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Soap Opera Comings and Goings: June 2012

Updated on October 8, 2012

What’s been happening in Genoa City, Los Angeles, Port Charles and Salem on the comings and goings front? Read on for June 2012 activity. Don’t see a story you were looking for? Check last month’s report….

This hub will be updated through the month as news about soap opera coming and goings comes to light. Please be aware that some of the items listed below may fall squarely into the Rumors and Speculation category.

Where that is the case we will try to label the item as such. What is presented below is intended as entertainment value only. If you don't like spoilers, rumors and speculation you should probably stop reading now.

But we hope you stay!

It’s shaping up to be another busy month over at Days of our Lives on the Comings and Goings front.


Bill Hayes and Susan Seaforth Hayes (Doug and Julie Williams) pay a visit to Salem in July. Susan also returns as Julie in August without Doug...


According to his wifes (Kelly Moneymaker)Twitter stream it looks like Peter Reckell's, Bo Brady will one of the characters leaving Days of our this an attempt to raise a social media campaign to grease the wheels of Reckel's contract negotiations? Or genuine news? Time will tell...

UPDATE! June 19,2012: Peter Reckell today confirmed that he will be leaving Days of our Lives. Reckell originated the role of Bo Brady in 1983. The character quickly became one half of enduring Days of our Lives supercouple Bo and Hope. A lot of fans will be sad to hear this news. Peter Reckell finished taping on July 24, 2012, but fans can expect to see Bo on screen until October 30 2012.

Ian Buchanan (Ian McAllister) who first appeared in February 2012 as Madison James' (Sarah Brown) secret husband. Conveniently,Ian appeared just as Brady Black proposed to Madison. How will he leave Salem? Will he be reunited with his wife? Answer: No! Wife, Madison James (Sarah Brown) died during the tunnel explosions that rocked Salem in August 2012....

Final Tape Date

According to the actress, Molly Burnett’s final tape date as Melanie Jonas on Days of our Lives is June 14, 2012. Molly has portrayed Melanie for 4 years, during which time she had two different Dad's, was accused of killing one of those Dad's, found a Mom, married a billionaire Philip Kiriakis who cheated on her with her father's wife, Chloe Lane, fell pregnant, miscarried, became the unrequited love of Nathan Horton before he headed out of town, helped Dario Hernandez expose Arianna Hernandez's killer, and stole her best friend's boyfriend. No wonder the girl need a break!

Final Air Date

Renee Jones’ (Lexie Carver) final airdate has been reported as June 20, 2012. Lexie's illness will claim her life. Question is will the Phoenix (her father, Stefano) rise to bid his daughter adeiu?

UPDATE: Renee Jones' final airdate has been updated to June 28, 2012. Could she die on the 20th and continue to appear as either a ghost or in flashbacks? Either would make sense if she was the one that pulled the trigger of the gun that killed Stefano...

Christie Clarke (Carrie Reed Brady)and Austin Peck are still lin the departure lounge. Estimations are for a final airdate in July, 2012, since Days of our Lives shoots up to 3 months in advance.

Sarah Brown (Madison James) final airdate August 15, 2012. Will she and Ian part company once and for all, or reunite out of town?

Matthew Ashford makes his final appearance as Jack on August 15, 2012, also. Since Jack's book is set to be published one possibility is that Jack leaves town on a publicity tour. That would leave room for his return. (speculation only!)

UPDATE: Jack Devereaux died saving his daughter Abigails life. Jack plummetted to the ground floor of the hotel in an elevator dieing instantly - so Roman and emergency personnel told us anyway. Jack, of course, has died a few times before and miraculously come back to life!


It was a short run for Sean Kanan on the Bold and the Beautiful. His run as Deacon Sharpe, or Bill Spencers puppet, will be ending in the weeks ahead. Could Deacon be headed back to Genoa City? Was Deacon’s reappearance on the Bold and the Beautiful just a plot device to get Deacon released from prison six years early? Maybe. Maybe not. Stay tuned.

From Contract to Recurring

Adrienne Frantz (Amber Moore) is the latest Bold and the Beautiful star to be fropped from contract to recurring. Does this mean Amber will be removed from the developing Thomas, Rick and Caroline love triangle?


Jerry Douglas is on the Young and the Restless set on June 20, 2012. He will appear as the ghost of John Abbott. Could this possibly have anything to do with Eileen Davidson's (Ashley Abbott's departure storyline? Expected to see Jerry on screen sometime around the midle of July, 2012.

Tricia Cast confimed via Twitter that she returns as Nina towards the end of June, 2012.


Yvonne Zima (Daisy) has been let go from the Young and the Restless.

Peter Forte (Ricky Williams) Paul Williams' son will be leaving Genoa City and his exit won't go unnoticed. Look for some drama!


Brett Butler guest starts as Paul Williams next door neighbor, Beth on The Young and the Restless June 12 and June 14, 2012.

Still no final reported airdate for Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott)

Lindsay Bushman (Summer Newman) first appears on June 8, 2012. Summer is the latest victim of SORAS (Soap Opera Rapid Ageing Syndrome) and now appears as a teen! If she follows in her mother's footsteps she'll get up to mischief!

Tricia Casts (Nina) onscreen son, Jeff Branson (Ronan) returns to Genoa City on June 26. John Driscoll (Chance) Nina's other son is set to return also.

General Hospital - Returning?

Coule Kirsten Storms (Maxie) be on her way back to General Hospital? If the rumors are true - YES! Great news for Storms fans - other than those fans hoping for a return to Days of our Lives as Belle Black.

Not good news for Jen Lilly though, who has been filling in for Storms since last year.


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    • profile image

      Vann 5 years ago

      Like idea of Ronan's return to Y&R, chemistry with Phylis was very romantic, with Nick very boring.