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Some examples of Great War Movies

Updated on March 13, 2015

My Favorite Hollywood War Movies

I definitely remember when the movie Saving Private Ryan came out in July 1998 and people were complaining about the horrible violence depicted in this movie. I thought at the time about these people and why they would go see the movie in the first place. Nobody can accurately show the invasion of Normandy in June 1944 without showing massive death and destruction and fear, so what would anyone expect other than violence and death? In order to make a great war movie, you just have to show it like it was, otherwise you are glorifying war.

Without a doubt the greatest War Movie ever filmed was Saving Private Ryan, which was directed by Steven Spielberg and for some unknown reason did not win the best picture Oscar that year. Saving Private Ryan showed the horror of war so well that even the veterans who served during the Normandy Invasion thought that this movie showed what it was like better than anything they had ever seen before. First and foremost, the opinion of any person who had seen the horrors of war means everything to how effective a wary movie and Saving Private Ryan has forever set the bar at the highest possible mark in this regard.

The movie "American Sniper", which was about the war career during the IRAQ war of Chris Kyle who at 160 kills, is the all-time record holder as a sniper in the US Navy Seals is another example of a great war movie, but in a much different way that Saving Private Ryan. This movie showed the psychological aspects of war better than any movie i have ever seen and will also rank as one of the greatest war movies ever filmed.

Most recently the movie the Imitation Game is another example of a great War movie but in a completely different way than Saving Private Ryan and American Sniper. This movie depicted the amazing feat of science that was needed to decode the German code that eventually after a two year effort saved England and eventually saved the world. The genius and hero that created the decoding machine, Alan Turning is considered the real inventor of the modern day computer that changed the world. Due to the fact that Turning was gay he was treated very badly by England after the war and eventually committed suicide at age 41. I was surprised at myself that I never knew about this incredible story.

Top 10 Greatest War Movies

Greatest War Movies Ever Made

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