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Solo Beats Headphones Review

Updated on January 11, 2013
Solo Beats Headphone's by Dr. Dre.
Solo Beats Headphone's by Dr. Dre. | Source

Beats By Dre

Have you been searching for quality headphones? Look no further, because today I will be reviewing the infamous Beats Solo Headphones by Dre. Everywhere you look it seems as if someone is wearing that b logo, be it todays pop artists, Olympians, or your everyday student. I know what many people are thinking; “It is nothing more than a rudimentary marketing stunt to sell another overly priced product to unsuspecting customers”. Despite the sale schemes that we commonly see in our everyday life, let me be the first (or perhaps the last) to inform you that these headphones are certainly more than your everyday hype.

Many of you may already know that they are priced astronomically high compared to your “every day ear bud headphones”. Yet, make note that you will get what you pay for from this product. From the moment you begin to open the box, you will quickly realize that this is more than just another mediocre product and that the name means nothing without the products performance. You may be shocked to find out that they have been on the market for several years now. I first became aware of them while I was browsing a local Best Buy (long before today’s hype). They had a variety of products set out for customers to try and so I began to test them all. Many had been excellent, but, Beats stood far among the rest. Okay, so what exactly is so great besides its sleek look and stylish box? Well, what do we all want from our headphones? I for one want comfort, appearance, convenience and above all else performance and so today we will be reviewing each of these aspects.


Appearance may not be important to you, but, it is included with the product. This is if you don’t mind “ear muff” headphones of course. Beats makes three varieties of headphones; ear buds, which are to be placed inside your ear, on the ear which are worn like ear muffs (the product I am reviewing), some may refer to these as the “Medium” sized head phones, and lastly around the ear head phones (also worn like ear muffs) which also may be referred to as the “Large” headphones. I do realize that people see “style” differently and may lean towards a less stand out brand, but, when we compare it to other headphones on the market the only thing that is showy is the b logo. Other than that they keep a sleek modern look coming in stock black with splashes of gray and red, but, also a white for the more stand out individual. I have seen some more custom looking headphones such as white with a sky blue trim. I imagine you must be able to special order them online through their website.

Appearance: 5/5


Your convenience and appearance will rely heavily on whether or not you get the “earmuffs” or “earbuds”. The earmuffs collapse neatly into a carrying pouch, yet, really does lack convenience if you need to remove and store them often. Personally, I don’t like to leave mine lying around for fear of someone mistreating them. This may be a similar concern for many and will find themselves spending more time putting them away than they had anticipated. Another feature I was sad they didn’t incorporate is the ability to change the songs without accessing your music player (like Apple’s bud headphones). Instead, they allow you to change the volume and pause the playing the song, one way to combat this is to ensure you make a playlist that has songs you don’t mind listening too. There are two components to the headphones, the detachable red wire and the headphones itself. This is great if you should need to replace the wire further down the road, but, it can be stiff getting it into the components. The problem is that if you don’t ensure it is fully seated into your headphones prepare to be deafened as the sound jumps exceedingly high. Now, we will cover comfort.

Convenience: 3/5


Comfort to me, it is just as important as performance. Would you really want to ride on a roller coaster if you knew it would give you whip lash at every turn? You might, but, most wouldn’t. In my opinion headphones are the same way. It is important to know what type of person you are when selecting headphones. I would like to say I have extremely sensitive ears and I have yet to come across headphones that have not hurt my ears over a period of time. This also goes along with Beats Solo as they begin to hurt the outside of my ears after about an hour of wearing them. If you too have sensitive ears, I would suggest buying the “Larger earmuffs” as they wrap around your ears. They sit snug upon your ears which I imagine helps eliminate exterior noise. Lastly, they allow you to adjust them for longer faces. We will now move to the last and most important aspect of selecting a new set of headphones, performance.

Comfort: 4/5


From the time I first received Beats Solo headphones for Christmas, I quickly realized that they are made for one thing; Music. If you’re the type of person that likes to casually talk while listening to music then I would not suggest Beats Solo headphones. If you’re the type of person that loves being engulfed by the sounds of your favorite artists or video game, then these headphones were made from you. In other words Dr. Dre & the creators of Beats wanted to ensure that nothing comes in-between you and your music. It is now that the features of the red wire makes sense, Beats is for those that want nothing more than high quality music. It really allows you to feel each percussion and guitar stroke, but, excels at offering a base most headphones lack. When I was in Best Buy that first day it was the first thing I had noted. They also do an outstanding job at eliminating most background noise, crying babies, people talking, busy streets and I imagine much more. One day, I wanted to show how well they eliminated sound to my mother while next to an egg beater. I soon realized that they had hardly eliminated the sound at all; but why? My mother who had once sold Bose products had informed me that the headphones only work at eliminating lower frequency noises, but, not so much as the frequencies get higher. This would explain the egg beater scenario.

Performance: 5/5

Solo Beats by Dr. Dre Conclusion

In the end, I would definitely purchase this product for myself or as a gift. Keep in mind that it might suit you to buy a different model to best suit your everyday needs. But, Beats Solo headphones by Dr. Dre do a fantastic job at delivering you performance.

Overall Rating: 17/20, 85%, B

Beats: when music is your priority.


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