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Solo: A Star Wars Story Review Spoiler and Spoiler Free

Updated on June 1, 2018
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My passion is in the film industry itself but has always loved writing reviews in my spare time. Been doing it since I've been in college.

2 stars for Solo rating


This type film we got in a Solo is the best example of a studio film but, because it is Disney, they made a better than most expected. That’s a pretty sad for a film in the Star Wars cannon. Don’t get me wrong, Solo isn’t the only bad Star Wars film but for every 1 bad Star Wars film, there’s two great ones to take its place. The problem with this film, stems from the sole fact that it was a useless film We didn’t need. Plain useless with plot holes and character bettayals that ruin Star Wars lore. There was no use in making the film in general because it doesn’t expand upon his character, example how the events in New Hope came to be, or help solidify the lore as a whole for the most part. It will do that in the sequels though. That’s exactly my point. The worst part about Solo isn’t that it is forgettable, which it is, it’s that film that the Disney studio will pump out and fans will still clamour to it.

Solo: A Star Wars story is about the beloved character Han Solo from the original Star Wars trilogy. This time he’s on the run from a small little gang because he owes them, like a typical Han would. With his friend Qi’ra, he gets off the world of Corellia but Qi’ra is captured in the process. To escape, he gets listed in the army and that’s where he meets up with Beckett (Woody Harrleson) which is a person that’s captain of this crew trying to steal a ship for a job. This is where Solo gets on his adventure and tries to find himself within the galaxy.

Solo isn’t a garbage film at all. It isn’t the idiotic transformers franchise level of stupidity and incompetence. Although it will totally be known as the black sheep of this franchise in later years because of how manipulative it is. Those fans screaming they like it will be Phatom Menaced a few years from now. They'll turn on this film and realize how bad it really is because its filler. Thats the best way to describe this type of film. It’s a filler movie that doesn't really expand upon the lore and is there to sell tickets by giving a massive about of Easter Eggs sprinkled throughout the film. References to characters to story threads within the movies and the TV shows that get fans excited without giving any foundation. No dept but surface level enjoy we’ve also seen before. Nothing for fans, like me, to look and hold on to because there’s no scrapong beneath the surface besides forced political messages we've seen ten times before in all of these new films. Repetitive boring chum they threw on our plate and told us to eat it.

I wouldn’t have a problem if they weren’t so lazy, which is exactly what Star Wars isn’t, even through the somewhat bad prequels which I can still enjoy. Even in those, there was effort put into it and I felt it. Didn’t feel it here. This one was somewhat of a harder one because a lot of it I don’t find enjoyable in the slightest. There’s a good chunk of the film where it became really predictable and just became an unenjoyable experience. That’s sad for me because, like many, I grew up loving the original trilogy then liking some of the prequels, but still enjoying them. This is probably the first one I didn’t enjoy, didn’t think the quality was terrible, just wasn't invested and felt like it was a cash grab rather than a necessary film in the grand nature that is Star Wars.

Overall, I pretty much felt cheated. A film I was actually decently excited for me because I hoped it would be something different than other Star Wars film. The reviewes were bad but maybe it can still be good. I saldy got what I wished for but in a worse way than I hoped. I got what is a cookie cutter version of a beloved franchise and I hope, for the franchise sake, that they listen to box office gross and understand that Star Wars isn’t about characters with over the top motivations, basic storylines, and boring side plots that go nowhere. Star Wars has mostly always been about strong characters and exploring new storylines within the world. This just felt like it was trying too hard to be it own thing, without understanding what Star Wars is all about while also being cliche. Don’t get me wrong, there’s a lot to like, but there’s more to hate.



I think each actor did a fine job besides maybe Woody. Felt like he was phoning his performance in. However, forgot that Alden was playing Solo for most of the film. Not memorable.
I think each actor did a fine job besides maybe Woody. Felt like he was phoning his performance in. However, forgot that Alden was playing Solo for most of the film. Not memorable.

Spoiler review

This is going to be short and not a normal review. Also, no editing it. I’m going to just list things, that Are spoiler, that I didn’t care for. Here me go.

Major thing is how he got his name, right off the bat because I need to address that shit first. What a lazy cop out that every dumb movie does. Basicslly making a pun or reference to what the first said and cooperating into the name. It’s ridiculous lazy and ungorinal. Also, a plothole because why would he to that name. The random name some emperor officer gave him when he was enlisting into the military. Why even bother and even in a way so dumb? Laziness.

Next major spoiler is the Easter eggs with the kessel run, Han shot first, Solo’s name, and maul, which I’ll get to later in this. It’s just too much filler so people can scream out references in a drinking game. We get it Solo, you're in the same universe, please just allow for the film to be good. Theres so much going on in the film with nothing underneath. References and nods like the Kessel run, which cool, is only cool. i need more than that and I need more than Easter eggs thrown in my face to appreciate the film. Ball teases aren’t fun, they’re annoying.

The next thing is the storyline. Han gets into trouble, Han escapes, Han teams up with people to get out, Han gets back into trouble, and Han successes. That’s the story and nothing much happens between those gaps besides those Easter eggs or explaining stuff we’ve seen before. It’s a boring western with no real stacks because we short of know what’s going to happen next. The predictability stems from the cliche aspect of the main plot that doesn’t go anywhere besides a heist movie with a lot of betrayals at the end.

Next is character betrayals within the movie and outside the film. Han, younger Han I understand, at the end helps a rebellion reliance help take down the bad guy. Even in the film it doesn’t seem like he would do it and especal with the Han we know. But, he did it for a girl. That’s just an excuse for Disney to shove political messages down your throat. Did we really need this? No and it still felt like a betrayal to Han‘s character. Next, when Chewie and Han meant, they both seemed like the wanted nothing to do with each other and wanted away as soon as they can. Chewie has the perfect point to get away with the other Wookiees but doesn’t. Where did they go? Why don’t we ever see them again...oh sequel bait. Lastly, Beckett’S betrayal is so obvious but made sense for his character. Jumping back off that, knowing damn well someone like mual is out there, is kind of dumb switcheroo that goes against his character.

This leads to my last point. The capping of the ball tease which was awesome and got me excited but was only there to be that last ball tease. Now fans are going to speculate where and how he fits within the storyline. It felt forced and felt like sequel bait or other movie bait. Didn’t feel like we needed it and this is what Disney loves to do. Add one little badass thing at the end to get fans excited for the next one. Quite manipulative and pulls up a potential plothole. Han doesn’t belive in the force in episode 4, so is he going to be in the sequel? Is Hans love interested not going to be in it or tell Han that the force does exist. Also, why does Han talk about believe in the force if this happens. It’s just more completed stuff that didn’t need to be if they didn’t want to get people excited for maul. Just a waste of time.

There are are many more things but I could talk ages about this film. I’ll leave it as a film that’s not could and could have been a lot better by making it necessary.

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