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Some Couple Reviews Wreck-It Ralph

Updated on November 5, 2012
This photo is fitting because my wife actually did have a sour patch kid stuck in her hair for most of the movie!
This photo is fitting because my wife actually did have a sour patch kid stuck in her hair for most of the movie!

Glenn: Whoa, it's been a long time, but SCR is finally back with a new movie review!
We went to see the animated feature Wreck-It Ralph. The premise is that all the characters in those arcade games actually have lives beyond their games. Wreck-It Ralph plays an 8-bit villain by day, but yearns for more out of his digital life.

Kik: This movie was cute! I really liked it, even if I didn't recognize all the video game cameos.

Glenn: I loved that! And all the voices were accurate too. The filmmakers actually tracked down the voice actors for the original games whenever possible to do the voices for the movie too. One exception, which was still tons of fun, was Street Fighter II's Zangief going on about "crushing some man's head like quail egg." Turns out, that's the director Rich Moore's voice.

But I digress. As a longtime video gamer, I can unequivocally say that it was a blast to see so many old favorite characters brought to the big screen. Q*Bert how I've missed you!

Even the good old Konami Code makes an appearance.

Kik: I thought the plot was really clever. The script was really good, too. There was a good mix of funny stuff, action and cheese. I WANT A CANDY RACE CAR!

Glenn: I agree. Pixar has been a trailblazer in animated film making in more than one way. More important than their graphics, I think it's been mastering that signature Pixaresque plot: Mastering that tightrope walk of plotting feel-good stories that are simple enough for kids to get, but parents to still enjoy, all the while providing laughs, and maybe a few tear.

This film was made by Rough Draft Studios, but produced for Disney, so I'm sure the house of mouse made sure some of that Pixar pixie dust got vented into their studios. The recognizable kids movie trope, about being an outsider, but working to accomplish your dreams, is tired and old, but these guys handled it well. the imaginative setting, and vibrant colors of the video game settings certainly helped.

Speaking of Disney and animation, We'd be negligent in our duties, if we didn't tell people about the animated short that plays before Wreck-It Ralph, called Paperman.

Kik: It was so good, made me cry a little.

Glenn: It was good! made me tear up a little too, but mostly because with this big move to CGI animated features, I had forgotten how awesome hand drawn animation could be!

But back to the main feature!

Kik: Well I just love anything with Jane Lynch in it. I mean, the woman is the ... lynch pin of Glee for a reason. That line "programmed with the most tragic back story imaginable," cracked me up. I really like John C. Reilly (the voice of Wreck-It Ralph) too. He was sooooo good in Chicago. The guy who played Fix-It Felix Jr. (Jack McBrayer), the hero from Ralph's game, was perfect too.

Glenn: Yeah, I felt there was strong voice acting all the way around. I especially liked Sarah Silverman's Vanellape von Schweetz. She gave the character just the right amount of sass and sensitivity. I liked Felix as the earnest do-gooder hero, and I appreciated his and Sergent Calhoun's sub-plot (honeyglow!). Still, I worry poor Mr. McBrayer might be permanently typecast at this point. Can anyone hear his voice and not think of him as Kenneth from 30 Rock?

I wonder if he's really like the second coming of Bob Sagat. A few years after 30 Rock, he'll probably come out with an expletive-filled HBO comedy special.

Kik: Who cares. He fit the role perfectly, and is probably making really damn good money right now for acting.

We saw this in 3-D. I kinda liked it. The 3-D stuff was pretty subtle, which I liked. Especially the bug scenes and Sugar Rush racing parts were cool.

Glenn: I think there's a sweet-spot for 3-D movies. If it's overused if feels like a cheap gimmick, like in so many of these 3-D kids movies nowadays. The trailer for Smurfs: 3-D that played before this movie makes me pretty certain that film will be a shining example of overuse. But then, in a movie like this where it's barely noticeable at all, it makes you just wish you weren't wearing those glasses, and paying a higher ticket price, and could just enjoy a lighter screen.


Kik: Super cute film with a good plot, voice acting and animation. It'd be great for kids, and you don't need to be a gamer geek loser like somebody I know to really enjoy it.

Glenn: Hah, this coming from someone who beat the original Pokemon on Game Boy, spent weeks of your life in WoW raids, and held a college house record for Tetris. I still wake up in a cold sweat some nights, just thinking about your Starcraft dragoon rushes.

Kik: That's why I said gamer geek loser, sweetie!

Glenn: Oh burn. Well even after a dig like that, you still give me the honeyglow something fierce. Anyway, I agree with you on the movie verdict. And for those of us steeped in video game lore, there are tons of references peppered throughout the film that are fun to pick out.

Now if Disney were smart, they'd actually manufacture an arcade cabinet for Fix-It Felix Jr., and put them in malls across the country. What a great tie-in that would be.


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    • Stevennix2001 profile image

      Steven Escareno 5 years ago

      Interesting take on the movie.

    • profile image

      Clara Kelley 5 years ago

      Nice! Shaun is so excited to see this, I didn't know it was out already!