloe's parents in to town when their daughter was obviously going through ood and bad times - Chloe's wedding to Daniel, the subsequent revelation that Parker was not his son, Chloe's divorce, post partum depression, losing custody of her son...the list goes on.

Drake Hogestyn (John Black) Going? For How Long?

On friday January 18. 2013, a confused John will leave Salem to "think" about his relationship with both Marlena nd hisson Brady. Over the past week, poor John has learned that not only has his son, brady been sleeping with his psychotic ex, Kristen DiMera, but that his wife, Marlena knew about it! And her motives for not telling John turn out to be very selfish - while Kristen is having an affair with Brady, she isn't going after John!

John's trust in two of the people closest to him is shattered and he needs space to think, away rom Salem. How long will John (and Drake) be gone?

Hopefully not too long, Jarlena fans are enjoying seeing the couple embroiled in a storyline of their own and not just holding their children's hands!

NBC Renews Days of our Lives!

NBC announced yesterday, two days before the airing of Days of our Lives' 12000th episode, that the network would be enewing their longest running drama for another year.

That will keep Days of our Lives on our TV screens until September 2014...With its 50th year anniversary just over 12 months beyond that date, is it fair to assume the soap will be around for its 50th anniversary?

Will NBC keep Days of our Lives on the air til at least its 50th Anniversary in 2015?

See results

Comings on The Bold and the Beautiful

Marcus and Dayzee have disappeared into the woodwork since their marriage, only being wheeled out for family events to make up the numbers.

That's about to change!

Marcus's adopted brother from the only family he know before finding Donna comes back into Marcus's life.

Not to be outdone, a oman from Dayzees past on skid row also turns up to cause conflict between Dayzee and Marcus....

Crystal Chappel and Joanna Johnson Return

Look for Crystal Chappel (Danielle) and Joanna Johnson (Karen Spencer) to return to our screens this month due to their daughter, Caroline's accident. Looking forward to seeing more of the storyline started months ago with The Bold and the Beautiful's first lesbian couple!

All My Children and One Life to Live - Coming Back!?!

When All My Children and One Life to Live were sadly cancelled last year, hope was initially high that Prospect Park would give the fans and the soaps a new life - on the web.

Sadly, the deal fell apart.


As 2013 begins Prospect Park is once again resurrecting the deal that would see All My Children and One Life to Live picked up as a web series.

UPDATE - They are coming back - to an internet connection near you!

All My Children and One Life to Live

Would you watch All My Children or One Life to Live on the Web?

See results

Genie Francis Returns to Port Charles

Genie Francis (Laura Spencer) will be returning to General Hospital for the soaps 50th Anniversary!

Look for Laura to appear on screens around February 11, 2013.

General Hospitals 50 th Anniversary is on April 1, 2013.

But will Laura be around til then? Or will she find reason to stay a little longer? Stay tuned.


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