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What Are Some Songs With Ladies' Names In Their Titles? -- Help Grow The List!

Updated on April 11, 2012

What are some Songs with Ladies' Names in their Titles?


To find songs with ladies' names in their titles, we simply search the Internet for that term, or some version of it. The "Main List" below is thanks to I sorted it alphabetically, that's all.

There are surely more songs with ladies' names in the title than those given in this Main List. Readers and visitors will continue to add other songs with ladies' names in the title, by using the "Comments" feature. The list will become dynamic, alive; and should keep growing...until songwriters stop using ladies' names in song titles (like, "never"?).

Reminder: New songs with ladies' names in their titles can be added in the comments section...and, thanks for your input!



* '97 Bonnie and Clyde - Eminem
* Absolutely Sweet Marie- Bob Dylan
* Allison- Elvis Costello
* Allison- The Pixies
* Amanda- Boston
* Amanda- Rod Stewart
* Amie - Pure Prairie League
* Amie- Damien Rice
* Amy- Ryan Adams
* Angie Baby- Alan O'Day
* Angie- The Rolling Stones
* Ann Disaster- Ben Kweller
* Ann- The Stooges
* Anna Kournikova- Binge
* Anna Lee- Dream Theater
* Annie's Song- John Denver
* Ariel - Dean Friedman
* Arizona - Mark Lindsay
* Ballad of Carol Lynn- Whiskeytown
* Barbara Ann- The Beach Boys
* Barbara- Horace Silver
* Barbara- The Temptations
* Believe Me, Natalie- The Killers
* Beth- Kiss
* Betty Lou's Gettin' Out Tonight- Bob Seger
* Big City Miss Ruth Ann - Gallery
* Billie Jean- Michael Jackson
* Black Betty- Ram Jam
* Bocs Angelica - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
* Can Megan - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
* Candy- Iggy Pop and Kate Pierson
* Caroline Says - Lou Reed
* Caroline, No- The Beach Boys
* Carrie Anne - The Hollies
* Cassie- Geneva
* Cathy's Clown- The Everly Brothers
* Cecelia In Black And White - Trembling Blue Stars
* Cecilia Ann- The Pixies
* Cecilia- Simon and Garfunkel
* Charlotte Sometimes - The Cure
* Christina - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
* Christine Sixteen- Kiss
* Christy- Brendan Benson
* Cinderella's Big Score- Sonic Youth
* Clair - Gilbert O'Sullivan
* Clementine- Elliott Smith
* Clementine- Mark Owen
* Clementine- The Decemberists
* Come on Eileen- Dexy's Midnight Runners
* Corrina, Corrina- Bob Dylan
* Daisy a Day - Jud Strunk
* Daisy Duke- Rooney
* Dear Prudence- The Beatles
* Delilah- Tom Jones
* Denise- Blondie
* Diana- Paul Anka
* Dizzy Miss Lizzy - The Beatles
* Donna and Blitzen- Badly Drawn Boy
* Donna- Richie Valens
* Don't Walk Away Eileen- Sam Roberts
* Eleanor Rigby- The Beatles
* Ellen and Ben - The Dismemberment Plan
* Emma - Hot Chocolate
* Emma J- Brendan Benson
* Enid- Barenaked Ladies
* Farewell Angeline - Bob Dylan
* For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her- Simon and Garfunkel
* Georgia Lee- Tom Waits
* Gloria- Them
* Good Golly Miss Molly- Little Richard
* Goodnight Irene- Ry Cooder
* Grace- Supergrass
* Halley's Waitress- Fountains of Wayne
* Hazey Jane I- Nick Drake
* Hazey Jane II- Nick Drake
* Help Me Rhonda- The Beach Boys
* Hey Joni- Sonic Youth
* Hey, Julie- Fountains of Wayne
* I'm Mandy, Fly Me - 10cc
* I'm Not Lisa - Jessi Colter
* Iris- The Goo Goo Dolls
* Isobel- Bjork
* Jackie Blue - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
* Jacqueline- Franz Ferdinand
* Jane- Barenaked Ladies
* Janie Jones- The Clash
* Janie's Got a Gun- Aerosmith
* Jennifer Juniper- Donovan
* Jennifer's Body- Hole
* Jenni's Song- Matthew Good Band
* Jenny From the Block- Jennifer Lopez
* Jenny- Stellastarr
* Jenny Was a Friend of Mine- The Killers
* Jezebel- Dizzee Rascal
* Jimmy Loves Mary-Anne - Looking Glass
* Jolene- Dolly Parton
* Juanita- Chuck Willis
* Judy is a Punk- The Ramones
* Judy Mae - Boomer Castleman
* Julia- The Beatles
* Julie, Do Ya Love Me - Bobby Sherman
* Juliette- Little Feat
* Kate- Ben Folds Five
* Kathy's Song- Simon and Garfunkel
* Kim Chords- Sonic Youth
* Kimberly- Patti Smith
* Lady Jane- The Rolling Stones
* Last Dance With Mary Jane- Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers
* Laura Laurent- Bright Eyes
* Laura- Scissor Sisters
* Layla- Eric Clapton
* Leslie Anne Levine- The Decemberists
* Lily (My One and Only)- Smashing Pumpkins
* Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts- Bob Dylan
* Lisa Listen- Lisa Loeb
* Lisa Says- Velvet Underground
* Lodi - Creedence Clearwater Revivial
* Lola- The Kinks
* Louise- Bonnie Raitt
* Lonesome Suzie- The Band
* Long Tall Sally - The Beatles
* Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) - Edison Lighthouse
* Lovely Rita- The Beatles
* Lucille - The Beatles
* Lucy in the Sky With Diamonds- The Beatles
* Lucy's Hamper - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
* Luka- Suzanne Vega
* Madame George - Van Morrison
* Maggie Mae- Rod Stewart
* Maggie's Farm - Bob Dylan
* Mandy- Barry Manilow
* Maria- Blondie
* Martha My Dear- The Beatles
* Martha- Tom Waits
* Mary Jane- Alanis Morisette
* Mary Jane- The Vines
* Mary Mary- Chumbawamba
* Mary Mary- The Monkees
* Mary- Scissor Sisters
* Michelle- The Beatles
* Miss Trudy - Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
* Molly's Chambers- The Kings of Leon
* Mona Lisa and Mad Hatters- Elton John
* Mona Lisa- Ray Evans
* Mrs. Brown, You've Got a Lovely Daughter- Herman's Hermits
* Mrs. Leroy Brown- Loretta Lynn
* Mrs. Robinson- Simon and Garfunkel
* Mustang Sally- Eric Clapton
* My Maria - B.W. Stevenson
* My Michelle- Guns 'N Roses
* My Sharona- The Knack
* My Sweet Annette- Drive-by Truckers
* Natasha- Rufus Wainwright
* Now Mary- The White Stripes
* Ode to Billie Joe- Bobbie Gentry
* Oh Carolina- Shaggy
* Oh Jean- The Proclaimers
* Oh My Sweet Carolina- Ryan Adams
* Oh Sweet Susannah- The Mooney Suzuki
* Oh, Carol- Neil Sedaka
* Oh, Donna- 10cc
* Ophelia- The Band
* Ophelie - Peter Hammill
* Patricia the Stripper- Chris DeBurgh
* Peggy Sue- Buddy Holly
* Polly- Nirvana
* Polythene Pam- The Beatles
* Porcelina of the Vast Oceans- Smashing Pumpkins
* Pretty Mary K- Elliott Smith
* Proud Mary- Creedence Clearwater Revival
* Punch and Judy- Elliott Smith
* Queen Jane Approximately - Bob Dylan
* Rachel's Flat- Badly Drawn Boy
* Rhiannon- Fleetwood Mac
* Ro Ro Rosey - Van Morrison
* Rosalie Come and Go- Ryan Adams
* Roxanne- The Police
* Ruby Tuesday- The Rolling Stones
* Run Around Sue- Dion
* Saffron, Beautiful & Brown-Eyed - Trembling Blue Stars
* Sally Ann- Rufus Wainwright
* Sally Can't Dance- The Velvet Underground
* Sara- Jefferson Airplane
* Sarah- Bob Dylan
* Shannon - Henry Gross
* Sheena is a Punk Rocker- The Ramones
* Sister Ray - Velvet Underground
* Song For Jainie- Tim Buckley
* Song For Myla Goldberg- The Decemberists
* Sorry Suzanne- The Hollies
* Stacy's Mom- Fountains of Wayne
* Stella Blue- The Grateful Dead
* Stella Was a Diver and She Was Always Down- Interpol
* Stephanie Says- Velvet Underground
* Suite Judy Blue Eyes- Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young
* Sunny Came Home- Shawn Colvin
* Susan- Aimee Mann
* Susan Van Heusen - Gilbert O'Sullivan
* Susie Q Sailaway- Self
* Suzanne- Leonard Cohen
* Suzie Q - Creedence Clearwater Revivial
* Suzy Lee- The White Stripes
* Sweet Adeline- Elliott Smith
* Sweet Caroline- Neil Diamond
* Sweet Jane- The Velvet Underground
* Sweet Marie- Sheryl Crow
* Sweet Mary - Wadsworth Mansion
* Sweet Melissa- The Allman Brothers Band
* Sweet Virginia- The Rolling Stones
* Sylvia Plath- Ryan Adams
* Sylvia's Mother- Dr. Hook
* The Ballad of John and Yoko- The Beatles
* The Lie (Bernini's Saint Theresa) - Peter Hammill
* The Lonesome Death Of Hattie Carroll - Bob Dylan
* The Wind Cries Mary- Jimi Hendrix
* Tina Toledo's Street Walkin' Blues- Ryan Adams
* To Ramona - Bob Dylan
* Tracy - The Cuff Links
* Valerie- The Monkees
* Visions Of Joanna - Bob Dylan
* Wake Up Little Susie- The Everly Brothers
* Walk Away Renee- Left Banke
* Willhelmina - Peter Hammill
* Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots - The Flaming Lips
* Zoe - Eminem

Please feel free to add to the list!
It's alright if some 'repeats' happen; the idea is to create an interactive list with all songs with ladies' names in their titles!

Thanks for your input!


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    • profile image

      Paula 3 years ago

      Hey Paula by Paul and Paula

    • profile image

      Andrea 5 years ago

      Eleanor- The Turtles

    • profile image

      Simon 6 years ago

      Anna - the Beatles

    • profile image

      Mary 6 years ago

      Beatles: Dizzy Miss Lizzy, Lucy in the sky, Lady Madonna, Dear Prudence, Julia, Sexy Sadie (sorry for any repeats and I am sure there are beatles songs with girl names in them)

    • w1z111 profile image

      Charlie Hare 6 years ago from New England, USA

      Greetings all! Glad to see the interest here is steadily growing the list! I'm certain there are dupes, but that's ok. Thanks for your input and interest!

    • profile image

      Fred 6 years ago

      Here is my list... Great list everyone

    • profile image

      sarah 6 years ago

      Sarah smile


      Jenny I got your number

      Diary of jane

    • profile image

      Lorraine You Know My Name 6 years ago

      Hi. I would like to add Sexy Sadie by the Beatles

    • w1z111 profile image

      Charlie Hare 6 years ago from New England, USA

      Hey, everyone...thanks again for keeping this list going and growing! One of these days, I hope to do some cleaning up...or not. What do you think? Should I just let the list keep growing "as is"? Let me know what you think! Thx.

    • profile image

      cherilyn 7 years ago

      greatful dead songs:



      Sampson and Delilah

      loose lucy


      bob dylan:




      farewell Angelina

      corina, corina

      quinn the eskimo

    • profile image

      Lex 7 years ago

      Jenny, You're Barely Alive - Rilo Kiley

    • profile image

      Jonathan 7 years ago

      Kassidy - Grateful Dead

    • profile image

      Loulou 7 years ago

      Taylor- Jack Johnson :)

    • w1z111 profile image

      Charlie Hare 7 years ago from New England, USA

      Thanks all, for keeping this list going. At some point, it might be prudent to compile everything here into one complete list. Anyone want to help with that?

    • profile image

      patch_of_green 7 years ago

      annie by saeftysuit

      kristy are you doing ok by Offspring

    • profile image

      Haley 7 years ago

      Alice- Avril Lavigne

      Jane Says- Jane's Addiction

      Jenny Says- Cowboy Mouth

      Jenny Marie(Don't Go)- Cowboy Mouth

      Be My Yoko Ono- Barenaked Ladies

      Meet Virginia- Train

      Hey There Delilah- Plain White Tees

    • profile image

      Haley 7 years ago

      Jasey Rea- All Time Low

      Hurricane Haley- Forever the Sickest Kids

      Hey Britney- Forever the Sickest Kids

      Becky Starz- Forever the Sickest Kids

      Josey- Hey Monday

    • profile image

      tom 7 years ago

      Rosalita- Bruce Springsteen(one of the greatest songs ever)

      Sally Simpson- The Who

    • w1z111 profile image

      Charlie Hare 7 years ago from New England, USA

      Hi Leah...thanks for your input.

    • profile image

      Leah 7 years ago

      A letter to Elise: The Cure (I named my daughter after this one.)

      Does anybody know if there are any other names in Incubus songs?

    • w1z111 profile image

      Charlie Hare 7 years ago from New England, USA

      Hi Kami Marie...thanks for your contributions! Keep 'em coming!

    • w1z111 profile image

      Charlie Hare 7 years ago from New England, USA

      Hi Jewish Music...thanks for your contributions! The list is growing.

    • profile image

      Kami Marie 7 years ago

      Dear Maria, Count Me In- All Time Low

      Stella- All Time Low

    • profile image

      Jewish Music 7 years ago

      Angelia-Richard Marx

      Billy Joel- All for Leyna

    • w1z111 profile image

      Charlie Hare 7 years ago from New England, USA

      Hi BCHalfK...thanks for your input. Yeah, I'm sure there might be lots of "duplicates" here, but that's ok. Better that, than having too few! I'm sure the list will continue to grow, and that's a good thing! Thx again!

    • profile image

      BCHalfK 7 years ago

      I haven't read through evert song both here and Google Squared but I may have some new ones here as follows:

      Evangeline by Matthew Sweet

      Em ~ American Flyer

      Cathy's New Clown ~ John Wesley Harding

      Erica's Word ~ Game Theory

      Marlene ~ Todd Rundgren

      Oh Tara ~ The Knack

      A Rose and a Baby Ruth ~ George Hamilton IV

      Daisy Duke ~ Rooney

      No Shoe Strings On Louise ~ Elton John

      When Julie Comes Around ~ The Cuff Links

      Debbie Gibson Is Pregnant With My Two Headed Love Child ~ Mojo Nixon

      Sandy ~ Ronny and the Daytonas

      Melanie - The Nines

      My Girl Marianne ~ The Spongetones

      Sheila ~ Tommy Roe

      I Won't Be Your Yoko Ono ~ Dar Williams

      Kim the Waitress ~ Material Issue

      Helen Wheels ~ Paul McCartney and Wings

      Leah ~ Roy Orbison

      Maria Elena ~ Smithereens

      Mary Anne ~ Marshall Crenshaw

      Susie Cincinnati ~ The Beach Boys

      Jessica Something ~ The Tearaways

      Sweet Jane ~ Cowboy Junkies

      Annie Get Your Gun - Squeeze

    • w1z111 profile image

      Charlie Hare 7 years ago from New England, USA

      There are some songs with Theresa (or Teresa) in the titles; not real certain if in the lyrics though. Check this link: []. When the Google Square opens, scroll down to the "T's", where you'll find a couple of entries for Theresa/Teresa. Click on the cells in the "Description" column for links to more details; which songs, artists, etc.

      Thanks for your comment! Good luck!

    • profile image

      Thaas 7 years ago

      Do you know any song with Theresa on it (not only the title) that is not religious?

      Search Franz Ferdinand songs, there are lots of them with names inside:

      Love and Destroy (Margarita)- Franz F

      Well that was easy (Hannah)- Franz Ferdinand

      Katherine Kiss me- FF

      Sarah- Travis

      Dakota- Stereophonics

    • profile image

      Rene 7 years ago

      Joanna - Kool & The Gang

      Bernadette - DC-5

    • profile image

      ae 7 years ago

      Go go dolls - Iris

    • profile image

      Donna Flores 7 years ago

      Im looking for a song with the name Alice in it..its a houseband or techno band...

      El Debarge - Whose holding Donna now?

    • profile image

      mrjfp 8 years ago

      Sly - Scorpions

      Sarah - Thin Lizzy

      Maria Maria - Santana

      Gloria - The Doors

      Adrianna - The Joe Perry Project

      Domino - Kiss

      Mary Jane - Megadeth

      Lucretia - Megadeth

      Little Susie - Michael Jackson

      Nona - Motley Crue

      Angela - Motley Crue

      Aimee - Ozzy Osbourne

      Vera - Pink Floyd

      Matilda Mother - Pink Floyd

      See Emily Play - Pink Floyd

      Bijou - Queen

      Hello Mary Lou (Goodbye Heart) - Queen

      Danny Says - The Ramones

      Jezebel - Recoil

      Nan's Song - Robbie Williams

      Priscilla - Scorpions

      Aleyah - Scorpions

      Lorelei - Scorpions

      Mary Had A Little Lamb - Stevie Ray Vaughan

      Pamela - Toto

      Salome - U2

      Gloria - U2

      Scarlet - U2

      Mary Mary - Velvet Revolver

      Skylar's Song - Vince Neil

      Sally Simpson - The Who

      Mary Anne With The Shaky Hand - The Who

      Mary Ann - Alice Cooper

      Scarlet And Sheba - Alice Cooper

      For Veronica's Sake - Alice Cooper

      Me And Mrs. Jones -

    • w1z111 profile image

      Charlie Hare 8 years ago from New England, USA

      Hi Mary...

      Thanks for visiting my squidoo lens for "Songs With Ladies' Names in Their Titles". I've done a little looking, and found a few that might be of use to you. Unfortunately, some names you seek apparently do not have too many songs about them! lol

      Anyway, here's a few links for you. Not sure they'll help, but...good luck!





      "Pat": "Patricia":

      Have fun!

    • profile image

      mary 8 years ago

      can anyone help me with any songs with the name scott, debbie ,vicki, anita, and pat in them.trying to do a family cd with a song for each one of our names in them. thanks!

    • profile image

      sXe Lexxi 8 years ago

      Alice- Avril Lavigne

      Amanda- Mathien

      Ave Maria- David Bisbal

      Cassie- Flyleaf

      Chelsea- Stefy

      Every Man Has a Molly- Say Anything

      Her Name is Alice- Shinedown

      Hey Brittany- Forever the Sickest Kids

      Hey There Delilah- Plain White T's

      Jenny- The Click Five

      Meet Virginia- Train

      Miss Delaney- Jack's Mannequin

      Molly Smiles- Jesse Spencer

      Ruby- Kaiser Chiefs

      Tina- Riddlin' Kids

      Xavia- The Submarines

    • profile image

      chasity 8 years ago

      darling nikki - prince

      johnny and june - heidi newfield

      Rosa Parks - outcast

      If you seek amy - britney spears

      mary jane - silvertide (countless others with mary jane as a name)

      chastity sun - cher

      bettie lou's getting out tonight - bob seager

      Melissa - Allman brothers band

      black betty - nazareth

      in memory of elizabeth reed - allman brothers band

      Susie Q - Creadence clearwater revival

      Janie's got a gun - aerosmith

      zoe jane - staind

      Adia - Sarah McLachlan

      Mary - Sarah McLachlan

      Adrian - Jewel

      flowers for zoe - lenny kravitz

      Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac

      The Ballad Of Resurrection Joe And Rosa Whore - Rob Zombie

      Jezebel - Acid Bath

      Cassie eats cockroaches - acid bath

      vivica - jack off jill

      miss ann thrope - my ruin

      Priscilla - Meatloaf

      Ana's Song - Silverchair

      Ava Adore - Smashing Pumpkins

      For Martha - Smashing Pumpkins

      Ruby Tuesday - rolling stones

      angie - rolling stones

      Pandora's Aquarium - Tori Amos

    • profile image

      jo 8 years ago

      Johanna - Scott Walker

      I can't let Maggie go - Honey Bus

    • profile image

      Clare 8 years ago


      A Rose for Emily - The Zombies

      Be My Yoko Ono - Barenaked Ladies

    • profile image

      Clare 8 years ago

      Belle and Sebastian - Belle and Sebastian

      Chun Li's Spinning Bird Kick - Arctic Monkeys

      Delilah - Queen

      Emily - Stephen Fretwell

      Grace - U2

      Grace is Gone - Dave Matthews Band

      Janine - David Bowie

      Jenny, Don't Be Hasty - Paulo Nutini

      Laura - Billy Joel

      Lazy Line Painter Jane - Belle and Sebastian

      Maybe Katie - Barenaked Ladies

      Photo Jenny - Belle and Sebastian

      Rapunzel - Dave Matthews Band

      String Bean Jean - Belle and Sebastian

      Selfish Jean - Travis

      Valerie - The Zutons

    • profile image

      musiclover 8 years ago

      what sarah said- death cab for cutie

      Holly(would you turn me on)- all time low

      dirty diana- michael jackson

      chelsea- the summer set

      kelsey- metro station

      hey brittany!- forever the sickest kids

      mary's song(oh my my my) -taylor swift

      dear hannah- metro station

      hey stephen- taylor swift

      jasey rae- all time low

      cinderella- play

      buddha for mary- 30 seconds to mars

      carolyna- melanie c

      josey- hey monday

      jamie all over- mayday parade

      beckey starz- forever the sickest kids

      sry if any of these have already been posted

    • profile image

      mellibellie 8 years ago

      where is helena by my chemical romance?

    • profile image

      Jane 8 years ago

      Hey There Delilah- Plain White Tees

      It is a CLASSIC! I can't believe it is not on there! I love that song! I am glad at least one person said it! There is also a song named "Kelsey" I am sorry if I spelled it wrong.

    • profile image

      beck 8 years ago

      David bowie -Blue Jean

      Janes Addiction - Jane says

    • profile image

      beck 8 years ago

      Fountains of Wayne - Denise

    • w1z111 profile image

      Charlie Hare 8 years ago from New England, USA

      Hey all...

      Thanks again for all your great contributions! The list goes on and on! I know there are probably some dupes, but that's ok with me! I've decided to just let the list grow, rather than try to 'filter it'. Seems to be working alright that way, so...

      Thanks again...keep 'em coming!

    • profile image

      Cassandra  8 years ago

      Cassie by flyleaf

    • profile image

      Michele 8 years ago

      Rosanna - Toto

    • profile image

      ewhompy whomperson 8 years ago

      jack and diane john mellencamp

    • profile image

      Mackenzie 8 years ago

      Hey there delilah by the plain white tees (:

    • babe.rainbow profile image

      babe.rainbow 8 years ago from Huddersfield, United Kingdom.

      diary of jane - breaking benjamin

      delilah - the cranberries

      hannah - the house of love

      anna molly - incubus

      claire - jimmy eat world

      when i last spoke to carol - Morrissey

      sheila take a bow - the smiths

      jeane - the smiths

      daisy lane - stereophonics

      that's all i can think of ... fun hubb xx

    • profile image

      Leyna Rader 8 years ago

      All For Leyna- Billy Joel :)my parents named me after that one!

    • profile image

      KCJenny 9 years ago

      Jenny Says - Cowboy Mouth

    • w1z111 profile image

      Charlie Hare 9 years ago from New England, USA

      Thanks again, all; for keeping this list up to date. Good to see new titles being added.

    • profile image

      keebler6elf 9 years ago

      Lauren & I - Celtic Thunder (featuring Keith Harkin)

    • profile image

      Melissa 9 years ago

      Melissa by Mercyful Fate

      and Melissa, is That You? by Mercyful Fate

    • profile image

      w1z111 9 years ago

      Thanks so much for all the interest and input here! Amazing how many songs there are with ladies' names in the titles!

      Keep 'em coming!!


    • profile image

      Sue Patterson 9 years ago

      A Boy Named Sue Johnny Cash

    • profile image

      ana 9 years ago

      dear maria count me in - all time low

    • w1z111 profile image

      Charlie Hare 9 years ago from New England, USA

      Great to see so much interest here; thanks! The list is growing and growing! Keep 'em coming!

    • profile image

      Jennifer 9 years ago

      Valerie - Ghost of the Robot

      Brandy (You're a fine girl) - Looking Glass (The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Kenny Chesney have both covered this)

      Josephine - the Wallflowers

      Veronica - Elvis Costello

      Rosalia - Better than Ezra

      Janie, Don't Take Your Love To Town - Jon Bon Jovi

    • profile image

      Allison 10 years ago

      Isabel- Brian Webb

      Mary Lou- Ricky Nelson

      Allison Road- Gin Blossoms

    • Sheila Martin profile image

      Sheila Martin 10 years ago

      Sweet Little Sheila (Tommy Roe, #1 in 1962)

    • profile image

      RL 10 years ago

      oops Carrie by Europe ;-)

    • profile image

      RL 10 years ago

      Gloria - Laura branigen

      Carrier - Europe

      Holly Ann - Boston

      Nikita - Elton John

      Oh Sherrie - Steve Perry

    • profile image

      w1z111 10 years ago

      Great additions, all! Keep 'em coming!



    • profile image

      w1z111 10 years ago

      Great additions, all! Keep 'em coming!



    • kpfingaz profile image

      kpfingaz 10 years ago from ~~~

      Kim - Eminem

      Hailie's Song - Eminem

    • kpfingaz profile image

      kpfingaz 10 years ago from ~~~

      Brenda's got a Baby - 2pac

      Renee - Lost Boyz

      Hey Jude

      Roxanne - The Police

      Maybelline - Chuck Berry

      Charlene - Anthony Hamilton

    • livelonger profile image

      Jason Menayan 10 years ago from San Francisco

      My Name is not Susan - Whitney Houston ;-)


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