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Hooker...Sold-to the highest bidder

Updated on November 14, 2014

For sale or lease...

We are all sexual beings, as to just how sexual is irrelevant. I say this because it seems so many people are obsessed with celebrities and their sex/love lives. I mean what the hell is that about any way? I don’t get it. I have never seen a sex tape of stars or celebrities in my life, don’t feel the need to read about it, or them, either. What the hell do I care who you are screwin’ anyway? Provided of course that I am not the one you’re screwin’. I am poor as hell, and if Brad Pitt showed up at my door and wanted to have sex, who am I to deny him? I’d screw the hell outta that man and take it to my grave. if I knew he was not married of course, because I don't believe in sharing. Couldn’t get me to sell my story, hell, who’d believe me anyway? So even if I went to one of those rag mags and told them, they’d probably laugh my ass right outta there.

What happened to the good old days, where there was honor among thieves or ho’s? Pay a ho enough money and she wouldn’t think of selling your story. Now it is more lucrative to screw a star for free, and then sell your story-either way, in the end it’s the star/celebrity that winds up getting screwed six ways to Sunday. This is where you have to really question if it is worth the price of admission. It isn’t any wonder the character in Pretty Woman married the ho-'cheaper to keep her.' I remember how many women talked about how unrealistic and ridiculous the ending of that movie was. (as though the ending of that moving was the only unrealistic part)

“As if a rich, good looking man like him would fall in love with a hooker.” They huffed.

I just remember thinking, if all ho’s looked like and cleaned up like Julia Roberts character why wouldn’t he have married her? I mean isn’t that every man’s fantasy-a lady on the streets and a freak in the sheets?

Celebrities keep marrying celebrities and those marriages seldom last, and more often than not, it winds up due to infidelity. Then the person who was screwing the celebrity comes outta the woodwork offering to sell their story to the highest bidder. So this makes the person selling the story a what? I ask because if you are paid for having sex with someone you’re a prostitute, but if you are paid for telling a story about having sex with someone you become a ‘star.’ I’m confused, I mean the only difference I see, is one is paid up front. Stars-in your eyes or between your thighs, they shouldn't get paid to shine.

Hell, before a star/celebrity gets married, the majority sign prenups right? So there has to be some greedy, brilliant, lawyer out there that can put together an ironclad contract prohibiting the person who sleeps with a star/celebrity from selling their story. I mean damn, if a celebrity is willing to pay someone for sex, why not just pay someone to not tell anyone about having sex with him or her? Just a thought. Seems to me, either way, you're going to have to pay, as for whether you pay up front, or after, is, or seems to be, the only difference.


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