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Songs That Help Hype Viewers

Updated on February 23, 2015

Great Songs

There have been a wide variety of songs. Most of the songs that I have referenced were awesome songs that helped the story or let the listener know more about certain characters, mostly villains. Some songs were exclusive to one series, but were still awesome. But while most songs made people excited about specific characters and what they did during a story, some songs can make the viewer excited about how the story as a whole will end. RWBY, a web series that was filled with exciting songs, had a song at the end of its second volume of episodes that made the viewer want to learn about newly introduced characters and how they contributed to future episodes. Saints Row: The Third, a game that ran on audacity, had its main character sing What I Got as a way to sympathize and like the character they were playing. Tiny Toon Adventures, a spinoff of the classic Looney Tunes cartoons where its main characters were taught comedy by the classic Looney Tunes characters, had its characters sing about how awesome their Summer Vacation was going to be and get the viewer excited about the movie they were about to watch. As a way to get a viewer excited about a show or movie, an awesome song can have lasting effects in that regard.

Team CFVY. Note the giant gatling gun. And the giant dead monster bird.
Team CFVY. Note the giant gatling gun. And the giant dead monster bird. | Source


During the second volume of RWBY the viewer was introduced to team CFVY. Considered one of the older teams in the world of RWBY, team CFVY consisted of Coco, Fox, Velvet Scarlatina, and Yatsuhashi. As one of the older teams in RWBY, team CFVY was portrayed as people who were capable of handling threats that younger teams, like team RWBY, would consider too difficult or too dangerous. And that idea was emphasized during the episode Breach. During this episode team CFVY was finally shown in a combat situation. And they were shown to be able to defeat enemies that the main characters would have found incredibly. Multiple enemies. While Coco, one of the members of team CFVY, annihilated multiple enemies single-handedly with a designer handbag that transformed into a huge gatling gun, the song Caffeine played in the background. This song was able to increase the hype the viewer had about RWBY as a series because this scene showed the potential that all of the characters had if the series continued. All of the main characters could grow into people who could take out enemies that would be considered very difficult at this point in time with relative ease, and do it with enough elegance and brutality that it would be something that would be undeniably awesome.

Saints Row: The Third

Saints Row: The Third told the story of a gang leader who was out for revenge. After being reduced to scrounging whatever resources the player could find, the story took place in the fictional town of Steelport. After acquiring a new vehicle and given the option to alter the boss's clothes, the gang leader (or the player controlling the gang leader) and Pierce, the gang leader's friends, start singing What I Got, a song from the band Sublime. Up until this point, Saints Row: The Third was somewhat depressing. You failed to get any money from a bank robbery, one of your other friends was supposedly murdered, and you fell out of a jet without a parachute. But there were some fun moments too by the game's standards. You got to beat-up random civilians, steal a car and customize it, and raid an army base and control military drones and destroy incoming tanks. Basically, some fun moments. So in this one little segment the boss and Pierce got to hype the player with the excitement that would come with revenge. They were playing characters from a very notorious and lucrative gang, and that meant that there was going to be a lot of fun (if brutal fights and destructive weapons were enjoyable) in this game.

A car. The main character and one of her crew will be singing in one of these.
A car. The main character and one of her crew will be singing in one of these. | Source
A picture of the animated opening to Tiny Toon Adventures.
A picture of the animated opening to Tiny Toon Adventures. | Source

Tiny Toons

Kids enjoyed Summer Vacation. Older viewers enjoyed Summer Vacation. In the show Tiny Toon Adventures, the original Looney Tunes characters were teachers for the next generation of cartoon characters. In the movie Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation, the viewer got to see this characters experience their own Summer Vacations. And for younger viewers, their feelings were very understandable. See, in Tiny Toon Adventures the teachers, the original cast of Looney Tunes were not as whacky in this show. In most cases they were portrayed as more stern mentors for the younger Tiny Toon Adventures cast. So when Summer Vacation arrived for the Tiny Toons cast, they were excited. So much so that they all burst into song. In a song that basically had all of the students beg their clock to strike three in the afternoon, the viewer got to relate with these animated characters because there were most likely various sentiments that were similar. The viewer and the characters wanted to goof-off during Summer, the viewer and the character wanted to see the sights during Summer, and the viewer and the characters wanted to have fun without worrying about responsibility during the Summer. Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation was able to hype the viewer about its story through its song because it was an understandable premise for a majority of viewers.


Songs can be used to make viewers excited about a story through its songs. RWBY used a song to get its viewers excited for the future of its show and story by showing just how strong its characters could be if they were allow to grow. Saints Row: The Third used its song to let the player know that they were in for a relatively fun experience if the player progressed through the game. Tiny Toon Adventures: How I Spent My Vacation used its song to have its viewers relate to the animated characters through a familiar situation. The use of a song can help people empathize and relate to different characters, and these were a few examples.


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    • Jake Peralta profile imageAUTHOR

      Jake Michael Peralta 

      3 years ago from Indio, California

      There will be more at some point.

    • CatherineGiordano profile image

      Catherine Giordano 

      3 years ago from Orlando Florida

      Tiny Toons. A blast from the past.


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