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Song To La Toya (Part II)

Updated on September 25, 2016

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Song To La Toya

Oh wa, um, um, um, um

This is how I feel ba-by

Hello wa

La la,la,la,la,la, La Toya

Oh ooh, La la, la, la,

I can make your life wonderful

Do for you any miracle

I am the man you’d want me to be

Thoughts of you make me feel so much

And yearn for your tender touch

So we can sing about feeling heavenly in love

A special love, so in love It’s got to be love from above

Yea, makes me want to

Live with you under ding and dong

Well alright now

You’re my all in all

You dedicated lady

Do you know that I can feel you

La la la la, la, la La Toya

Get ready ba-by cause I’m the one

I want to share my life with you

Where I go there’s room for two

I was designed the mate for your soul

My life is for your ecstasy

To love and keep you happy

When we come together we’ll become whole in

Love and as one

So in love that we’ll have power like the sun Yea, living under wedding bells ding and dong

Oh whoa, whoa, whoa La Toya

You are the Toy in my joy

Lalalalalala La Toya

I was made to please you, so come on

We can raise a new family,

Anytime, you’re ready

Can you hear my love calling?

We’re a part of the Master’s plan

All you have to do is take my hand

And once we touch we’ll begin spiraling

You are the only one deserving

Of my love, yes you are ba-by yea

It was made for you

And I am the only one

Deserving of you’re your love

Only made for me

My one and true love

Oh, it’s true

My life gets better

As I love you

Yes it does yea,

La lalalala La Toya

Through love, yea, yea, yea

(La lalala)

Come on my baby, come on sugar

And get what’s good for you

Hey, hey ya

Come on my honey, come on darlin’

And get what’s good for you,

Gonna give you my best,

Come on sugar,

come on honey

And get what’s good for you

Oh yea, Come on La Toya

And get what’s good for you

Yea, ba-by, sugar, honey

You don’t know how much I love you

I was created to love, created to know you,

Created to understand you,

Created to be with you.

Why This Song Is Part II

This song is a Part II because I had so much more to express in the same groove. Part One was the first song that I ever composed about La Toya. I wanted to protect and allow her to be more down-to-earth, to be freer and experience the true love that a woman should experience and feel,


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