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Papa Roach songs: Kick in the Teeth lyrics and meaning, Song of the week (6/16/2013 - 6/22/2013)

Updated on June 26, 2013

Papa Roach, "Time for Annihilation" official album cover


The meaning behind the music

Have you ever felt like you've been knocked down and out by everyone around you? More importantly, have you ever felt so enraged about how you've been greatly mistreated that you just wanted to scream about it? You're not alone. This edgy, hard rock song gives a whole new meaning to the idea of rebellion against all those that oppress you.

This song is all about feeling knocked down, but being determined to pick yourself back up to an even higher level than before, and being even more determined to get up close and personal about it. Instead of feeling an endless wave of agony, in regards to the way others may use and abuse you, Papa Roach encourages you to use the pain to your advantage, and fight back. Truly an inspiring piece of music for all of us who knows what it feels like to be suppressed and taken down a notch for no apparent reason.

Papa Roach, "Kick in the Teeth" with song lyrics

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Time For Annihilation... On the Record and On The Road
Time For Annihilation... On the Record and On The Road

Papa Roach's "Time For Annihilation" album contains the following songs: Burn, One track mind, Kick in the teeth, No matter what, The enemy, Getting away with murder, To be loved, Lifeline, Scars, Hollywood whore, Time is running out, Forever, Between angels and insects, and Last resort, which was saved for last (pun intended).


Analyzing the song for the sake of the music itself

A great teacher once told me that music was just a poem, written to be accompanied by sound. She couldn't have been any closer to the truth. Music is just a catchy form of poetry that even men can stand to listen to, and as seen in poetry, music always has a hidden message being conveyed to the listener.

The first stanza of this song basically describes that a person's life my lack hope and positivity, but that's not to stop the person from his/her own survival. The second stanza also helps to illustrate to the listener just how bleak a person's life may seem. Yet, however, as the song transitions into the chorus, a listener may come to realize that the song is encouraging listener not to ignore or give into negativity, but to feel empowered and to embrace one's ability to take on a world full of critics.

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It's interesting that the chorus switches from telling someone else to do something to a first person point of view. It's as if the members of the band, Papa Roach, were ultimately crafting the lyrics to "Kick in the teeth" with the idea of listeners being able to embrace themselves from a first-person perspective as they listen and sing along with the song. As seen in the song, "Kick in the teeth," the excerpt "cause when it feels like a kick in the teeth, I can take it..." calls for listeners to put themselves into the song with the use of the single word "I." Think about it, how much less meaningful would the song be, if Jacoby Shaddix, the lead singer in Papa Roach, replaced the "I" in that sentence with "you?" Instead of giving the listeners a chance to experience the lyrics themselves, he would have been commanding listeners to do so.

If that's not interesting, just think about what chorus that allows you to place yourself into a song will do for your subconscious mind: it will empower you, and allow you to feel the meaning of the song for yourself. Instead of writing a song solely focused on themselves, Papa Roach allows for their audience to join their feelings with a first-person, lyrical perspective.

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By the third stanza, after the first introduction to the chorus, the excerpt "I gotta say thanks 'cause you kick me when I'm down... I hope you know I'm stronger now." helps a listener to envision just how to turn a raw situation upside-down for the sake of his/her sanity, which can prove quite useful if you feel like you're constantly being "Kicked in the teeth" by everyone you know.

Finally, the fourth and final stanza contains my favorite lyric from Papa Roach's "Kick in the teeth" "I won't go down 'til I'm six feet underground." This really is the most inspiring phrase in the entire song, if you ask me. Single-handedly, this phrase serves as the summary for the entire song "Kick the teeth." Never give up, never stop fighting for your right to freedom and happiness, until you've taken your last breath and you know the fight is literally over. What a powerful statement; this statement alone really sent chills down my spine from mutual agreement. Additionally, Papa Roach even threw the famous concept of "what doesn't kill you makes you stronger" into "Kick in the teeth" to truly give closure to the meaning of this motivating and surely moving song.

All in all, each stanza of the song, "Kick in the teeth," comes together to create an intricately woven poem about acceptance/embracement, empowerment and justifiable rebellion. My only hope is that you, as my reader, will take the opportunity to enjoy this song as much as I do, and use it for your benefit, as motivation to fight against the odds.


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