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Some Songs By Famous Singers Around The World.

Updated on May 23, 2016

Music is part of the daily lives of many people around the world. But have you ever tried listening to songs from other countries? Its not necessary to understand a language in order to enjoy the music of a particular country. You can start now by checking out the collection of songs below from various parts of the world.

Arash (Persian)

  • Boro Boro (Go away): By the popular Iranian singer, Boro Boro from his debut album Arash, was among the top songs all over Europe and Asia soon after its release. It serves as just the right song to dance to with just a few simple moves.

Thalia (Spanish)

  • Toda la felicidad (Don’t look back):  A popular singer from Mexico, also known for her hit soap operas, Thalia has sung songs in many languages, including English, Portuguese, and Filipino. But her best known and most loved works are in Spanish. She creates magic with this song of hers from her album Greatest Hits , which is a well balanced and pleasant song for those not fond of too fast music.

Tarkan (Turkish)

  • Kuzu Kuzu (Like a lamb): Considered the Prince of pop, who stole the hearts of many with his voice and brilliant live performances, Tarkan puts life to any piece that he sings. Kuzu Kuzu,from his album Karma, is just one example of his amazing talent that lead to his huge success in so many parts of the world.

Marie mai (French)

  • Mentir (To lie): Marie is a singer who gained fame at a young age and who truly deserves it. For all pop-rock fans out there, Marie definitely delivers in this song that is so addicting, it will have you repeating the words over and over again. This song can be found in her second album Dangereuse Attraction.

Nancy Ajram ( Arabic)

  • Ah w noss (Yes and a half): Nancy is one of the most influential and well known celebrities of the Arab world, confirmed on Oprah Winfrey’s show. She has released hits upon hits and Ah w noss, her second international bestselling album, is one of her earliest and finest works.

Anna Tatangelo (Italian)

  • Cosi E L'amore (That’s the way love is):  At the age of fifteen, Anna was the youngest person to win Sanremo Music Festival's Newcomer's Award. All of her albums afterwards have been hugely sucessful due to the lyics of her songs and her very refreshing voice. This song, from her second album Ragazza di periferia, has all the qualities any music lover would want in terms of voice, music and lyrics.

Shreya Ghoshal (Hindi)

  • O bekhabar (O,unaware):This song is just one of many sung by playback singers such as Shreya for India’s thriving film industry. Picturized on the industry’s top actress, Aishwarya Rai, it is melodious and the video is lovely and serene. If you get hooked, you can try watching the movie which features this song, namely, Action Replay (2010).

Yuta Furukawa (Japanese)

  • All day long: Hailed as one of Japan’s youngest artist but one who can connect with people no matter their country of origin, Yuta does a good job capturing your attention in this song. With a good voice and amazing music, this song, released recently, is perfect for those about to enter the land of Japanese music.

Now you have a nice collection of songs to choose from whenever you feel like listening to something unique and exotic. Hope you enjoy exploring and trying different music from different lands.

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    • profile image

      Belle 3 years ago

      Wham bam thank you, ma'am, my quinseots are answered!

    • LittleFairy profile image

      LittleFairy 6 years ago

      @ravenblueu,hahaha,its his voice that I like more :D honestly! I love different cultures and languages so I decided to share this passion with others through music :)

    • ravenblueu profile image

      ravenblueu 6 years ago from Somewhere Tropical

      maybe you stated being biased because he's kinda cute haha. Sure, I'll do check that out. I wonder how you've come up with the list :D

    • LittleFairy profile image

      LittleFairy 6 years ago

      @ravenblueu, not to be biased or anything, but may I recommend tarkan's kuzu kuzu? Its my favorite :D

    • ravenblueu profile image

      ravenblueu 6 years ago from Somewhere Tropical

      I'm looking for songs to put on my playlist, I'll go search somewhere to download it:D

    • LittleFairy profile image

      LittleFairy 6 years ago

      Vibs245, thanks for the comment, I will soon be adding some more songs :)

    • Vibs245 profile image

      Vibs245 6 years ago from India

      Informative and enjoyable. Some additions needed. Thank you.

    • LittleFairy profile image

      LittleFairy 6 years ago

      Thank you DexisView for you lovely comment. Music is definitely one of the things I look forward to listening everyday :)

    • DexisView profile image

      Dexi 6 years ago from New England

      Great hub, LittleFairy. Music adds so much to an ordinary day. Listening to artists from around the world is a great idea.