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Sometime In The near Future For Many.

Updated on May 2, 2017

Tickets to Hell.

Some Time In The Near Future For Many!

©-Matthew F.Blowers III

And so the monkey

farted endlessly,

with the stench of

hells foulest chambers,

amidst an elevator

of the damned,

descending in a

millennium long fall,

to their just desserts.

Naked and sweating

they inhaled

just a small taste of

what they would face,

when the devil got his due.

With no buttons to push,

and no strength to

strangle this crude beast,

they rode in open face despair,

to a very crowded place.

Just around the bend,

in elevator #999,

will stand various

readers of poetry

who failed to ever comment.

They will huddle starved

under huge tubes,

that will offer some of the

most delectable treats ever

digested by common man,

but they will have no lips,

teeth nor tongues,

to swallow or chew

such heavenly fare

just sealed orifices

will mar their anorexic faces

on their way to a hell

of their own making

their silence at things of beauty


Seven hundred and

In sixty other humongus elevators

a huge elephant with diarrhea

will drown several

thousand retired republicans

over and over again,

in oxygen rich fodder,

allowing them to at long last,

taste and be enveloped by

the massive shit they created

when they tried to rule the world

in the early part of the 21st century.



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