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Something About Eva; Honoring Eva Cassidy's Life and Talent

Updated on November 13, 2018
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Missy is a unique writer who enjoys inviting her readers into her thoughts through her poetry and other topics of discussion.  



The last hub I posted, I featured some of Eva Cassidy’s songs. What I didn’t realize, was it was the last day of October, and it would merely be a couple of days before November 2nd, which was the day Eva sadly passed away in 1996.

The truth is, I just discovered Eva’s lovely talent about five years ago myself, while listening and watching videos on YouTube of songs I liked. I always loved the song, “Fields of Gold,” that Sting recorded in 1992. I ran across Eva’s version of it while looking for Sting’s version. On a total whim, I hit play and a fan of hers was born. I fell in love with her beautiful voice. Little did I know that this extremely talented lady passed away some years back.

I could not believe I had never before heard this lady sing in all my years, and wondered how in the world did she pass? I thought, my goodness, but she was so young. It was then I started to research more about her and her life and found out more about this lovely lady's story.


The Life of Eva Cassidy

Eva Marie Cassidy was born on February 2, 1963 in Washington Hospital Center, to the proud parents of Barbara and Hugh Cassidy. Thus is where her story begins.

Not only was Eva a great singer, she was also a very talented musician. Eva started early in life,and that wasn’t too surprising seeing as she came from a musical family. Her dad introduced her to some great melodic talent and taught her how to play guitar. She learned harmonies at a very early age and played the auto-harp and acoustic guitar well enough to join her siblings in the family band.

As a teenager, she lived a normal life, she worked regular jobs as any other teenager would. However, music was always her forte, and she continued to pursue her passion for it when she formed a band with her brother called, “Stonehenge.”

It was later, in 1987, that her and an ex-band member from Stonehenge, was recording an album. The songs recorded were written by David Christopher, (formerly known as David Lourim). It was during this time that Eva met music producer Chris Biondo. This collaboration wielded eight total albums; the albums were; The Other Side (Duet with Chuck Brown), Live At Blues Alley, Eva By Heart, Songbird, Time After Time, Imagine, American Tune, and Method Actor.

Eva was such a talent. However, on November 2, 1996, her life and the career she was striving for came to an end when she succumbed to melanoma (cancer).

Live performance of Eva's rendition of the song "Time after Time"

A few fun facts

Figure skating champion Michelle Kwan used her version of "Fields of Gold" in her exhibition program in 2002. The program was performed at the Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City, among other locations.


Eva also was a very talented artist in her own right. Most of her work was of nature.

Pictures of some of Eva Cassidy's artwork


Ode To Eva

Born to sing and play

Just too early she went


Her life consisted of

Song and melody. Eva is

now a page out of history.

Beautiful words she sang,

with her peaceful music to

flow the way.

If you’ve ever listened to

her, you surely know, her

lovely voice soothes the


Her tone is like a fairy's

whisper, and she now sings

in heaven with her angel


Too soon some of us pass

away, but to live on after

death is an honor not many

of us will ever claim. RIP.

Conclusion Of A Beautiful Life

Ironically, like so many others who had such an amazing talent, Eva only got truly discovered after her death, in 1997, by a BBC 2 producer named Paul Walters. After that, her cover of the classic song, “Somewhere Over the Rainbow, got played on The Terry Wogan show, and that put Eva Cassidy on the map as a true star as her album titled, “Songbird,” was finally released; the album hit Gold by 2000, and Platinum by 2001.

Oddly, I’m not sure it was such a bad thing that she grew in status after death, because now, she will live on in so many hearts with her beautiful lyrics, which can soothe the soul and take hold of peoples' emotions. Rest in Peace Eva Cassidy. I know you are singing in God’s angelic choir.

“I really like to create the sound of a choir the most. If you could see what the sound of it looks like when I shut my eyes and listen, you'd see the sound as angels spanning across the universe." ~Eva Cassidy

Live performance of "Somewhere Over the Rainbow"

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© 2015 Missy Smith


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