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Song Joong-ki as "The Innocent Man"

Updated on June 14, 2017
The Innocent Man is a 2012 South Korean television series also known as "Nice guy."
The Innocent Man is a 2012 South Korean television series also known as "Nice guy."


Kang Ma-ru (Song Joong-ki) is imprisoned for taking the blame of a murder that was done by Han Jae-hee (Park Si-yeon), a television reporter whose ambitions in life is her top priority. After Ma-ru's sacrifices, Jae-hee betrays him by marrying the CEO of Tae San group, breaking her promise to wait for Ma-ru's release. Ma-ru's innocence as a man gets tainted by Jae-hee's betrayal making him turn from a promising medical student to a con artist, gigolo and bartender. He still has the same care for his younger sister Choco (Lee Yu-bi) and is still best friends with Park Jae-gil (Lee Kwang-soo). His residence and his family is still the same but his personality has changed. His hopes of Han Jae-hee coming back to him turns into revenge as he once again falls for her trap. He meets Jae-hee's step-daughter named Seo Eun-gi (Moon Chae-won) through a motorcyle accident that almost killed her if it weren't for Ma-ru who was just in time to save her. Ma-ru falls into the cliff as he tries to get Eun-gi's beloved doll from her motorcycle. Seo Eun-gi is a mean and feisty director of Tae San and the future successor. Instead of thanking Ma-ru who lies in the hospital bed for his fractured bones, she questions his intentions. Ma-ru ignores her and asks her to go away. Seo Eun-gi finds this kind of treatment appalling and yet she suddenly gets interested in Kang Ma-ru for his rudeness. They become close and Ma-ru uses her to get his revenge.

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What makes it interesting?

I cannot even begin to describe what kind of television series this is because it is just so amazing that I am speechless. Watching it had instilled a good morale that everyone should understand. Just a single mistake in life has a domino effect and consequences that will get back to you no matter how powerful you are. I just love how Kang Ma-ru has relayed his realization to Han Jae-Hee, telling her that it was all his fault that she has turned into a monster because he didn't let her face her big mistake in the past and instead, he sacrificed his dreams for her by taking the blame for a murder. The endless betrayal, revenge and people who keep on getting hurt are all results of letting Han Jae-Hee free from her crime.

I love how Kang Ma-ru doesn't ever build himself up as someone righteous or innocent when in fact, behind his bad boy facade, he has a good heart. He is deliberately showing a bad image to women because he doesn't want to be perceived as the nice guy he once was. The behavior and the way he treats women in this television series wasn't bad at all. He was in fact, setting the right expectation that there is nothing serious that he can offer. Song Joong-ki's portrayal of Kang Ma-ru has very much intrigued me because it is way too different from all the characters that he has portrayed in the past until the present time. His diversity on taking such role has impressed me way too much that I am willing to take time in watching even his small parts on his previous television series as a supporting actor.

Not sure where I've seen Moon Chae-won but she's one of those actresses that you could never hate despite playing a hateful character. Her mean personality in the series didn't tick me off at all. I perceive her to be cool and though she was old enough to be on that coming-of-age time in her life where she feels love over Kang Ma-ru for the first time, she brings out a heart that she has never shown. Chae-won's acting was very engrossing, most especially on that part where she had amnesia and brain damage from the car accident she had with Kang Ma-ru. They both suffered brain damage but ironically, they actually both came to their senses. I think there's too many scenes that is worth watching over and over that I might watch this Korean drama for the 2nd time. It was too addictive from the first episode to the last that it was giving me headache just by thinking what would happen next. I could normally predict what would happen but this one was just way too unpredictable and full of twists. Your brain hasn't taken it's full wake at a sudden turn of event and already, a new twist is just right around the corner. What a mind-boggling series!

The Innocent Man Korean TV Drama Song Joong Ki (Actor), Moon Chae Won (Actor) Format: DVD

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The Success of the Main Leads

2012 19th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards
Top Excellence Award, Actor
Song Joong-ki
2012 1st K-Drama Star Awards
Top Excellence Award, Actor
Song Joong-ki
2012 KBS Drama Awards
Netizens' Award
Song Joong-ki
2012 KBS Drama Awards
Best Couple Award
Song Joong-ki and Moon Chae-won
2012 KBS Drama Awards
Netizens' Award
Moon Chae-won
2012 KBS Drama Awards
Top Excellence Award, Actor
Song Joong-ki
2012 KBS Drama Awards
Top Excellence Award, Actress
Moon Chae-won

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