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New and upcoming movies of 2014 (part 1)

Updated on August 13, 2013

Some of the new movies that will be released for 2014 will be a continuation of movie franchises such as paranormal activity, the hunger games, despicable me, night at the museum, the fast and the furious as well as others. Then there will also be some new animated versions, comedy, scary movies that are in the works right now so for those of you who are somewhat really interested in what movies are going to come soon in theaters here is a list for you. In this list I have elaborated and organized each movie with it's month and day that it will be released I will also add the cast information and what the movie will be about so enjoy and hopefully this will get you excited about next years new movies.

Note: I did not include all of the movies that are going to come out for each month on this article I only added two or one movie descriptions for each month or else if I added all of the movies the article would have been much longer.

Devils due movie trailer

The seventh son trailer

January 2014

January 1 2014- Devils Due

Director : Radio challenge
The Cast : Zach Gilford, Allison Miller, Colin Walker, Catherine Kresge (Tina), Aaimee Carrero (Emily), Madison Wolfe (Brittany).

Film Company: 20th Century Fox

The storyline for this movie : It is described as a found new inspired film although the plot of this movie is being kept as a secret it is somehow described as a female-driven movie with horror scenes that make the movie somehow a suspense.

January 3 2014- Untitled Paranormal Activity Latino cousin project

Director : Christopher B Landon

The cast : Is not yet listed which means that the actors that are going to be in the movie is still being on the works.

Film company: Paramount pictures

The storyline for this movie : This movie will be a connection to the other paranormal activity movies that have been made in the past but the only difference with this movie is that it is going to have a Latino story line with Latino actors that will face some catholic based paranormal mythology.

Paranormal Activity: The marked ones

Director : Christopher B Landon

The cast : Richard Cabral, Carlos Pratt, Eddie J Fernandez, Frank Salinas, Tonja Kahlens, Kimberly Ables Jindra.

The storyline of this movie : It will be a spinoff of the paranormal activity movies but this time it will tell the story of a Latino family.

January 17, 2014 - The Seventh

Director : Sergei Bodrove

The cast : Jeff bridges (as spook), Julianne Moore (as mother malkin), Alicia vikander (as Alice), Ben Barnes (seventh son), Antje Traue, Olivia Williams.

Company of the movie : Warner Bros. entertainment pictures

The storyline of the movie : In the movie the story tells of a long time ago where a devil is about to break free and be the cause of starting a war between the forces of supernatural and humankind for a last time. One of the masters on the movie Jeff bridges plays a knight who imprisoned the powerful which and mother Malina played by Julianne Moore for centuries and now she is looking for some revenge now that she has escaped. Mother Malina has followers of incarnation which make her company at all times the only thing that stands in her way is Master Gregory.

Then when Gregory attends a deadly reunion he is forced to come face to face with the bad person that he has always been afraid of and that would return someday. By the middle of the movie he has only until the next full moon to prepare his new apprentice Tom Ward played by (Ben Barnes) gets to fight a somewhat dark magic just as any other mans only son lies in the seventh son of a seventh son.

Actor Aaron Eckart as Frankenstein.
Actor Aaron Eckart as Frankenstein.

The Lego Movie

Muppets most wanted trailer

January 24 - I Frankenstein

Director : Stuart Beattie

Cast of movie: Yvonne strahovski (Terra), Aaron eckart (Adam), Bill Nighy, Jai Courtney,Miranda Otto, Caitlin stasey (Keziah).

Company of the movie : Lionsgate film

The storyline of the movie : This storyline movie is taken from the original graphic novel written by Kevin Grevioux this movie is a modern epic one the creature of Frankeinstein, and Adam which is played by actor (Aaron eckart) who survived miraculously after he had a genetic infection when he was made when the main character Frankeinstein enters a dark gothic metropolis he finds himself stuck on a centuries all world that is fought between two tribes.

February 2014

February 7 - The LEGO Movie

Director: Phil Lord, Chris Miller

Cast of the movie: Chris Pratt (Emmet voice character), Channing Tatum (Superman voice character), Will Arnett (Batman voice character), Morgan Freeman (Vitruvious voice character), Elizabeth banks (Lucy voice character), Liam Neeson (Bad cop voice character).

Company: Warner Bros Pictures

Storyline of movie: This movie which will be 3D animated will follow the story of Emmett who happens to be an ordinary original Lego mini figure and is mistakenly seen as a remarkable person and would be the ideal person to save the world. As the story goes on he is drafted into a group of strangers who go on a quest in order to eliminate the evil tyrant and it also becomes a journey in which Emmett is not prepared for.

February 14 - The maze runner

Director- Wess Ball

Cast of the movie: Thomas Sangster (Newt), Kaya sclodelario (Teresa), Will Poulter (Gally), Dylan O' brien (Thomas), Blake cooper (Chuck), Aml Ameen (Alby).

Company: 20th century Fox entertainment group

Storyline of the movie: Based on the book series by James Dashner is about a boy who ends up losing his memory but not his name he finds out that he is near other boys that are his same age and they all live a the center of a maze that changes a lot of directions the only way they can all escape from the maze is if they are able to solve the challenging riddles that come to them.

March 2014

March 21- Muppets most wanted

Director- James Bobin

Cast of the movie: Steve Whitmire (Kermit the muppet), Eric Jacobson (Miss Piggy), Ty Burrell (Interpool inspector Jean Pierre Napoleon), Ricky Gervaiz (Dominic aka number two), Tina Fey (Nadya).

Company: World Disney pictures

Storyline of the movie: The muppets have a chance to go on a world travel so they can sell grand theaters to european destinations from places such as Berlin in germany, Madrid, London. But then as they are all enjoying their adventurous trip trouble hits them when their problem is about a crime caper group and the leader of this group is none other than Constantine who is the number one worlds best criminal and a threat to Kermit the frog.


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