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Some thoughts on Roller Coaters And Skirts.

Updated on December 25, 2009


Thoughts on rollercoasters and skirts....    

Like a delicate flower
primly attired in a
pastel blouse with a
deep green skirt
flared to her knees
over the stems
of her legs
she approached her
next attraction
unaware of the
troubles it would bring
seated and secured
by a lap belt on a
rather high bench
she awaited the
thrills of the
next few minutes
as the ride began

like a parachute
her skirt flew high
and left her mute
as every pair of eyes
was focused on the
gams revealed and
her panting from fear,
at the height of
that first hill
became her fear
of panties exposed
on each subsequent
hill to follow,
and hands that
gripped the rail
now gripped the
hems of her
skirted dangers in a
useless attempt
to maintain some
modesty on the back of
a beast from hell.





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