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Songs to Boost Your Self-Worth

Updated on December 3, 2011

A Time for Music

Sometimes it is just the right moment to take that time for yourself and just turn on your favorite song and dance to it. I love music, especially music that excites me and gives me the opportunity to express myself in a way that edifies and strengthens the person that I truly am. Sometimes I am in need of an uplifting song. These tunes I have selected are some of my personal favorites. Some are brand new and few popular, while others you probably have not hear of.

For sure, there is one particular album and artist I will be featuring the most in this hub and that is David Archuleta and his album The Other Side of Down . This is by far my most favorite male pop album to date. Also, I will feature songs from Britney Spears, Katy Perry, Justin Bieber, Kelly Clarkson, Josh Groban, Destiny's Child, Hilary Duff, and yours truly.

I really hope you enjoy this list and if you comment please select and tell me your top 5 favorite Songs to Boost Your Self-Worth (and they don't have to be off of my list either!!).

#1 - "Firework" by Katy Perry

This is by far one of the best songs of 2010.  I absolutely love the video because I can associate myself with several of the senarios with not only myself but also with my friends as well.  One of my best friends went through chemotherapy and other had some issues with their self-worth.  I myself have had to discover who I really am and how I feel about the world around me.

It is important to remember to let yourself ignite and share your love with the world.  You are so valuable and should never feel unworthy of any of the blessings and talents you have to share with the world.

#2 - "Never Say Never" by Justin Bieber

If you have not had the opportunity to see the new Justin Bieber movie Never Say Never you really should take the opportunity to do so. I really could care less if you even like Justin's music that much, but the film is worth seeing. The reason for this is because it is an inspiring story about hard work, self-worth, and never giving up on yourself and your dream. Justin had a dream and now he is living that dream and doing all the things he never imagined he could do.

Just imagine for a minute that nothing is impossible and that you truly can accomplish anything that you set your mind to. That is truly the power of imagination and positive thinking.

#3 - "Overprotected" by Britney Spears

The reason this is one of my favorite songs by Britney is because there is so much truth behind it.  Just listen closely to the lyrics and you will find that sometimes we all need time, love, space, and me.  (Me as in yourself!)

I get tired of people telling me to be something I am not or act a certain way.  I can't help the way I feel.  I don't need need anyone telling me what I need to do about my destiny.  Don't tell me to be someone else except me.

Sometimes you have to let things go and just be who you are and be proud of that!  Always!!

#4 - "Breakaway" by Kelly Clarkson

Sometimes it is important to just move on and let things go.  People will always say mean things, but that does not mean you have to sit there and listen to them.  Spread your wings and learn how to fly.  Get out of the darkness that is overpowering your world and just fly!

Fly and feel the feelings are real freedom.  Make a wish, take a risk, and make a change.  Breakaway into a new life of happiness and prosperity.

#5 - "Something 'Bout Love" by David Archuleta

"There's something about love that breaks your heart. It sets you free. There's something about love that tears you up, [but] you still believe." Even]when the world falls apart around you please keep going.

My favorite lyrics in the song are these: "Don't fight, don't hide those stars in your eyes. Let 'em shine today. Hang on for the ride of your life. It's going to be alright...hold on tight."

Remember, it is all about love so fill your heart with positive feelings and help others in need. A good turn daily is good for the soul! There is something about love that is both healing and edifying.

#6 - "You Raise Me Up" by Josh Groban

At one time or another we all get run down and tire.  We may even feel like give up or into the pressures of the world.  Don't let these things get you down, but raise up and be strong.  Remember, there is at least one person in this world that feels these lyrics describe you perfect.  They feel and know that you raise them up to stand on mountains and you help them walk through stormy seas.

Be strong and when you need a helping hand just reach out and accept the help your loved ones have to offer.  If you are ever in need, you can always e-mail me personally.  Usually I don't offer personal help over my blogs, but please contact me immediately if you ever feel so depressed that you don't think you can carry on.

Be yourself and treat yourself with respect and kindness.

#7 - "Bootylicious" by Destiny's Child

You might think this is an interesting song choice but I believe it is very important to feel comfortable in your own skin and to feel sexy at all times. I am a firm believer that everyone has aspects of beautiful in their personal appearance.

This is also a great dancer shake your jelly even if the world is not "ready for this jelly"! I will tell you one thing. I am ready for this jelly and I personally love the skin I am in. Sometimes you just have to laugh at a song like this because it is supposed to make you smile.

#8 - "Who I Am" by David Archuleta

This song is all about taking the time you have now to find out who you are. It is perfectly okay to take a break every once in a while and think about who you truly are and how you feel. Take a moment to stop the craziness and leave it all behind you.

I think the most powerful lyrics in this song are: "I've got nothing to win, and I've got nothing to lose. Just trying to walk in my own to shoes. I gotta take the time...[to discover] who I am." (I inserted a little variation of my own in the brackets.)

If you do not own a copy of The Other Side of Down, please take a moment and treat yourself to a copy. Support my music and education by purchasing through the link below. Thank you! (I don't usually advertise for you to buy products but because this album is so good and uplifting I am going to "break some rules" here. Also, #5 is on this CD as well. If you do not have money to purchase then you should download Spotify. Listen to free music while still supporting the artist legally.)

J.P.'s Favorite Album!

#9 - "Why Not" by Hilary Duff

This is probably one of my favorite songs by Ms. Hilary. The lyrics have a strong message behind. "Why not take a crazy chance? Why not do a crazy dance? If you loose the moment, you may lose a why not?"

You will never get anywhere unless you believe there is way!

It's all about taking that leap of faith and putting all your heart into what you are passionate about. Go for your goals and never stop until you have fill the world with the what you wish to give or do!

#10 - "I Just Want to Be Free" by J.P. Dennis

This song was sung by a good friend Jennifer Brindisi. This is from the new musical that I am writing called The Frog Prince. I am a composer and songwriter. I did not plan on including my own music in the hub, but this really is what my account is all about. "I Just Want to Be Free" is appropriate for this list because it talks about self-discovery and finding true love. (Please take a note that even though this is a professional sample, it is not the complete song.)

Here are some of the lyrics:

I just want to be free. I need to see the world through my own eyes.

I just want to be free. I need to fly!

I want to be adventurous, conquer all my fear.

Climb every mountain and never reappear.

I will search for hidden treasure, feel joy beyond measure, and find my one true love.

"I Just Want to Be Free" is a selection from The Frog Prince musical by John Preston Dennis. It is under Copyright 2011 and all performances public and private should be reported to A.S.C.A.P. (The American Society of Composers and Publishers)

Sometimes you have to just set yourself free and recognize that you are of great worth.  Remember, you still have much to give and receive from the world.  The best is yet to come!
Sometimes you have to just set yourself free and recognize that you are of great worth. Remember, you still have much to give and receive from the world. The best is yet to come!


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    • Joan King profile image

      Joan King 

      7 years ago

      Great selection. Love Breakaway.


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