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Song-Writing : Be A Song Smith in few Minutes

Updated on August 16, 2016

Song-Writing: Tips On How To Be A Success

SONG-WRITING : Tips To Be A Success [Beginner’s Guide]


, “Song-Writing” can be defined as a process of writing songs i.e., the art of writing professional songs with rhymes and quality lyrics for the purpose of recording or performing it.

Why did I use the word “art”?. According to an online dictionary, an “art” is defined as “something that is created with imagination and skill and that is beautiful or that expresses important ideas or feelings” i.e. it is an extreme gift or talent found in some individuals , that is the reason today you see record labels like Jay’z’s “Roc Nation”,Rick Ross’ “Way Back Music” hiring or signing Song-Writers just for the purpose of writing songs for Artistes signed under the team[s].

First of all, to go into “Song-Writing” ,you must have at the back of your mind that like every profession , it has its ups and downs ,so never go into this if you think it wouldn’t work out fine. {so stick to your dreams} .

If you could recall , I defined “Song-Writing” as an “art” i.e. it is a gift/talent, but do you know what friends, it can also be built, but before that, you must have undiluted passion for it, great love for good music, and zeal to succeed .

Now I assume most of you reading this might not have written a song before , so it will be difficult to understand some of the terms I will be using in due time , that is why I’ve written below all of the terms/parts of a song and their extensive definitions .


-lyrics : Expressing a person’s personal feelings, and thought in a song. This is the most powerful part of a song that drives audience to you. This is the part you use wordings in a song relating to your chorus.

-Genre : A particular style or type of a music that you can recognize because of its features e.g. Jazz,Pop,RnB,e.t.c.

-Rhymes : The use of words in a poem or a song that have the same sounds, especially at the ends of lines. This is very important for every Rap song because words that rhyme are needed in each bar,e.g . “ I put in my head, then I put in my sweat

I never lose my strength and I never lose my trend…” . Etc.

Intro ; This is defined as an introduction to something , especially to a piece of music or writing. This, most Artistes find comfortable with especially when you need some good marketing PR, you just call out your name in a sensational way, e.g. “ yeah, wheelzcoded’.

- Bridge: This is a part of a song shorter than a hook [if not] that lets the audience know that you’re about crossing over a chorus. It most times comes at the end of a song linking a chorus to another with very short sayings.

- Hook: An hook like a bridge is also a very short saying not less than two lines that links the intro to the chorus. This mostly comes out at the beginning or first part (before the first verse) of evey song.

- Chorus : This part is sung by the Artiste<s> after each verse. This carries the main message of a song. This I call Message Carrier.

- Verse (s) : Writing that is arranged in lines, often with a regular rhythm or pattern of RHYME. This can be divided into two (2) major parts, verse one (1) and verse two (2). Each verse contains nothing less than eight (8) bars.

- Title(s) : This is the “message transmitter”, it gives audience the full idea of what the song will be transmitting. A short and suitable song title increases the audience’s desires to pay attention.

- Outro: This like the Intro is an information said at the end of each song. Words like “signing out”,”one love” are mostly used.

Line : This is the part of each verse where the first sentence works in respect to the next sentence. For example “drop it low,tell me what you’ve seen,

Show me how to flow in the rap industry…”

-Instrumental: This is the composition of different sounds by different instruments which a singer can sing on ,usually produced by a beat maker also called a producer.

- Bar: This is the composition of two or more lines with the same rhyme. N.B- The last words of the first line must rhyme with the next line.

Now lets kickstart ,hmmm, guess you must be in high spirit to write a song now. So , lets GGOOOO [GO] ;


-Pick up a pen and a book

-Close your eyes

-Now go extreme i.e. think beyond your environment<s>

-Direct your mind to that which you love most [love,Money,Sex,Women,Equality-gender,religion,skin,e.t.c. ].

-Now wait for that ultimate spirit to befall you i.e. the voice or favourite music of your mentor.

-Get inspired to get your chorus i.e. your chorus should be directed at what you love most (love,money e.t.c.) and directed in the best genre you feel comfortable with (Pop,Jazz e.t.c.).

- Get a title for the song . this could be titles like “love’s blind”,i.e. if you’re talking of a new found love.

- Get the instrumental flowing in your brain and mind or maybe you could start by hitting your pen on the table just trying to mimic that instrumental to your favourite song. Surely , an inspiration gonna come as long as your mind is fixed on a particular topic and the title picked works in line with.

- Now time to set in place the right parts of your song.

Note: Most songs start with a chorus, some with a verse,while some with an intro. So ,just don’t be confused on how to start yours,you can start with anyone as long as you are ready to pass across a message.

Hope you guys enjoyed this hub, if not, please forward your complains,ideas to my contact; +234-814-024-0699. Thank you …………..

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