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Soul + Cup Song Grace Version (Original Compositions- Part 1)

Updated on November 5, 2015

I Am a Pen for God

What's written inside:

I am nothing but a pen,

It's because of Him that I can,

Words and love combined,

Sight for the blind, a gift and a privilege of mine,

Listen not hear,

Welcome I say to happiness or tears,

Love unknown, grace that will never falter,

For when you make other's life better,

your life becomes better,

so read on a pen's open letter


1. A Remake of the Cup Song (Grace Version)

This little remake of the cup song was really intended to share the grace and mercy of our Lord Jesus Christ. We want to be able to share His great love for us that while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us. (Romans5:8) We hope and pray that the words will be made clear to every ear that will listen to it. Also, we've included a link below that will also help you understand what we're talking about. We bring back all the glory to our good Lord, Holy God and loving Savior!

Title: Cup song ( Grace version)
‪Soli Deo Gloria‬

Cup Song- Grace Version


I have a Savior who died for me
Nailed on the cross at Calvary
And I sure would love for you to see
What he did at Calvary

God gave his son
God gave his Son-aaun
God loved us so he gave his son

He was nailed on a tree
He was nailed for you and me (oh)
Crucified to set us freeee

I have a savior who died for me
Then he rose on day three
By his grace
By his mercy
In love he has forgiven me
A new life I have in him

By his grace
By his grace
By his mercy
By his grace

He was Nailed on a tree
Rise again on day three
All to save you and me

God gave his son (2x)
God loved us so he gave his son

And I sure would love for you to believe
Jesus Christ, the Svior and King

2. Soul (More Than Just a Body)

Title: Soul (-apG)

Kimbuhleyy told me that this is one of her favorite apG songs. I hope that just like her, people will hear the message and not just the song. =0) I really can't eloquently explain any further maybe because I've always found written words as sufficient enough to convey a message. I also like its cryptic yet translucent quality =0) Anyway........

My prayer is that the words of the song will come alive in each one of you as it is to me. And remember, we are more than just a body, we are a soul heart emoticon

Special blueberry thank you's to my beloved Chichiloves for sharing her beautiful voice one again.

Soli Deo Gloria!



You need to be perfect!

Why are you not perfect?

You're so imperfect!

They hate me coz I'm not perfect

But I believed, so I was deceived,

came to a point that I start to see,

an image drunk with vanity,

(then I came to be ) 2x

so desperate

Stomach in, chest out, your behind should be sticking out,

Flawless skin, blemish free, height like Goliath, you need to be all that,

Barbie Doll, Beauty queen, bare it all just to be seen,

so tight, so short, in worthless things waste your effort,

discriminate, insult! all of it's your fault!

Hedonistic, apathy, everything so chaotic,

But the truth made me realize, got the answer for the question why.

Coz we are more than just a body, we are a soul..(2x)

Power, Beauty, Money, Pride; we will just lose it all, it will just use us all (2x)

All these silly little things, happiness do they really bring?

Coz I'm so sick of this you have to do, to fit in, to belong,

but all they really want to do is hurt you, use you,

leave you not knowing what to do,

they'll make you feel worthless, useless.

all because they couldn't care less.

We're created beautiful, a second chance for our defect,

on the truth to reflect, not just a flesh, not at all,

I'm a living breathing soul.



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