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Soft Guitar Cases – Should You Use A Guitar Gigbag?

Updated on January 13, 2011

Anyone who plays the guitar and cares about their instrument will want to give it the protection it deserves. So if your guitar didn't come with a case, or you need to buy a new one, chances are you're wondering what type of guitar case would be best. Many people opt to buy a soft guitar case (or gig bag), but is this really the best option? In this article we'll take a look at the pros and cons of using a soft case to protect your guitar.

Advantages of Soft Guitar Cases

One big advantage of using a soft guitar gig bag is that these cases are very lightweight, which makes them great when you're on the move with your guitar. This is especially good for electric guitars, which can be heavy in their own right, so having a lightweight case can really make a difference to your comfort level when you're carrying your guitar around.

Soft guitar cases are also much cheaper than their hard counterparts, which is an obvious plus if you're on a budget. Hard cases can cost hundreds or even thousands of dollars, whereas a soft case can usually be had for $50 or less. Also, if you have a very inexpensive guitar, you probably won't want to spend more on a case than the guitar is worth, so a soft case can be a good choice in these circumstances.

Soft cases are also much easier to carry about than hard cases, and not just because of their light weight. Soft cases take up less space, and since guitars are such bulky instruments anyway, it’s good not to have the case making them even bulkier. Many soft guitar cases also have straps on the back of the case which enable you to carry them on your shoulders rucksack-style. This is a great option for those who travel by bike, or who just want to keep their hands free for doing other things.

Another good thing about buying a soft guitar case is that you’ll normally find that there’s plenty of room in there for your guitar accessories, such as spare strings, guitar picks or other items. Most soft cases have several compartments, which make organising or your bits and pieces very easy.

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Disadvantages of Soft Guitar Cases

However, soft cases aren’t always the best choice your guitar.

The most obvious disadvantage of using a soft guitar case is that they don't provide nearly as much protection as their hardshelled equivalents. If your guitar is dropped or bashed against something, the instrument itself will absorb most of the impact, rather than the case. This is more of an issue if you have a very valuable guitar, or if you travel a lot, or if your guitar is in situations where it’ll be handled by others. In such circumstances, it’s probably best to buy a hard case for the additional protection they provide.

The other main disadvantage of guitar gig bags is that they’re not always very durable, and will wear out with repeated use. Over time, you’ll often find that the seams start to unravel, or the fabric becomes worn through, just as happens with any item that’s subjected to a lot of wear and tear. While hard cases can fall apart too, a good quality hard case will have a much longer life span than a typical gig bag.

So, if you have an expensive guitar, or you travel a lot (especially by air) a soft guitar case is unlikely to be the best choice for you. But for other people, the guitar gig bag will be just right for their needs, and will provide an acceptable level of protection at an excellent price.


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