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Soap Opera Comings and Goings: May 2012

Updated on June 28, 2012

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How does this Comings and Goings Page Work?

With the final four daytime soap operas fighting the constant threat of cancellation, comings and goings activity over recent months has been especially active on these soap operas.

This hub will remain “live” for the month of May 2012, where the Coming and Goings, Rumors, Speculations, and Airdates will be reported (and yes speculated upon – be warned!) for the final four daytime soap operas: Days of our Lives, The Bold and The Beautiful, The Young and the Restless and General Hospital. So don’t forget to check back for updates!

Stories reported will generally go through the following cycle and appear over consecutive months:

  • Rumor and Speculation
  • Coming or Going
  • First Airdate or Final Airdate

Where appropriate you will find links to other articles both on HubPages and on third party sites. Due to the nature of the rumor mill, some stories will prove to be unfounded. For most of us the speculation is half the fun: For those where it isn’t you’ve been warned.

With the head writers brought in to write last year’s Days of our Lives reboot fired less than a year later, Days of our Lives is undergoing another mini reboot and the new head writers position the stories they want to tell.


Kristen Alfonso (Hope Brady) has inked a new contract with Days of our Lives.


Blake Berris is set to return to the role he originated on Days of our Lives – Nick Fallon. Blake begins filming May 18, 2012. Check back for a first airdate…


Joe Mascolo (Stefano DiMera) is reportedly leaving Salem and Stefano behind! But will the Phoenix die just one last time? Or will he rise again?

Molly Burnett's (Melanie Jonas) contract is set to expire in June, 2012. A Soap Opera Digest interveiw with the actress states it will not be renewed.

In Limbo

Kristen’s onscreen other half, Peter Reckell (Bo Brady), is also in contract negotiations, but are rumored not to be going well. The rumor mill has Reckell preparing cast mates for his departure, yet and in Soap Opera Digest the actor hoped he wasn’t one of the characters let go from the show. What to believe?

Rumor and Speculation

Could Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbot, The Young and the Restless)make her way back to Salem where she portrayed EJ’s mother, Susan Banks and Kristen Blake, Stefano’s adopted daughter back in the 90’s? Seems appropriate given EJ just learned Stefano isn’t his biological father, thanks to the secret Alice Horton placed in the safe deposit box.

Could Jason Cook’s departure from General Hospital see him returning to the role of Shawn Brady, Jr. on Days of our Lives?

Final air date

Charles Shaunessy (Shane Donovan) heads out of Salem on May 23, 2012

Renee Jones’ (Lexie Carver) final airdate has been reported as June 20, 2012. Look for this to be a tear jerker as Lexie Carver succumbs to her brain tumor.

Christie Clarke and Austin Peck filmed their final scenes on Days of our Lives in late April. No final airdate as yet.


Sean Kanan returns to The Bold and the Beautiful to reprise the role of Deakin Sharpe, Hope Logan's biological father. Brought to town by Bill Spencer to break up Liam and Hope, look for Deakin to have an alterior motive.

Rumors and Speculation

Could Eileen Davidson bring Ashley Abbott back to The Bold and the Beautiful now that the actress has been let go from the Young and the Restless? Or is a return to Days of our Lives more likely?

First Air Dates

Returning on May 16, 2012 is Joanna Johnson returns in the role of Karen Spencer, May 16, 2012.

Crystal Chappell first airs and Karen Spencer’s wife, Danielle and Caroline Spencer’s (Linsey Godfrey) other Mom in The Bold and The Beautiful's first gay storyline, on May, 17. 2012

Look for Sean Kanan , Hope's biological father, to appear on your TV screens May 24, 2012


Michael Damien (Danny Romalotti) and Lauralee Bell (Christine or Cricket Blair) return to the Young and the Resteless. Look for Christine on May 17, 2012 and Danny the day after on May 18, 2012. An old hit and run to feature will feature in the storytelling

Look for comedienne Brett Butler to guest star on The Young and the Restless June 12 and June 14, 2012. She will play Paul Williams (Doug Davidson) next door neighbor.


Eileen Davidson (Ashley Abbott) tweeted this month that she lost her job over on the Young and the Restless where she has played Ashley Abbott since 1982 (on and off!). The character, Ashley (and Davidson) also crossed over to sister CBS soap, The Bold and the Beautiful in 2007.

Jess Walton (Jill) is to depart Teh Young and the Restelss on a 6 month sebatical sometime towards the end of May, 2012.


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